8 Amazing Benefits From Wearing a Moisturizing Glove

Benefits From Using a Moisturizing Glove
Benefits From Wearing Moisturizing Gloves

Moisturizing gloves are used to aid with the absorption of moisturizers which can be in the form of oils or lotions.

There are two types of moisturizing gloves:

1- Gloves that only aid with the absorption of lotions or oils. These gloves don’t come with their own moisturizers.

2- Gloves that contain their own moisturizer.

Now, regardless of which type you use the main benefit that all moisturizing gloves have is that they increase the amount of lotion or oil absorbed into your skin.

And in this article, I will explain the benefits you will get from increasing the amount of moisturizer absorbed into your skin.

1- Makes Your Skin Very Soft and Smooth

Moisturizing gloves will make your hands feel very soft and smooth regardless of the type of glove or moisturizer that you use.

The softness comes from the fact that your hands will be more hydrated. When your skin is more hydrated it tends to be softer and smoother.

Now all moisturizers at their core work by hydrating your skin, some work by supplying water to your skin, and then sealing off your pores to reduce the loss of water whilst some work by drawing in water from the air to hydrate your skin. Citation.

And since a moisturizing glove keeps the moisturizer onto your skin longer it allows the skin on your hands to be more hydrated and thus feel softer and smoother.

Important Note:

The longer you wear the moisturizing gloves the softer and smoother your hands will be.

2- Reduces the Wastage of Lotion or Oil

Moisturizing gloves prevent your lotion and oil from being rubbed off onto other surfaces and instead holds it onto your skin.

You see when you apply your oil or lotion onto your hands not all of it is absorbed into your pores. Instead, a lot of the moisturizer is left on the surface of your skin and is lost by being rubbed off onto other surfaces.

Now a moisturizing glove holds the moisturizer onto your skin and prevents it from being wasted and instead allows it to be slowly absorbed into your skin. This increases the effectiveness of the lotion, ointment, or oil that was used.

3- Can Help To Treat Certain Skin Ailments

Moisturizing Gloves can be used in tandem with your medicated lotions and ointments to help treat certain skin diseases like Eczema and Psoriasis.

They help by increasing the amount of medical lotion and ointment that is absorbed into your skin and thus amplifying your treatment.

You can click here to read more about the pure cotton glove that I recommend, which is perfect to help with the absorption of various topical treatments. These gloves are also recommended by the National Eczema Association.

But I would advise that you consult with your doctor before using any type of glove along with any prescribed ointments or lotions.

4- Makes Your Skin Stronger and Healthier

The combination of a good moisturizer and a moisturizing glove will significantly promote stronger and healthier skin.

A good moisturizer must be rich with nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, and even certain proteins.

But moisturizers by themselves aren’t so effective even the good ones.

Usually, what happens is that a lot of the nutrients in your moisturizer tend to be lost by being rubbed off onto other surfaces. This is because they take a while to be absorbed into your body.

But if you use a moisturizing glove to lock in the lotion or oil it allows the nutrients time to seep into your skin.

5- Helps To Repair Damaged Skin

Moisturizing Gloves that come with or that are used with a good moisturizer that is rich in certain nutrients can greatly accelerate the healing rate of damaged skin from sunburns to blemishes.

Now for a good healing moisturizing glove, you can click here to see Aveeno Cica Hand Masks which uses Shea butter and Prebiotic Oats as its main ingredients. These gloves are primarily focused on healing.

6- Strengthen Your Nails

Stronger and healthier skin especially around the cuticles can help to promote stronger nails.

This is because nail growth comes from special skin cells found at the nail root under the cuticle. And if these skin cells are properly nourished and kept hydrated it can allow for the formation of stronger nails. Citation.

There are special lotions that contain Keratin which is the main protein found in your nails. Now Keratin rich moisturizers have been shown to promote stronger nails. Citation.

You can click here to see my recommended moisturizing glove that contains a keratin-rich lotion.

7- Can Help You Sleep Better

Now, this might seem strange but many studies have shown that wearing gloves and socks to bed might actually make you sleep better.

This happens because gloves and socks will keep your hands and feet warm. And this warmth increases Vasodilatation which is where your blood vessels widen and this causes a decrease in overall blood pressure and body temperature allowing you to sleep better. Citation.

Now you tend to sleep better when your blood pressure and body temperature are lowered and having warm feet and hands helps to lower both.

And some moisturizing gloves especially the thicker ones can help warm up your hands.

You can click here to see a combo of a pair of moisturizing gloves and socks on Amazon, that will both moisturize your hands and feet and at the same time potentially make you sleep better.

8- Can Be Used To Hide Scars

If your hands are inflamed or have a lot of scars wearing moisturizing gloves can be used to conceal scars and blemishes and at the same time treat and heal your damaged skin.

Now if you want to learn more about Moisturizing Gloves and Hand Masks I have an entire article where I discuss the gloves that I recommend, you can click here to read it.

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