The 5 Best Quality Halloween Nail Stamping Plates 2022

Halloween Nail Stamping Plates
Halloween Nail Stamping Plates

In this article, I am gonna share with you 4 Easy to Use Halloween Stamping Plates so that you can make some amazing Halloween Nail Art.

Now they are plenty of very cheap Halloween Stamping plates available. But I am only gonna be focused on a few high-quality brands that I trust and have used before.

This means that these plates are durable and most importantly well-etched which makes their designs very easy to pick up with your nail stamper.

1- Ejiubas Halloween Nail Stamping Plate

Ejiubas has a line of great budget-friendly yet high-quality stamping plates.

Their plates are etched reasonably well making the imprints easy to pick up with your stamper. This also allows them to work with most brands and types of nail stampers.

This is why Ejiubas is one of the most popular brands of plates.

And thankfully Ejiubas has some amazing Halloween themed nail plates that allow you to easily create Halloween nail art such as ghosts, skulls, bats, and spooky pumpkins.

They currently have two different Halloween stamping plates you can click on the link below to see the current price on Amazon:

1- Ejiubas Halloween Nail Stamping Plates.

2- Ejiubas Halloween Nail Stamping Plates.

Now both of these sets come with two plates that are etched on both sides. One plate is a Halloween Themed whilst the other is a Christmas themed plate.

So the advantage is that you can use this combo set for both Halloween and for Christmas.

Bonus Tip

Now if you are new to stamping and need some help you can check out the video below which will guide you on how to correctly do nail stamping.

2- What’s Up Nails Halloween Stamping Plate

What’s Up Nails is a premium brand which has a ton of high-quality stamping products from a really great clear nail stamper to a wide variety of well-etched stamping plates.

In my opinion, they have some of the best Halloween Themed Stamping Plates both in terms of being easy to use and in having a wide variety.

But the only drawback with What’s Up Plates is that they are a bit more pricey than most other budget-friendly plates.

You can click here to see the current price of their plates on Amazon.

3- Whaline Halloween Stamping Plates

Whaline has a great Halloween stamping kit with four different plates. And they have the most variety of usable designs to choose from when compared to other plates.

Plus Whaline Stamping Plates just Ejiubas are super affordable, you can click here to see the current price on Amazon.

4- Winstonia Halloween Stamping Plate

Winstonia is a well-known name in the stamping world. They are particularly known for their Winstonia Marshmallow Stamper which has been used by thousands of women.

They also make fairly good stamping plates that are well etched and easy to pick up.

And Winstonia has two Halloween-themed Stamping Plates available you can click on the links below to see the price on Amazon.

1- Winstonia Halloween Stamping Plates.

2-Winstonia Halloween Stamping Plates

5- Pueen Halloween Nail Art Stamping Plate

Pueen is another great brand within the nail stamping world. They are particularly well known for their stamping polish.

And they also have a great Halloween Stamping Plate, you can click here to see the current price for it on Amazon.

Bonus Tip

If you don’t have time to do nail stamping which can be tedious maybe you should consider using Nail Stickers to create your Halloween nail art, you can click here for my recommendations for the best Halloween Nail Stickers.

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