4 Best Holographic Nail Powders For Amazing Nails 2023

Best Holographic Nail Powders
Best Holographic Nail Powders

The Best Holographic Nail Powders are:

  1. IMethod Holographic Powder – (Creates the most amazing holographic effect)
  2. Born Pretty – (A great holographic dipping powder)
  3. Yuxuan – (A very durable holographic powder)
  4. PrettyDiva Holographic Nail Powder

What are Holographic Nail Powders

Holographic Nail Powder are powders that can be applied to your nails to create a shiny colorful rainbow effect.

These powders are made of specialized microparticles such as silver, aluminum and holographic polyesters that refract light and thus create a prismatic rainbow effect. Citation.

Pro tip

Holographic Nail Polishes are much easier to apply than Holo Powders and they dont require gel polishes, so if you are not accustomed to Nail Powders you can click here to read my recommended Holo Polishes.

Holo Powder even though they are tougher to apply in my opinion they tend to create a more colorful holographic effect and they are more cost-effective in comparison to Holo Polishes.

So if you are willing to put in the effort, Holo Powders are worth it.

1- IMethod Holographic Nail Powder

IMethod Holo Powders consistently create stunning and colorful holographic effects on your nails.

They are currently one of the most popular and widely sold Holo Nail Powders on the market.

Pros of IMethod Holographic Powders

1-Consistently Amazing Holographic Effect

I have found that IMethod Holo Nail Powders reliably create that great solid rainbow effect.

And because of their reliability, they are used by many nail techs who need a dependable nail powder so that they can please their clients every time.

IMethod Nail Powders create a Linear Holo Effect, this means that you can see a long vertical solid rainbow on your nails, you can see how it is in the image below.

2-Applies Well

The biggest drawback of nail powders is that for someone using them for the first time they can be somewhat difficult to apply in comparison to holo nail polishes.

Now IMethod Nail Powders were designed to make application as smooth as possible even for a novice.

Their powders are each 35 micron in size which is not too small and not too big this optimum size allows the powder to be easily rubbed into the polish and still have an amazing effect

How to Apply Holographic Powder

  • The first thing you need to do is to apply a base coat, I usually use a peel-off base coat.
  • Next, apply a gel polish of your choice and have it cured completely under a UV lamp.
  • I prefer using dark colors which allow the holo powders to show more brightly.
  • Then apply a no wipe top coat and then cure it under a UV lamp,
  • The trick is to not let the top coat cure completely.
  • If it usually takes 45 seconds, let it cure for 35 seconds.
  • Next, use the applicator or brush, that is included, and take tiny amounts of holo powder and rub it into your nails.
  • Continue rubbing small amounts of powder until your nails have that full holographic effect.
  • The more powder you use the more colorful the rainbow becomes, but the key is that it has to be applied in small amounts.
  • Finally, apply a coat of no wipe top coat over your nails and let it cure completely.

You can see how to apply holographic powders in the short video below.

3- Complements Any Base Color

IMethod Holo Powder will work with any base color without completely covering it up.

So if you want to add that holographic effect to any color of polish from dark ones such as red or blue to light ones such as pink or yellow you can.

4- Only Needs a Little Powder

A little amount of IMethod Holo Powder can create that amazing holographic effect.

So your small container of powder can create a lot of holo nails.

How Many Manicures Can You Get From One Container of Holographic Powders

I have found that one container which usually has around 1 gram of holo powder would give you around 16-17 complete sets of manicures, once used correctly.

5- Uses Premium Ingredients

And the reason why only a small amount of powder is needed is that IMethod powder uses Silver instead of Aluminum as its filler.

And a small amount of Silver tends to give you a lot more sheen.

6- Super Affordable

Now even though IMethod Powders are made of premium ingredients that are much more expensive they cost roughly the same as other holo powders.

7- Well Packaged

IMethod Powders come in well designed and elegant packaging making it great as a gift to a fellow nail enthusiast.

They also come with a specialized brush or applicator to make it easier to apply the powder, so you won’t have to use your fingers or a DIY tool.

Where to Get IMethod Holo Powder

I usually buy them from Amazon, you can click to see the current price there.

Important Note

These Holo Powders come in small 3 gram containers that contain 1 gram so it might appear you got less powder but this is the industry standard and it’s like that so the powders can be safely shipped.

When I first bought holo powder I was worried that there was a mistake since the container was only half-filled but after I looked into I realized that this was normal.

2- Born Pretty Holographic Dipping Powder

Born Pretty has one of the best holographic dipping powders on the market with a wide range of colors.

It’s important to emphasize that these are dipping powders which are very different from most holographic powders which have to be rubbed on.

How to Apply Born Pretty Dipping Powder

What You Are Gonna Need:

  • The Dipping Powder
  • A Dip Base Coat
  • A Dip Activator
  • A Brush

How To Apply

  • Firstly, apply a dip base coat over your nail.
  • Next, dip your finger up to your nails in the container with the powder.
  • The powder will adhere to only your nails because of the dip base coat
  • You then need to brush off the excess powder around your nails.
  • And then what I usually do is smooth off the top with my fingers by gently pressing the powder down.
  • Next, apply a Dip Activator Coat and
  • To finish apply a top coat.
  • You can see how it’s done in the video below.

Where to get Born Pretty Holographic Dipping Powder

Amazon usually has these powders in stock, you can click to see the price of a 5 color combo set.

Also, you are gonna need the Dip Coats, you can click here to get an affordable combo set with all the various coats.

Pros of Born Pretty Holo Dipping Powder

1- Creates Amazing Scattered Holographic effects

What I love about Born Pretty Holo Dip Powder is that they produce really colorful and stunning scattered holo effect.

A scattered holo effect is like mini holo glitter dispersed on your nails, you can see how it looks in the video above.

What’s impressive is that I have found that one dip is usually sufficient to make your nails look amazing.

2- Wide Range of Colors to Choose From

Born Pretty has a fairly big color selection to choose from.

3- Won’t Need a UV Lamp

These are not gel polishes, so you won’t need a UV or Led Lamp to cure anything, instead, you would need the Dip Activator and Base Coat.

Cons of Born Pretty Holo Dipping Powder

1- Requires Various Special Polishes

The biggest drawback with Dip Powders is that for them to work good you need to purchase all the special dip coatings from the activator to the base coat.

And these extra coatings will add to your cost.

2- Only Sold in Packages

Currently, Born Pretty dont sell their powders as individual colors instead they are sold in a combo package with various colors.

3- Yuxuan Holographic Nail Powders

Yuxuan Holo Powders are very similar to IMethod Powders and they are applied using the same technique.

Now Yuxuan Polishes will give you a more durable and long-lasting Linear Holographic design.

Their durability comes from the fact the particles in Yuxuan Powders are a bit smaller than the other powders being 30 microns in size.

The particles’s smaller size allows them to stick into the gel polish more firmly.

Now the drawback with having smaller powder particles is that Yuxuan holographic effect won’t be as clear and strong as in comparison to IMethod.

So there is a trade-off of clarity for durability.

You can get Yuxuan Holo Powders on Amazon, click here to see their current price.

4- Pretty Diva Holo Powders

Pretty Diva is another great brand of Holo Powders that will give you a great holo rainbow effect.

They are very similar to IMethod Holo Powders and are applied using the same method.

I still prefer IMethod over them because I have been using them for a long time, but Pretty Diva does a pretty good job too.

You can click here to check them out on Amazon.

Holographic Powders Vs Holographic Nail Polishes

Holographic Nail Polishes Holographic Nail Powders
Easier to Apply: Holo Polishes tend to be easier to apply this is because you dont need a UV or Led Lamp, they are just regular polishes

Gives You a Brighter Rainbow Color: Holo Powders in my opinion tend to give you a more amazing holo rainbow effect.
Lasts Longer: Once applied correctly Holo Polishes tend to last longer than Holo Powders.
Holo Powders can last a fair amount of time once you use a strong No Wipe Top Coat.
Cheaper: Holo Powders tend to be more cost effective this is because a small amount of powder can do a lot of manicures.