4 Tips to Sleep With Moisturizing Gloves For Soft Hands

How to Sleep With Moisturizing Gloves
How to Sleep With Moisturizing Gloves

Wearing a moisturizing glove overnight to sleep with is one of the easiest ways to get amazingly smooth and soft hands.

A moisturizing glove works by holding your moisturizer onto your hands allowing it to be fully absorbed into your skin.

Can You Sleep Overnight With a Moisturizing Glove

A moisturizing glove can be safely used overnight whilst you are sleeping.

You see the longer you wear a moisturizing glove the better since it allows for more time for the lotion or oil to be absorbed into your skin.

And one of the best times to wear a moisturizing glove for a long uninterrupted period of time is when you are sleeping.

This is mainly because of the convenience since if you wear them during the day the gloves will affect your day to day activities.

Plus the temperature at night is usually lower so your hands won’t overheat instead the gloves will keep your hands nice and warm whilst you sleep.

How to Sleep Overnight with a Moisturizing Glove

Moisturizing Gloves are very easy to use, just apply your moisturizer onto your hands as you would usually do and then put on your gloves.

Now some moisturizing gloves come with their own built-in moisturizer, so for these types of gloves, all you just need to do is put them on.

These are some more tips on how to properly use moisturizing gloves for the best results:

1- Choose a Good Moisturizing Glove

The most important thing that you can do when using a moisturizing glove to sleep with overnight is to use a good moisturizing glove.

A good moisturizing glove should:

1. Fit You Well: Your moisturizing glove shouldn’t be too tight or too loose.

If the glove is too tight you are gonna feel uncomfortable and it might even restrict blood flow which can interfere with your sleep.

Now if the glove is too loose it might not stay on well and instead come off easily which means that gloves won’t work properly.

So ensure you buy the right size of moisturizing gloves to match your hands.

2. Breathable: Moisturizing gloves should allow proper airflow around your hands. So that your hands don’t get too hot and sweaty.

Your sweat can actually wash away the moisturizer defeating the purpose of the glove.

Now I have an entire article dedicated to helping you to select the right moisturizing gloves to suit your needs. You can click here to read my recommendations.

2- Choose a Good Moisturizer

There are two types of moisturizing gloves;

1- Moisturizing gloves that come containing their own moisturizer.

2- Moisturizing gloves that come without any moisturizer so you have to use your own lotion or oil. These are usually plain cotton gloves.

Now if you intend to use a plain moisturizing glove that comes without any moisturizer you would need to ensure that you use a good lotion or oil with the glove.

A good lotion or oil should be able to:

  • Hydrate your skin thoroughly,
  • Be easily absorbed into your skin and
  • Be rich with nutrients such as antioxidants and vitamins.

My favorite lotion is L’Occitane Shea Butter based Hand Cream. This hand cream is packed with nutrients, is easily absorbed, and is extremely good at hydrating your hands.

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream will make your hands feel nice and soft especially if you use it overnight in combination with a simple cotton glove.

You can click here to see the price of L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream on Amazon. It is a premium brand so it’s a bit pricey but in my opinion its worth it.

And you can click here to see the price for a packet containing 24 pairs of simple cotton gloves to go along with your hand cream.

3- Always Wash Your Gloves Before Using Them

You should only use clean moisturizing gloves. So if you plan to reuse your gloves you need to wash them after wearing them.

If you dont wash your gloves after using them they will contain sweat, dead skin cells, and dirt. All of which will promote the growth of bacteria and other microbes. These microbes can then potentially cause a skin rash on your hands.

Plus your moisturizing gloves will also have residual lotion or oil in its fabric.

And any residual moisturizer will eventually go rancid after being exposed to the air for a long period of time. And rancid oil or lotion can also potentially cause a skin reaction. Citation.

4- Wash Your Hands

Always wash your hands before using moisturizing gloves.

You see if your hands are dirty and you apply a moisturizer the lotion or oil will trap and keep any dirt on your skin.

This can potentially clog up your pores which can lead to rashes and infections.

Now if you don’t have a moisturizing glove you can click here to read my recommendations.

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