5 Best Nail Polish Organizers & Holders 2023

Best Nail Polish Organizers & Holders
Best Nail Polish Organizers & Holders

The 5 Best Nail Polish Organizer & Holders are:

  1. Makartt Nail Polish Organizer (Portable, easy to store & very affordable)
  2. Shany Nail Carrying Case (Has a sleek & professional look)
  3. Stori Nail Polish Organizer (Ideal for organizing polish on a table or vanity)
  4. Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder (Perfect to firmly hold a single nail polish bottle whilst using it)
  5. Sorbus Nail Rack (An elegant wall mounted nail polish organizer)

1- Makartt Nail Polish Organizer

I have several Makartt Organizers, and for me, they do a brilliant job keeping my wide collection of nail polishes well sorted for easy access and at the same time protected for long term storage.

Pros of Makartt Nail Polish Organizer

1- Ideal for Organizing Your Polishes By Color

Makartt Nail Polish Organizers are extremely good for sorting and keeping your nail polishes well organized. This is because they are completely transparent which allows you to see all of your nail polishes at a glance.

This allows you to easily and quickly find a specific brand or color of nail polish when you need it. Thus saving you time and energy from having to manually pick up and look at each bottle until you find the brand or color you are looking for.

2- Makes Your Nail Polish Collection Look Neat & Organized

Nail polishes that are scattered on your dresser and hastily stored away in containers and drawers can really be confusing and a major eyesore.

Now by using a nail polish organizer like the Makartt allows for your nail polishes to be organized in a neat and orderly fashion.

3- Perfect for Storing Away Your Nail Polishes

Makartt Organizers are great for storing away your nail polishes without taking up too much space. This is because they can hold a lot of bottles due to their compact double-sided design. You see the Makartt can hold nail polishes on both sides.

Their compact design allows you to store them in your closets or any small storage space in your house.

Makartt Organizers are also designed to store your nail polishes in the upright position which is how nail polishes should be stored. By storing the polishes upright allows the bottles to be opened even if your polish gets hard. Citation.

You see if nail polishes are stored lying down and the polishes do get hard it will make opening the bottle very difficult

4- Very Portable

Makartt Organizers’ compact briefcase design which comes with a strong handle and a dependable lock allows you to easily transport your nail polishes.

Now I must tell you that when the Makartt is completely filled with nail polishes it will be a bit heavy and can sometimes weigh 1 and a 1/2 pounds depending on the size of each of your nail polish.

5- Very Durable

The Makartt Organizer is made of very thick and durable plastic which will protect your nail polishes from getting damaged easily.

Their durability is another reason why they are great to store away your nail polishes.

6- Affordable

Makartt Nail Polish Organizers are very budget-friendly they are one of the least expensive yet good quality nail polish organizer.

Their low price means you won’t have to invest too much money.

DrawBacks of Makartt Nail Polish Organizer

1- Can Only Hold Nail Polish Bottles

Makartt Nail Polish Organizers can really only comfortably hold nail polish bottles. They struggle to hold other items such as nail files, bottles of acetone, cotton pads, and other items you would need when doing a professional manicure.

And when I am traveling to meet with a client I generally like keeping all my manicure tools together so that they don’t get misplaced. This is why I don’t really use these organizers when on the go.

Now the larger model of the Makartt which holds 60 bottles does have a small compartment that can hold nail files and other small tools. And the small model that holds 48 bottles can be adjusted to hold nail files. But this free space is very small and cramped.

You can see how the Makartt Organizer works in the video below.

Where to Get the Makartt Nail Polish Organizer

They are two sizes of the Makartt Nail Polish Organizer. The large one which can hold 60 bottles and the smaller one which holds 48 bottles.

Amazon usually has both sizes at really good prices you can click on the link below to see the current price there.

Makartt Nail Polish Organizer (Hold 48 Bottles of Nail Polishes)

Makartt Large Nail Polish Organizer (Hold 60 Bottles of Nail Polishes)

2- Shany Nail Carrying Case

Shany Nail Carrying Case is a premium nail and makeup organizer that is great for storing, transporting, and organizing both your nail polishes and your makeup set.

The Shany Nail Case has a very sleek and modern look making it ideal if you want to look well put together and professional.

Shany Color Matter Cases are well-liked and they are so popular that they have been around since 2006. Citation.

Pros of Shany Nail Case

1- Sleek Design

Shany Nail Cases are covered with faux leather giving them a very modern and professional look. Their premium look at a decent price is why I think makes them so popular.

2- Multi-Purpose (Can Hold Different Items such as Makeup)

Shany Nail Cases are also designed to be very pragmatic with a lot of storage space. Shany Cases have a box-design that has two sections for storage.

The top section has adjustable sections to neatly hold 24 nail polishes in an upright position. These compartments can be adjusted for different sizes of bottles. Now on the cover of the top part, there is a small mirror and 6 elastic loops to hold brushes and other small tools.

Now the bottom section is a deep open space that can hold more polishes (24 bottles). And other items such as an acetone bottle, cotton pads, your makeup, brushes, etc. It also has a back pouch to hold your nail files and side loops for your cuticle remover and nail clips.

Shany Nail Cases’ ability to hold a wide array of items whilst at the same time looking very professional is why I use them when I am on the go and I need my nail polishes and tools.

3- Very Portable

Shany Nail and Makeup cases have a compact design, a sturdy handle and lock which allows you to easily carry around your nail polishes, makeup, and other items,

I think the Shany Nail Cases are more suited if you are looking for a nail organizer to move around with rather than just for storing away your polishes.

4- Durable

The Shany Nail Case will last you a long time I have had mine for almost 4 years now and it looks just like how when I first bought it.

The faux leather exterior is water resistant the interior is dust resistant.

5- Secured

The Shany Nail Case is lockable and comes with 2 keys so that your nail polishes, and your other items such as your makeup and brushes are secured.

This extra security allows you to leave your case around without you having to worry that someone might take something. This also makes the Shany Nail Case kids proof since your kids won’t be able to get to your nail polishes and makeup.

Drawbacks of Shany Nail Case

1- Won’t Allow You to See Your Nail Polishes Color

The main drawback with the Shany Nail Case is that it doesn’t allow you to easily see the color and brands of your nails polishes at a glance. Instead you need to pick up each polish to check it.

2- Cost More that Other Nail Organizers

Shany Nail Cases are a premium brand so they tend be a bit more expensive in comparison to other nail organizers.

But because of their durability, practicality and sleek and professional design I think they are worth paying a few extra dollars for.

Where to Get Shany Nail & MakeUp Cases

Shany Nail Cases are available in 6 different colors but I generally like the black one – it looks more professional.

You can get the Shany Nail & Makeup Cases on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for one there.

3- Stori Nail Polish Organizer

The Stori Nail Polish Organizer is great for displaying and organizing your nail polishes. And what I really like about it is that it can even hold your makeup, lipsticks and other small utensils like your files and brushes.

Their compact size allows them to easily fit on your vanity, dresser or on your bathroom countertop.

Pros of The Stori Nail Polish Organizer

  • Multi Purpose – Can hold both nail polishes (max 40 bottles) and other items like your lipsticks and makeup.
  • Great as a Display – Allows you to easily see the color and brand of your nail polishes
  • Keeps Your Dresser or Vanity Neat & Organized – The Stori Organizer will comfortably hold your polishes and other cosmetics which will make your vanity more organized and look much better.
  • Very affordable
  • Durable – The Stori organizer is made of thick and durable plastic which allows it to last a long time
  • Easy to Clean – Just wash with soap and water.
  • Movable – The Stori Organizer is light weight and can easily be picked up. So if you want your dresser or vanity to have some extra space you can put the organizer in a drawer or in a closet.

DrawBacks of Stori Nail Polish Organizer

1- Not Portable

The Stori Organizer isn’t suitable for carrying around your nail polishes. They are really meant to be used for display and organizing only.

2- Not Good For Storing Nail Polishes

Stori Organizer shouldn’t be used to store nail polishes away for a long period of time. This is because if the bottles are left exposed they can be easily damaged if something falls on them.

Where to Get the Stori Nail Polish Organizer

Amazon, usually has the Stori at really good prices you can click here to see the current price for one there.

Now if you are looking for a larger nail polish organizer that is similar to the Stori Nail Polish Organizer, you can click here to see the Gospire which holds around 60 polishes.

4- Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder

The Grip and Tip Nail Polish Holder isn’t a nail polish organizer instead it is a nail polish holder. A nail polish holder is designed to hold and grip the nail polish bottle whilst you are painting your nails.

They are used to hold your bottle in place and prevent the bottle from sliding or falling down thus preventing your polish from spilling.

You see nail polishes have a long thin body which doesn’t give it much stability. This lack of stability means that any sudden movement can cause the bottle to easily tip over and spill.

Now a nail polish holder has a base that is much wider so it is much harder to tip over.

A Nail Polish Holder is needed when you are painting your nails in a busy environment. Meaning if you have kids or you are in an area with a lot of movement that can potentially cause your nail polish to tip over then I would highly recommend investing in a holder.

Where to Get The Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder

You can get the Grip & Tip Nail Polish Holder on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for one there.

5- Sorbus Nail Polish Rack & Organizer

A Nail Polish Rack is a great way to display, organize and sort your nail polishes without having to take up the space on your dresser or vanity. This is because a nail rack is mounted on your wall – think of a library except for nail polishes.

They are commonly found in nail salons but if you have a lot of nail polishes and you have a fair amount of wall space you should definitely consider investing in one. A great place to put one up is in your bathroom.

Nail Rack can also hold a wide array of items from such as your makeup and lipsticks to other small utensils like brushes and nail clips.

The Sorbus Nail Rack is the nail rack that I recommend it has 5 shelves and can hold around 70 nail polishes.

But what I really love about the Sorbus Nail Rack is its intricate tree like design which gives it a fancy antique look.

Where to Get the Sorbus Nail Rack

And surprisingly the Sorbus is very affordable even though it looks so expensive. You can click here to see the current price of the Sorbus Nail Rack on Amazon.

Now if you want a nail rack with a simpler design you can click here to see one on Amazon it can hold around 108 polishes.