How to Make Your Own DIY Moisturizing Gloves at Home

DIY Moisturizing Gloves
DIY Moisturizing Gloves

Moisturizing gloves are used to trap and keep your moisturizer, which can be in the form of a lotion or oil, on your hands.

By holding the moisturizer onto your hands it allows more of it to be absorbed deeper into your skin maximizing the effects of the lotion or oil making your hands feel extra soft and smooth.

Now, without wearing a glove what happens is that a lot of the moisturizer won’t be absorbed into your skin instead it is wasted by being rubbed off onto other surfaces. Citation.

There are many great moisturizing gloves available that are very comfortable and amazingly effective. And I have an entire article where I will guide you on selecting the best moisturizing glove for you, you can click here to read it.

But in this article, I will guide you through how to easily and quickly make your own DIY Moisturizing Gloves.

How to Make Your Own DIY Moisturizing Gloves

  1. Repurposing an old pair of gloves
  2. Using a clean pair of socks
  3. Making a pair of disposable moisturizing gloves out of a plastic bag

1- Repurposing a Pair of Gloves

Using an old pair of gloves is one of the easiest ways to DIY your own moisturizing glove.

All you need to do is rub your hand cream or oil onto your hands as you usually do and then put on your gloves.

The material of the glove will hold the moisturizer onto your hands allowing it to be absorbed into your skin.

Almost any type of fabric-based gloves can work. But ideally, you should go for gloves that are breathable so that your hands don’t get too hot and sweaty which can cause the lotion or oil to be washed away with your sweat.

Now if you do use rubber gloves or latex gloves you should avoid close-fitted ones that would make your hands get really sweaty fast.

Instead, go for a larger size to prevent your hands from overheating or avoid them altogether and stick with a fabric glove.


Please ensure you wash your gloves before you use them and after using them

2- Using a Clean Pair of Socks

Now if you don’t have a pair of good fabric gloves a great option is to wear a pair of clean socks over your hands.

All you need to do is rub your lotion or cream onto your hands and then pull the socks over your hands.

If the socks are too uncomfortable and restrictive you can always cut five holes into the glove to allow your fingers through making your socks into a pair of DIY fingerless gloves. But if you do so your fingers won’t be moisturized.

3- Make a Disposable Moisturizing Hand Masks or Glove

My final method is to make a disposable hand mask.

Hand masks are gloves that contain a moisturizer they are usually made of a plastic-like material and they are generally for one-time usage.

What you are gonna need to do

  • First, you are gonna need to get a garbage bag or a thick plastic bag
  • Next, using a marker draw an outline of your hands on the plastic
  • Then your gonna take a knife and heat up its tip
  • Now, you use the heated knife to cut out the glove from the plastic.
  • By heating the tip of the knife allows the edges to melt and seal together.
  • Finally, you can apply the cream or oil onto your hands and then wear the gloves
  • Additionally, you can pour some of the moisturizers into the glove.
  • You can do this because the glove will be sealed and won’t allow the moisturizer to seep out like a fabric glove.

I got this idea from Youtube, you can check out the video below for a step by step guide.

Pros and Cons of a DIY Hand Mask

The main drawback for me with this method is that plastic hand masks are generally uncomfortable, I am not a big fan of plastic rubbing on my skin.

But hand masks are worth it since they are extremely effective at moisturizing your hands. This is because the material that they are made of is much better at keeping the moisturizer sealed in and they are not too close-fitted to make your hands get hot and sweaty.

Another important thing to note is that actual hand masks are generally not made of the same plastic that is used to make plastic bags. Instead, they are made of a plastic-paper like material which is much more friendly to your skin.

And plastic bags are not meant to be used on your skin.

My advice is that if you want to make a more skin-friendly DIY hand mask is to use those plastic gloves that are used for food preparation.

These gloves are very cheap and are made to be used on your skin. You can click to see the price of them on Amazon.

Or you can get a real hand mask, you can click here to read about my recommended brands of hand masks these come with their own amazing moisturizer.