6 Best Cuticle Oil Pens According to Dermatologists

Best Cuticle Oil Pens
Best Cuticle Oil Pens

It’s essential that you keep your nails and cuticles well moisturized especially if you use acrylics, gels, or dip powder.

If you don’t moisturize your nails they tend to become weak, thin, and be prone to breaking. And your cuticles tend to develop a dark unhealthy look.

Now one of the best ways to keep your nails and cuticles moisturized, especially when you are busy and on the go, is to use a cuticles oil pen.

So in this article, I am gonna share with you 6 of the best brands to help you decide which is the right one for you.

The 6 Best Cuticle Oil Pens are:

  1. Bliss Kiss (A very nourishing cuticle oil pen that helps to promote fast & strong nail growth)
  2. Magique VitalePen
  3. L’Occitane (A cuticle oil pen ideal for people with sensitive skin)
  4. The Body Shop (Uses a rich almond-based cuticle oil)
  5. Zeva (A budget-friendly cuticle oil pen)
  6. Onsen (A thick nutrient-filled cuticle cream)

What is a Cuticle Oil Pen

A cuticle oil pen is a pen-like applicator that contains cuticle oil instead of ink. Cuticle Oil Pens allow the oil to be easily deposited in controlled amounts directly onto your cuticles. Citation.

Cuticle Oils are specially blended oils that help to promote healthy and better-looking cuticles and also foster stronger nail growth.

1- Bliss Kiss Cuticle & Nail Oil Pen

Bliss Kiss has one of the best cuticle oil pens that I have ever used and is the brand of cuticle oil that I recommend the most.

You see I am a nail technician which means I am constantly being exposed to acetone which causes my cuticles to get really dry. So I always need an effective cuticle oil to keep them moisturized. And after trying a few different brands I think I got the best results from Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil.

Bliss Kiss is a small family-owned business based in Washington, USA.

The ingredients used in Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil are Jojoba Wax Ester, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Fragrance Oil Blend, Olive Squalane, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, Vanilla Fragrant Oil.

Pros Of Using Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil Pen

1- Fast and Effective Moisturizer

Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil has one of the highest concentrations of pure high-quality Jojoba oil which is why it is such a great cuticle oil.

Jojoba Oil (pronounced as ho-ho-ba) is one of the best natural moisturizers available and because of this most brands of cuticle oils use it as an active ingredient.

This isn’t only just my opinion there are a ton of peer-reviewed scientific studies that have found that Jojoba oil works as an effective moisturizer nail supplement.

Jojoba Oil even surpasses conventional oils; like almond oil and mineral oil. Citation.

And this is why most dermatologists tend to recommend products that are rich in Jojoba Oil.

Benefits of Jojoba Oil

You see even though Jojoba is a liquid and has an oily texture it is actually a wax ester. Wax esters are a type of fat with a similar molecular structure and chemical composition to our body’s natural moisturizing agent Sebum. Citation.

And because Jojoba is so similar to Sebum, our skin allows it to be easily absorbed into our pores allowing it to work as an effective moisturizer and as a carrier agent for vitamin A and E.

Jojoba Oil works just like how our body’s natural oils (sebum) works, by forming an effective and deep protective layer over your skin to prevent moisture loss.

And as a bonus the Jojoba oil acts as a Humectant meaning that it can draw in and retain moisture as well.

Most regular oils that are used as a moisturizer like mineral and almond oil aren’t easily absorbed into our pores and instead just cover them.

2- Works To Promote Healthy Nail Growth & Heal Damaged Skin

Not only does Bliss Kiss Cuticle oil work to fight off infections it also contains a high concentration of antioxidants, Vitamin A and Vitamin E which has been shown to promote:

1- Strong and Healthy Nail Growth to allow your nails to grow longer without breaking easily and to help repair brittle nails and prevent chipping.

Nail growth stems from the cells under your cuticle called your nail matrix so by feeding this area nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants at least once a day you will promote stronger and healthier nails.

2- The regeneration and regrowth of damaged skin cells – which can help reduce the formation of wrinkles and discoloration of your cuticles.

Why Bliss Kiss Is Better than Most Cuticle Oils

Other cuticle oils also contain antioxidants and vitamins but because Bliss Kiss uses mostly Jojoba Oil as its main ingredient it is much better at facilitating the absorption of the vitamins and antioxidants.

You see the Jojoba oil acts as an effective carrier agent because it can easily be absorbed into the body and at the same time it will carry the vitamins and antioxidants with it deeper into your skin.

Pro Tip to Keep Your Nails and Cuticles Healthy

Using acrylics and gel nails over time can greatly weaken your nails and by using a cuticle oil rich in Vitamin A and E right after removing them it can help reverse some of the damage.

Additionally if you are exposed to certain conditions like; constant heat from a stove, or cold from a freezer or like me with constant exposure to acetone, you need to keep your cuticles and nails moisturized as much as possible to keep them healthy.

3- Helps to Prevent Infections

Bliss Kiss formula has strong Anti-fungal and Antibacterial properties. Which come from its Jojoba and grape seed oil component – both of which are potent antimicrobial oils.

This antimicrobial property means that Bliss Kiss Oil can help treat or prevent infections caused by extra dry or damaged cuticles. Citation.

4- Great texture

Bliss Kiss has a really smooth and natural texture similar to how our own natural oils – so you won’t even feel like you are using any moisturizer. This makes it much lighter and less greasy than other oils like mineral oil which feels very sticky.

5- Less Likely to Cause an Allergic Reaction

Now because Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oils’ main ingredient is jojoba oil it makes it very hypoallergenic – which means that the risk of having an allergic reaction is lower in comparison to other similar products. Citation.

Jojoba Oil gains its hypoallergenic ability because it’s so similar to our body’s natural sebum which means that our immune system is less likely to react to it as a foreign threat. Citation.

The owner and creator of Kiss Bliss initially made her Bliss Kiss cuticle oil because she was allergic to almond oil so she designed a cuticle oil that was safer for her.

6- Allows You to Target Your Cuticles

Bliss Kiss pen design allows you to accurately apply the oil into your cuticles without oiling up your entire hand.

7- Prevents Wastage

By being able to target your cuticles it reduces wastage of the oil, which is important because Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oils are a bit pricey and comes in small quantities.

8- Compact and Portable Design

Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil Pens are super simple to carry around and use on the go. This makes it very easy to keep your nails and cuticles well moisturized and healthy. Even when you are busy or exposed to an environment that is harsh to your cuticles and nails.

I usually have one in my handbag and I have a reminder set on my phone to oil up at least three times a day: morning before I go to work, midday on my lunch break, and in the nights before bedtime. But if my cuticles are feeling a bit dry during the day I can easily apply some oil.

These Cuticle Oil Pens are very sturdy and have good seals which prevent any leakage. I have been using Bliss Kiss for almost a year now and I have yet to have any spills in my bag.

You can see how one of the pens look in the image below.

9- Natural and Very Safe

Bliss Kiss Cuticle oils are made of completely non-toxic ingredients making them super safe to use.

They are made out of mostly natural ingredients and are free from any petroleum products, dyes, preservatives, Parabens or Phthalates

Additionally, Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil is made of Jojoba Wax Ester that is 100% pure meaning that they were grown without the use of pesticides and were extracted using a cold press.

Using pure Jojoba oil is important because of how easily it is absorbed into your body. You see if you use Jojoba that was grown and refined with the help of pesticides and chemicals, trace amounts would be present in the oil which can then be absorbed easily into your body.

Thankfully Bliss Kiss Cuticle uses high-quality pure Jojoba oil that doesn’t use any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

10- Very Popular and Easy to Use

Bliss Kiss is one of the most widely sold Cuticle Oil, which is a testament to how good it is.

And their pen applicators are very simple to use:

  • Firstly you need to remove the cover over the pen.
  • And then just turn the bottom of the pen counterclockwise to push oil onto the brush of the pen.
  • Finally using the oil on the brush gently rub the oil onto your cuticles

I usually use one click, meaning one counterclockwise turn, of cuticle oil per nail. I found a short video to show you how to use them, you can check it out below.

Cons of Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil Pen

1- Expensive

Bliss Kiss is a bit more pricey in comparison to other Cuticle oil especially when you buy it in the pen applicator.

This is because Bliss Kiss is made in the USA where the cost of labor is higher and also Pure Jojoba oil tends to be more expensive in comparison to other oils.

2- Small Pens

Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil Pens are very small and they only contain 2ml of oil.

These small compact pens are super portable but if you use them like you should – three times a day they are gonna finish really fast.

3- Light and Runny Texture

Bliss Kiss has a very light texture – so much so that you don’t even feel like you are using a moisturizer. This makes some people feel like they are not actually getting their money worth – but don’t worry you are and if you use it at least once a day you will see results.

Added to that Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil is so light that it can be very runny when applying. But as soon as you rub it in it will give you a natural and soothing sensation.

This is because it won’t stick to the surface of your skin which gives you that greasy feeling instead the cuticle oil will quickly be absorbed into your skin.

4- Not Refillable

Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil Pens like most cuticle oil pens are made for one-time usage and are not made to be refilled.

Where to Get Bliss Kiss Jojoba Cuticle Oil

I usually get my Bliss Kiss cuticle oils from Amazon, you can click here to see the price for a pack containing four cuticle oil pens, I usually go with their vanilla-scented ones.

Or you can click here to buy a bottle of their 15 ml cuticle oil from Amazon which comes with a dropper to apply it on your cuticles.

I usually use the pen when I am on the go or at work but when I am at home I use the oil from the bottle.

2- Magique VitalePen

Now if you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Bliss Kiss you can try Magnique Vitale Cuticle Oil Pens.

Magnique Vitale Cuticle Oil pens have an almost identical applicator pen design like Bliss Kiss and they use very similar ingredients with both of them using primarily Jojoba oil.

But Magnique Vitale Cuticle Oil pens are much cheaper and I suspect this is because some aspects of their manufacturing happen overseas where they can cut costs. Citation.

Who Should Buy Magnique Vitale Cuticle Oil Pens

Now I have never used Magnique Vitale but they should work as good as Bliss Kiss because of how similar their ingredients are

So if you are on a budget you can try them out, click here to see the price of two of their Cuticle Oil Pens on Amazon.

3- L Occitane Cuticle Oil Pen

L’Occitane Cuticle Oil Pen uses a blend of Shea Oil and Almond Oil to make a really healthy and rich Cuticle and Nail Oil. Citation.

Their Cuticle Oil Pens primarily uses Shea Oil (30%) as their main ingredient which has a ton of amazing properties. Such as being an amazing moisturizer and promoting the regeneration of skin cells damaged from either; chronic dryness, or exposure to either sunlight or chemicals such as acetone.

But Shea Oil’s greatest strength is its anti-inflammatory properties.

This ability helps to reduce your body’s overactive inflammatory response. Which helps you to treat a lot of skin diseases such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, which have all been linked to the excessive production of inflammation.

Now if you have a skin condition using a Shea based cuticle oil like L’Occitane is probably your best bet. But if you are suffering from a severe medical skin condition you should always check with your dermatologist before trying something new. Citation.

And even if you don’t have a skin condition L’Occitane is still an amazing cuticle oil, that will help keep your cuticles moisturized and promote healthy nail growth. This is because they are also rich in Vitamins and Nutrients.

L’Occitane Cuticle Oil contains more cuticle oil and at a lower cost, in comparison to Bliss Kiss and The Body Shop Cuticle Pens.

The main drawback the L’Occitane has in comparison to Bliss Kiss is that they take a while to be absorbed into the body. This causes wastage because some of the oil is left on the skin surface which means that some of the nutrients are washed away instead of being absorbed.

Where to Get L’Occitane Cuticle Oil Pens.

You can get these cuticle oil pens on Amazon, click to see the current price there.

4- The Body Shop Almond Cuticle Oil

The Body Shop has an amazingly thick and rich cuticle oil.

Its primary ingredient is sweet almond oil which is almost as good as Jojoba Oil.

Jojoba Oil Vs Almond Oil

Both of these oils are rich in vitamins and nutrients making them extremely good at promoting strong skin and nail health.

Almond Oil is thicker and rich in Omega 3 Fatty acid which will help slow down the signs of aging and protect your skin from being damaged by sunlight. This means that Almond oil will be very effective at treating wrinkles and sunburns.

But Almond oil is tougher for the skin to absorb this means that it is easily washed off by water. So you usually have to use it more often or rub it in harder. Citation.

Jojoba Oil isn’t as rich but its more easily absorbed into your skin so you won’t have to rub it into your skin so hard or use too much.

Who Should Use Body Shop Almond Oil

Now because it takes a bit longer to be absorbed into your body I would advise applying it to your cuticles before going to bed – this way it allows the oil time to be absorbed into your skin.

Almond oil is great for dealing with wrinkles and sunburns.

Added to that Body Shop’s Almond Cuticle Oil are expensive they cost more than Bliss Kiss and L’Occitane, without having any visible advantage over them. So I would only recommend Body Shop Cuticle Oil if you can afford it

Where to Get Body Shop Almond Cuticle Oil

You can get it on Amazon click here to see the current price there.

5- Zeva Cuticle Oil Pens

Zeva cuticle oil pens are a more budget-friendly cuticle oil pen made with a mixture of different oils.

They have one of the best cuticle oil pen designs in the industry with their patented firm tips – similar to a marker. This design allows the oils to be deposited onto your cuticles in a more controlled manner. Citation.

Most cuticle oil pen tips use a brush-like design which can make you use too much oil.

Zeva Cuticle Oil Pens are also larger and cheaper than most brands of cuticle oil pens. But in my opinion, they are not as effective as Bliss Kiss or L’Occitane Cuticle Oils.

But if you are on a budget you should get them because any cuticle oil is better than no cuticle oil.

You can click here to see the current price of Zeva Cuticle Oil Pens on Amazon.

6- Onsen Japanese Cuticle Cream Pen

Onsen Cuticle Cream is a highly effective nail and natural cuticle supplement. It is one of the most widely sold cuticle creams on the market. Citation.

It has a cream-like appearance and texture and contains a wide array of ingredients the main ones being Aloe Vera, Cocoa Butter, Shea Oil, and its primary ingredient Rice Bran Oil.

Onsen is more of a cuticle and nail supplement than just a simple cuticle oil.

And because they contain so many ingredients it will take a while for the nutrients to be absorbed into your skin. So I would recommend applying Onsen at bedtime to allow the cream to be absorbed into your skin.

And during the day when your cuticles are dryer use a Cuticle Oil to keep your nails well moisturized.

Where To Get Onsen Cuticle Cream Pen

Onsen cream comes in a large pen-like applicator so they hold a good amount of cuticle cream and they are very affordable.

You can get them on Amazon, click to see the current price there.

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