8 Amazing Medical Benefits of a Pedicure & 4 Risks

Amazing Medical Benefits of a Pedicure & Disadvantages
Amazing Medical Benefits of a Pedicure & Disadvantages

Getting a pedicure is both time-consuming and pricey. But it is very much worth spending both your money and time.

You see pedicures don’t only make your toenails look good they also have amazing health benefits.

Like did you know that a pedicure might help to ease backpain? Amazing!

So that’s why in this article we are going to share with you some of the amazing benefits of a pedicure. And also share with you some of the potential drawbacks and how you can avoid them

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Benefits of a Pedicure

1- Stress Relief & Very Relaxing

Pedicures can be very relaxing which can help to ease any stress and give both your mind and body a nice break. This helps to revitalize your energy and will help you to be more productive.

Pedicures have 2 main ways to relax you:

1- Massages – a good massage can help to decrease muscle tension and have an extremely soothing and relaxing effect. Citation.

2- Soaking – By soaking your feet in warm water usually mixed with essential oils and Epsom salt will not only help to loosen calluses but also works as a form of heat therapy.

Heat Therapy from soaking in warm water has been shown to help to relieve muscle fatigue and even help individuals with chronic pain.

Epsom Salt can also help to relieve pain and give a soothing effect. Citation.

2- Improves Appearance of Your Toenails

Pedicures include working on making your toenails look better. They do this by:

  1. Applying nail products such as nail polish
  2. Filing and cutting your nails to give them a consistent look
  3. Neatening your cuticles by pushing them back

3- Makes Feet Smoother & Look Better

A pedicure will help to make your feet softer, smoother and look brighter and healthier. This is because pedicures will work on removing dead skin cells allowing new more healthy skin to grow.

Also, once the dead old skin cells are removed allows your moisturizer to work better since dead skin cells work as a barrier preventing the lotion or oil from being absorbed into your skin cells

Dead skin cells are removed during soaking and filing of the feet. Pedicures like Paraffin wax pedicures will also help to hydrate and moisturize your feet.

Having nicer feet and toenails will boost your confidence making you feel more comfortable.

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4- Helps Improve Blood Circulation

Both the foot massage and soaking your feet in warm water will help to improve blood circulation. Citation.

Improved circulation will help to ease muscle tension, ease certain swelling and might even help to your immune system since it can helps to drain lymph nodes. Citation.

If you suffer from certain conditions like swollen lymph nodes and circulatory problems you should consult your doctor before trying to use a pedicure to treat any conditions.

5- Prevent Infections

Pedicures help to keep your toenails and feet cleaner mostly by removing dead skin cells and prevent cracks from forming which can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

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6- Treat & Prevent Calluses & Corns

Calluses are areas on your feet that are thick and rough. They are harden skin and are formed by repeated friction and pressure on your feet.

Your salon technician during a pedicure will use a foot file or pumice to remove any calluses on your feet. Citation. And by regular exfoliation can actually help to prevent them from happening in the first place.

Now by removing calluses can actually help to improve how our feet handle weight distribution since we can stand more naturally without having to deal with calluses.

This can help to reduce the strain on our back which might ease certain types of backpain.

7- Prevents Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Toenails are where your toenails grow into your skin instead of outwards. A good salon technician will know exactly how to cut your toenails to prevent them from growing into your skin.

The key is not cut them too much and to not cut or file them at bad angle. Citation.

Most nail technicians are trained to cut your toenails the right way so its safer to get them trimmed at a salon.

8- Prevents Ingrown Hairs

Not only can a good pedicure prevent ingrown toenails but they can also prevent ingrown hair.

This is because by properly and consistently exfoliating your feet will help to prevent ingrown hairs from ocurring.

Disadvantages Of a Pedicure

1- Takes a Long Time

A good pedicure includes a lot of good services such as soaking and filing of the feet, all of which will take some time especially when compared to a manicure.

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2- Expensive

Pedicures can be costly especially when compared to a manicure. but in my opinion they are worth it.

3- Can Cause Infections

If your salon technician doesn’t keep their tools and equipment clean and sterilized it can lead to infections.

But once all procedures and standards are followed you shouldn’t have to worry about this.

I always recommend going to well established, certified and registered salons.

4- Can Make Toenails Weaker

Certain types of pedicures like acrylic pedicures can over time weaken your toenails.

But the regular nail polish pedicure will actually help your toenails grown healthier and stronger.


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