No Plumbing Pedicure Chairs: What Are They & How Do They Work

No Plumbing Pedicure Chairs What Are They & How Do They Work
No Plumbing Pedicure Chairs What Are They & How Do They Work

No Plumbing Pedicure Chairs are Pedicure Chairs that dont need any permanent external pipes to either fill or drain the basin.

Instead, water is added or drained away manually.

Advantages of a Plumbing Free Pedicure Chairs

1- Lower Initial Cost

Most normal salon pedicure chairs require a fair amount of drains and pipes to be laid and connected to the chairs.

These pipes come at a very high expense, this is from the cost of the materials needed and the labor expense from using a plumber.

And if you think you are gonna DIY your own plumbing, think again, most building codes mandate that certain pipes be laid by a certified plumber.

On the other hand, Plumbing Free Pedi Chairs can work without any drains so you are gonna save a lot of money from not needing to install any special pipes.

Plus Pedi chairs that dont need any plumbing are cheaper than regular Pedicure Chairs.

2- Portable

No Plumbing Pedi Chairs have no permanent pipes connected towards them so they can be moved around relatively easily.

Some of them tend to be very light and compact, making them very easy to move around.

Plumbing free Pedicure chairs can be used almost anywhere.

Benefits Of Portability:

Ability to Travel:

Pedicure chairs that dont need any plumbing are ideal if you think you might have to one day relocate your salon to another building.

This is great for you because if your location has a low turnover, you can always relocate easily without having to do over your plumbing.

Also having a portable pedicure chair is essential if you plan to do pedicures for your clients at home.

Having one allows you to provide a more comprehensive home pedicure and thus have happier clients who are bound to become repeat customers.

You can click to see the Continuum Portable No Plumbing Pedicure Chair, my recommended Portable Pedicure Chair.

Easy To Store Away:

Having a Pedicure Chair that dont need to be connected to pipes, allow you to easily pack away your chair in a storage room when it’s not in use.

Which frees up space in your salon or your home. You only need to see your chair when you need it.

Though this depends on the size of the chair.

3- Faster and Easier To Setup and Use

No Plumbing Pedicure chairs are easy and fast to set up, you won’t require any special tools or expertise.

4- No Worries With Complying With Building Codes

A lot of areas have strict rules concerning plumbing and if you break these rules you can potentially face stiff penalties.

These rules are meant to safeguard yourself and your neighbors from accidentally flooding your building.

So if you buy a regular Pedi Chair that requires plumbing you will need to comply with the building codes in your area, my advice is to check with a certified plumber for guidance.

On the other hand, No plumbing chairs circumvents all of the hassles of plumbing.

Drawbacks of a No Plumbing Pedicure Chair

1- Requires More Effort and Manual Labor

No Plumbing Pedicure Chairs tend to require more effort and manual labor to use.

This is because when you need to empty and fill the basin with water you would need to manually move it around.

Additionally, if you are lacking much upper body strength, you are gonna struggle every time you have to lift the tank.

Regular pedicure chairs require less effort and energy to use making your pedicures easier to do.

2- More Messy

When you have to physically empty and fill the basin of your pedicure chair, spills are almost inevitable.

My advice, have a mop close by to clean up any spills and just take your time when moving the basin.

3- Increases the Time Needed To Do a Pedicure

Regular pedicure chairs that have plumbing installed make doing pedicures much faster.

This is because they dont need you to have to fetch the basin back and forth for each pedicure.

No plumbing Pedi Chairs will use up your time by having you constantly being up and down, filling up and emptying your tank.

4- Can Appear Unprofessional

Regular Pedicure chairs that use plumbing are becoming more prevalent, so a lot of clients are expecting to see them in salons.

And because you would have to manually lift the basin out of the chair, they can appear antiquated to some customers

5- Not The Most Comfortable

Some No Plumbing pedicure chairs can be very small and most require you to have a chair to use along with it.

And if they do have seating it tends to be small and uncomfortable.

In comparison to large regular Pedicure chairs with their luxurious size, no plumbing Pedi chairs fall short.

Who Should Get a Plumbing Free Pedicure Chair

Plumbing Free Pedicure Chairs are ideal for:

  1. Doing Pedicures At Home: This is because of their high portability and how easy they are to use.
  2. If Your Salon doesn’t do a lot of pedicures: If you only do the occasional pedicures, I really dont see the need to invest a ton of money in an expensive pedicure chair, Plumbing free Pedi Chairs are affordable and can do great Pedicures.

Recommended Pedicure Chair

You can click to see the price on Amazon for my recommended No Plumbing Pedicure Chair the LCL, one of the most popular Pedicure Chairs.

It’s a tough and more importantly a very comfortable Pedicure Chair.