BIAB Extensions are they good: Pros, Cons & How to DIY

Are BIAB Extensions any Good: Pros, Cons & How to DIY
Are BIAB Extensions any Good: Pros, Cons & How to DIY

BIAB or Builder in a Bottle is a gel that combines gel polish with builder gel. It can be applied like gel polish, yet when it cures, it is solid and hard like a builder gel.

This makes it perfect to create overlay nails and it can also be used to create nail extensions.

So in this article, we are going to be discussing how to use BIAB gel to make extensions and give the pros and cons.

Advantages of BIAB Gel Extensions

  1. Easier to Apply

Builder-in-a-Bottle gels tend to be easier for beginners to make nail extensions when compared to acrylic and hard gel.

Both acrylic and hard gel require practice and special brushes Whilst BIAB uses a similar technique to applying nail polish and uses a regular nail polish brush.

Now when it comes to BIAB gels using plastic tips is easier to work with when compared to nail forms.

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  1. Easier to Do Fill-ins: a fill-in or in-fill is where you cover the growth gap at the back of the nails. BIAB fill-ins can easily be done by yourself at home.
  1. Easy to Remove

BIAB Gels are soft gels meaning they can be soaked off using acetone. This makes them easier to remove when compared to hard gel which needs an electric nail file.

They also come off faster than acrylic and require less work.

How to Remove BIAB Nail Extensions

  • First, use a nail file to file off the top layer,
  • Then soak the nails in acetone for 10-15 minutes
  • I recommend applying the acetone by using cotton pads that are soaked and then wrapped around the nails
  • Finally, use a cuticle pusher to scrape away the gel.

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Disadvantages of BIAB Gel Extensions

  1. Not as Durable – BIAB Gel extensions won’t have strength and durability like hard gel or acrylic. So if you require extensions that are very tough I recommend sticking with hard gel or acrylic
  1. Won’t Last as Long – Acrylic and hard gel will outlast BIAB gels.

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How Long Will BIAB Extensions Last For

If you use nail tips along with BIAB your extension should give you 3-4 weeks of wear. But if you use nail forms you might get around 2-3 weeks.

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How long Can You Extend Your Nails With BIAB

If you use nail tips with BIAB you can extend your nails the same length as you would for acrylic or gel. Now if you use nail forms with BIAB you won’t be able to extend your nails too much.

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How Strong are BIAB Nail Extensions

Their strength and durability will depend on how they are made. BIAB extensions made with nail tips are extremely strong and durable almost similar to acrylic or hard gel.

Whilst BIAB extensions made using nail forms won’t be as strong and durable.

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How to Use BIAB to Make Nail Extensions

They are two ways you can use BIAB to extend your nails you can either use nail forms or nail tips.

How to Use BIAB with Nail Tips

  1. First prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles and then filing them with a medium grit nail file.
  2. Next, wipe them clean with rubbing alcohol and then apply a dehydrator
  3. Then glue on your nail tips and take your nail file and gently buff the nail tips to roughen them up.
  4. Now you can proceed to apply a coat of nail primer
  5. And then start applying the gel similar to how you would a nail polish except with builder gel you need to use thicker layers
  6. After applying the gel you should turn your nails upside down to allow the apex to naturally form.
  7. Next, cure the gel with a UV-led nail lamp and then apply another layer of the gel and cure it again.
  8. Also, ensure to wipe away the sticky layer on the gel after curing
  9. Finally, file and shape the nails to your liking, and then if needed apply your nail polish.

I have a great video that will give step-by-step guidance on how to use BIAB with nails tips, checked it below

Video of How to Use BIAB with Nail Tips

Recommended BIAB Gel

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How to Use BIAB & Nail Forms to Make Extensions