4 Best Press on & Fake Acrylic Nails for Men – That Do Fit

Best Press on & Fake Acrylic Nails for Men
Best Press on & Fake Acrylic Nails for Men

Having nicely designed nails are no longer just for women. Men are starting to want nails that are styled and fashionable.

Now thankfully men wearing nail polishes, or having nail art and nail designs are becoming socially acceptable. But the sad part is that most workplaces still have a tendency to frown upon this.

That’s why I highly recommend for men who want to design their nails for an event or just for a night out to use press-on or fake nails.

You see press on and fake nails allow you to have nails with a wide array of designs that you can easily take off by yourself.

Now, most brands of press-on nails cater for women who tend to have smaller nails whilst men tend to have wider and larger nails. So in this article, I am gonna share with your some of the best brands that would work for men.

The best press on and fake acrylic nails for men are:

  1. Glamnetic Press on Nails (Their press on nails are larger and wider which is ideal for men)
  2. Etsy (Allows you order custom made sizes & designs)
  3. Nailest Press on Nails (Has a sizing kit that allows you to acertain your size before ordering)
  4. Manime Stick on Gel

Fake Acrylic Nails are not only used for styling purposes, they can also be used if you have nails that are:

  1. Broken and damaged – the fake nails will act as a temporary extension
  2. Stunted or deformed growth – the press on nails will cover up if your nails aren’t growing properly of have a tendency to deform as they grow.
  3. To Prevent Nail Biting – fake acryic nails can act as a deterent against nail biting. Citation.

1- Glamnetic Press on Fake Nails

Glamnetic Press on Nails is one of the best brands of press-on nails on the market. They are a premium brand that has a wide variety of designs to choose from.

Now the main reason why Glamnetic Nails would work perfectly for men is that each of their nail kits comes with two sets of press-on nails with 12 different sizes.

With such a wide array of sizes to choose from, you are bound to find the right size for you even if your nails are wider than what the industry usually caters for. Citation.

Pros of Glamnetic Press on Nails

  1. Comes with a variety of sizes – that tends to be larger than the industry standard
  2. Extremely durable – will last for 2-3 weeks
  3. Tons of designs to choose from.
  4. Easy to apply – just use nail glue to paste them on
  5. Easy to remove – Soak your hands in very warm and soapy water for 10-15 minutes and use cuticle pusher to lift them off
  6. Reusable – these nails are waterproof so even when you soak them they won’t fade which allows you to reuse them
  7. Comes with its own nail glue, cuticle stick, alcohol pads.

Cons of Glamnetic Press on Fake Acrylic Nails

Glamnetic Press on Nails tends to be a bit more pricey than other budget-friendly brands. You see Glamnetic Nails are of a higher quality and because of this. they cost more.

Where to Get Glamnetic Press on Nails

You can get Glamnetic Press on Fake Nails on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for a set.

2- Press on Fake Nails on Etsy

Etsy is an online store that sells mainly custom-made products usually made by hand. Now Etsy has a ton of sellers that make custom-made press on fake nails.

And because these nails are custom-made to suit your needs, you can order a set that goes with nail sizes. This is ideal for men who tend to have larger nails when compared to women.

Pros of Using Etsy

  1. Allows for custom made press on nails – which means that they will fit your nails more comfortably
  2. Wide variety of designs to choose from – there are sellers that you can work with to design the fake nails to your needs.

Cons of Using Etsy

  1. Quality will vary with each seller
  2. Tends to be very pricey

How easy the nails are to apply, remove and reuse will vary with each seller so you need to check the details before ordering.

You can click here to search on Etsy for press-on nails.

3- Nailest Press on Nails

Nailest is a luxury brand of Press on Nails. Now what I love about them is that they offer a wide variety of sizes from small to extra large.

They also offer a sizing kit that allows you to verify your exact size before ordering your nails. All you need to do is order the kit and try them on your nails and then place your order.

Now the main issue with the Nailest handmade press on nails is that they are a bit more pricey than other budget Press on Nails but their nails are durable and they look amazing.

You can click here to check out their Website.

4 – ManiMe Stick on Gels

ManiMe Stick on Gel is an amazing new product, it allows you to easily peel off and paste a gel manicure onto your nails.

I don’t consider them Press On or Fake Nails, they are more like a nail sticker. But they are much better than nail stickers since they are easier to apply and more durable.

They also have a neat technology where they 3d scan your nails to make the Stick on Gel the exact size for your nails allowing for a snug and neat fit.

ManiMe Stick on Gels are easy to apply, remove, and are custom-made to suit your size, make them ideal for men.

Now, the main issue with these Stick on Gels is that they won’t give you a nail extension or act as a replacement for a broken nail.

You can click here to check out ManiMe’s Website.