How Much Weight Can a Pedicure Chair Hold – Weight Limit

How Much Weight Can a Pedicure Chair Really Hold – Weight Limit
How Much Weight Can a Pedicure Chair Really Hold – Weight Limit

The amount of weight that a Pedicure Chair can hold will vary with each chair model, but on average these chairs can handle around 250-350 pounds or 113-159 Kilograms.

Please check your Pedi chairs manual to know the exact weight limit for yours.

The list below shows different weight capacity of various Pedi Chairs that you can get on Amazon.

Pedicure ChairWeight Limit
Basic Pedicure Chair200-250 pounds
Icarus Crest Pedicure Foot Spa Station Chair250 pounds
BR Beauty Mona Lisa Spa Pedicure Chair 350 Pounds
Pibbs PS93 Footsie Pedicure Spa350 pounds
LCL Beauty Hydraulic Lift Adjustable Pedicure Massage Footbath400 pounds

What Does a Weight Limit Mean For a Pedi Chair?

A weight limit is the amount of weight that a pedicure chair is tested by the manufacturer to be safely able to handle without damaging it.

Does The Weight Limit Really Matter

Yes, knowing the weight ceiling on your Pedi chair is important.

It’s also vital to note that the actual limit itself isn’t something set in stone.

What this means is that the chairs are tested to be safe up to that specific size and if someone who weighs more than limit uses the chair, you will be venturing in untested waters.

The limit is important because if you have someone who is over the weight ceiling use your pedicure chair can potentially cause

1- Damages To Your Chair

When someone who is over the weight limit uses your Pedi chair the added weight puts a strain on the frame of your Pedi chair that may damage it.

2- Endangers Your Clients

When excess strain is placed on you Pedicure Chair there is always the possibility of the chair buckling and collapsing which can potentially injure your client.

Which can leave you open to lawsuits for knowingly risking your client’s safety.

3- It Might Void Your Chairs Warranty

Some chair manufacturers won’t repair or honor your warranty if your Pedi Chair is damaged due to you going over the stated weight limit.

So I advise you to read your Pedi Chair’s warranty and manual.

Can You Refuse to Do a Pedicure For Someone Over the Limit of The Pedi Chair?

Yes, you can refuse to have someone use a Pedi chair because of weight restrictions.

One of the main concerns that a lot of salons have with obeying weight limits is that they feel like they are discriminating or fat shaming against clients.

I truly understand why they feel this way everyone, in my opinion, everybody deserves a chance to have good pedicure regardless of their weight limit.

But I need to remind you that if you go over your chairs limit there is a good chance that you are putting your clients at risk.

This is very similar to how at amusement parks you need to be over a specific height before using certain rides.

MIR machines and CT Scans all have weight limits that are enforced too.

What To Do If You Have a Client Who is Over the Weight Limit of Your Chair

It’s reported by the year 2020, 3/4 of Americans will be obese. So sadly there is a good chance that as a salon owner you might have to turn someone away for going over the limit.

How to deal with this situation:

  • The first thing you are going to have to do is know your chairs weight limit and
  • Then identify those clients who might be over the weight ceiling.
  • To do so you can rely on your intuition if your client looks like they might be above the limit then there is a good chance that they might be
  • and if they are over the weight ceiling, talk with them in private about the situation,
  • and emphasize the potential safety risk to themselves.
  • Pro tip if you dont want to be guessing peoples weight, consider putting up a sign stating the weight limit of the Pedi chair
  • And state on the sign that if you exceed the limit you can potentially put yourself at risk for using the Pedi Chair.
  • Most folks dont want to be injured so you might not even have to stop them.

What You Should Avoid Doing

I have heard some salons are even charging overweight folks extra for using their Pedicure Chairs as a surcharge for possible repairs.

If you are doing this or contemplating enacting a charge, I would highly advise against this, why because you might be putting your client’s safety at risk.

Best Practices

I believe as I stated early that everyone deserves a good pedicure, so my best advice to anyone investing in a Pedicure chair is to buy one with a high weight limit.

Pros of Having Pedicure Chairs With High Weight Ceiling

1- Allows You Deal With Almost Any Client

By having a good Pedi chair with a high weight tolerance gives you the ability to service more clients without the stress of worrying about your chair breaking.

Which would increase the number of clients and thus your bottom line.

2- Good Marketing

I would advocate if your Pedi chairs can handle a lot of weight, advertise it, put up signs to let potential customers know that your salon caters to anyone regardless of their size.

I am pretty sure that there are a lot of women out there who worry about their weight and might forgo a pedicure because of it.

You might just gain some very loyal customers.

3- Good Investment

Pedi Chairs that can handle a lot of weight tend to made of very strong materials and would last you longer than inferior chairs.

Cons of Strong Pedicure Chairs

1- Higher Price

Tough Pedicure chairs tend to be much more pricey over cheaper weaker ones.

This is because of the stronger material that they are made of tends to be more expensive.

2- Weight

Stronger Pedicure Chairs tend to also be heavier over weaker ones.

3- Not as Comfortable

Hydraulic Pedicure chairs can handle a lot of weight but they aren’t as comfortable as other luxury Pedi chairs but the bright side is they tend to be cheaper.