How Wide & Tall Should a Manicure Table Be -Best Dimensions

How Wide Should a Manicure Table Be Correct Dimensions

How Wide, Tall and Long Should a Manicure Table Be: Correct Dimensions

Different manicure tables will have varying sizes but on average the most popular dimensions of a standard manicure table are around:

Width/Depth: 18 inches (46 cm)

Length: 47 inches (120 cm)

Height: 30 inches (76 cm)

Dimensions Of Various Manicure Tables

Table Length Height Width/ Depth
Suncoo Portable & Vented Nail Table35.4 inches29.7 inches15.7 inches
Giantex Portable Nail table35.4 inches27 inches15 inches
Yaheetech Portable Nail Table 37 inches28 inches17.3 inches
Supreme Portable Manicure Nail Table43 inches29 inches18 inches
Icarus Collapsible Manicure Desk42 inches30.5 inched16 inches
Giantex Manicure Nail Table47 inches29 inches17 inches
Simoner Nail Table47.2 inches31.6 inches18.7 inches
BarberPub Table47.6 inch32 inches18.7 inches
Goujxcy Nail Table48 inches31.3 inches20.9 inches
WisHome Manicure Table48 inches 31.3 inches20.9 inches

Portable Nail Tables tend to have smaller lengths and depths than regular standard manicure desks, this makes them easier to move around or stored away.

If you are looking for a Small Portable Manicure table You can click to Read My Must Read Guide on The Best Portable Manicure Tables.

Key Factors When Considering Your Manicure Table’s Size.

1- Consider Your Chairs

When buying a manicure desk the height of the tables need to be in sync with the chairs that would be used.

My advice on this is to invest in adjustable chairs.

By having adjustable chairs:

  1. Gives you the ability to adjust your chair to fit your client’s height and your height as well
  2. Also, it gives you the Flexibility to Choose tables With Varying Sizes.

Now if your salon doesn’t have adjustable chairs, your tables need to be in sync with your chairs.

For a table that is 30 inches in height, you are gonna need a chair that is roughly 18 inches in height.

2- How Much Accessories You Need on Your Desk

This is gonna be subjective if you are the type of nail technician that needs a lot of your tools within your hand reach, you are gonna need a wide desk.

On this point, I am not a big fan of having my manicure table clustered, this looks and feels unprofessional.

Instead, you should have desks with drawers and compartments to stow away your tools.

3- How Much Space You Have in Your Salon

If you have a lot of space in your salon you can afford to buy wide mani tables, but if space is limited consider using smaller tables.

By buying desks that complement the amount of space that you have, gives your salon a nice open space feeling instead of feeling clustered.

4- Width Needed

The width of your tables, shouldn’t be too much this allows you to properly do your manicures.

By width, I am referring to the space that separates you from your client.

Imagine if you have to constantly be stretching your hands over the table to get to your customers.

Now if you have long hands you could have more width, though for me I prefer having less distance from my customers.

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