What is the Average Price For a Manicure Table – Real Cost

What is the Price For a Manicure Table – Real Cost
What is the Average Price For a Manicure Table – Real Cost

The price for a Manicure Table can vary depending on various factors but on average the price is between $75-$600.

Factors That Effect The Price of a Manicure Table

1- Type of Manicure Table

There are two kinds of Manicure tables:

  1. Standard Manicure Desks These are the Regular Mani Desks You would see in Nail Salons
  2. Portable/Foldable Manicure Tables These are small mobile nail tables.

1- Standard Manicure Tables

These mani tables tend to be large desk like furniture, they tend to fetch a higher price.

2- Portable Nail Tables

Portable Nail tables are small foldable tables and they tend to be a lot cheaper in comparison to the much bigger manicure desks.

If you are interested in buying a portable Nail table, click to read my Guide on the Best Foldable Mani Table.

2- Materials Used

There are various materials used in the construction of manicure tables each would affect the price of the table.


Wood tends to be a more expensive material and it requires more skill and care to work with.

And because of this Mani desks made mostly out of wood usually, fetch a higher price.

On the plus side manicure desks made out of wood has an aesthetic look to it, which makes up for the high cost.

Some wooden manicure desk has a special coating to make it resistant to acetone, which prevents it from being damaged by nail polish remover.

These mani desks with that coating tend to be more expensive but in my opinion, you need to have it.


Nail tables that are made out of metal parts tend to be cheaper than their wooden counterparts.


Manicure tables that have their table tops made out of glass are the most expensive nail tables.

You can click to see the price of one on Amazon to see what I mean.

Glass gives your Mani table and elegant look added to that it is naturally resistant to acetone, so it won’t be damaged by your nail polish remover.

3- Size

The larger the Manicure Tables are the more pricey they are gonna be.

Since bigger tables require more material.

4- Accessories

Mani tables can come with a wide range of accessories such as Vents and lamps which would increase the price of the Manicure Desk.

Vent and Dust Collectors

A Vent and Dust Collector also known as an extractor fan is a device that some manicure tables come with.

The Vent and Fan, vacuums up the mess and odor created from doing your manicures.

Nail tables that come with Vents tend to be more expensive but in my opinion, they are well worth a few extra dollars.

Adjustable Lamps

Some manicure desks have lamps that increase the price of the tables.

5- Design

I have found that nail tables with more complicated designs tend to be more expensive.

Fancy designs require more material and labor to craft.

A Case study you can click to see the price of a really fancy mani table on Amazon.

6- Storage Capacity

Nail tables with more compartments will be more expensive.

I prefer having more storage space but the compartments should blend with your mani desks and shouldn’t look too crummy.

7- Wholesale or Retail Price

If you plan to buy a couple of Manicure tables you may get a bulk discount or at the wholesale price.

So if you are buying more than 2 make sure you push for a discount.

My advice is to team up with other salons and purchase your equipment together.