What is a No Wipe Gel Top Coat & Which One is Best for You

What is a No Wipe Gel Top Coat & Which One is Best for You
What is a No Wipe Gel Top Coat & Which One is Best for You

Gel Polishes are quickly becoming very popular with more individuals DIYing them at home.

Now one of the most important aspects of using gel polishes is to use a good gel top coat. A good gel top coat allows your gel manicures to last longer and they also make the application much easier.

And the best, easiest-to-use and safest gel top coats are No Wipe Gel Top Coats. Keep reading to understand more.

What is a No Wipe Gel Top Coat

No Wipe Gel Top Coats are specially made gel topcoats that cure completely without leaving any sticky or tacky layer.

Now with standard gel polishes, this wet layer would need to be wiped or cleaned off. Citation

No Wipe gel top coat vs Regular – What is the Difference

The main difference is that a No Wipe gel top coat cures completely without leaving a sticky-wet top layer. By curing completely makes No-wipe top coats more durable and much safer than regular gel top coats.

Benefits of No Wip Top Coats

  1. Stronger Manicures – No Wipe Top Coats are much more durable than regular top coats.

You see Regular top coats dont cure evenly throughout their layers even in the lower layers can be somewhat uncured which can lead your manicure to be much weaker and can significantly reduce the wearing time of your manicures. Citation.

  1. More Healthy & Safer to Use– No Wipe Gel Top Coats tend to be safer and healthier to use than Regular Gel Top Coat.

This is because the finished layers of a Regular Top Coat are not 100% fully cured and thus the possibility exists that uncured monomers in the gel polish can seep to the edge of the nails and potentially reach your skin which can lead to skin irritation to some women who have sensitive skin. Citation. Citation 2.

  1. Makes your Nails look more Appealing – No wipe top coats tend to have a more profound glossy sheen look when compared to regular top coats.

This is because when you use a solvent to wipe away the wet layer of a regular gel top coat the solvent removes the glossy finish and makes it duller.

Now because no wipe top coats are so glossy and shiny they are used to make chrome or mirror nails.

  1. Prevents Shrinkage – Gel polishes won’t shrink or pull away from the edges if they are cured rapidly and completely.

Now a wipe top coat can also fight against shrinkage since they cure completely unlike regular top coats.

Shrinkage primarily comes from the fact that the gel wasn’t cured sufficiently and over time as your nails are exposed to natural UV light the uncured molecules move closer together as they cure.

How Does a No Wipe Top Coat Work

No wipe top coats cure completely without leaving any sticky, wet, or tacky layer just a solid layer of polish.

This is because these no wipe top coats are made of cationically UV-curable composition giving them the ability to cure even in the presence of oxygen.

Best No Wipe Gel Top Coats

The Best No Wipe Gel Top Coats are:

  1. Aimeili – (A durable & easy to use no wipe top coat)
  2. Beetles – (A very affordable top coat)
  3. OneDor– (A very healthy & safe no wipe top coat)
  4. IBD No Cleanser Polish – (The most durable no wipe gel top coat)
  5. Chroma Gel 1 – (Ideal for chrome and mirror nails)
  6. Kiara Sky – ( A great premium no wipe top coat)
  7. Modelones – (Has a great Matte no wipe top coat & they are ideal as a gift)

1- Aimeili Gel No Wipe Top Coat

Aimeili No Wipe Gel Top Coats are currently the most popular no wipe top coat on the market.

These top coats are affordable and they look amazing meaning that they give your nails that great glossy and shiny look.

And importantly they cure completely meaning you won’t have to wipe away that annoying sticky layer.

Aimeili is currently a major player in Budget Friendly Polishes they sell a wide variety of really good gel polishes. The brand has been around since 2012. Citation.

Pros Of Aimeili

  1. No Sticky or Tacky Layer

The Aimeili No Wipe Top Coat cures completely leaving no sticky or wet layer.

This means that you won’t have to clean or wipe your nails after they have been cured, which saves you time and allows you to make Chrome or Mirror nails easily.

  1. Gives You that Glossy Look and Feel

Aimeili Top Coat makes your nails look extra shiny and glossy, which gives them a glow.

And where they surpass other top coats, is that they feel really smooth and glassy even if you are using glitter powder which usually gives your nails an uneven texture but that’s how strong Aimeili top coats are.

  1. Strengthens Your Manicure.

By applying a layer of Aimeili Top Coat onto your nails should make your manicure last around 2 weeks or more without any peeling, chips or cracks.

But of course, how long they last can vary which is based on the amount of activity that you do.

Also for these top coats to truly be durable you need to ensure that they are cured completely and that the edges are capped with the top coat, by capping the edges helps to prevent peeling.

  1. Can Be Used on Any Brand of Polish

When buying top coats it’s essential that they can work with any brand of polish.

And I can confirm that Aimeili will work with any brand, so you can use it with your favorite polishes.

  1. Won’t Stain Easy

One function of a good top coat is that they should protect your nails from being easily stained.

The stains that I refer to are the ones that won’t be washed out by regular soap and water, and usually require effort and chemicals like rubbing alcohol to be removed. Citation.

And Aimeili’s Top Coat has shown to be somewhat resistant to being stained easily by things like various foods like curry, dyes, and inks.

  1. Easy to Apply & Cures Rapidly

Aimeili Gel Top Coats are not too thin and runny, yet not too thick and clumpy.

This great texture allows them to be self-leveling meaning when they are applied they smooth out naturally thus making them super easy to apply.

The application process is the same as how you would apply any other gel top coat.

These top coats also cure really fast though how long they take really depends on the wattage in your UV lamp.

A 78-watt UV lamp would dry it in 15 seconds, whilst a 40-watt UV lamp would take roughly 45 seconds.

Of course, you can also cure them by using an LED Lamp.

Where To Buy Aimeili No Wipe Top Coat Gel

I usually get Aimeili from Amazon, they usually have them at really good prices, you can click to see the current price.

Cons Of Aimeili

  1. Needs To Come in Larger Bottles

Currently, Aimeili comes in rather small 10ml bottles so you constantly have to be restocking.

So I would advocate that they offer larger standard 15ml bottles for nail nerds like me.

  1. High Scented

Aimeili Gel Polishes usually come with a strong scent but after using them so much I am already accustomed to it.

Different Gel Polishes would have varying scents this all depends on the mixture used but all nail polishes have to be tested and approved by the government vigorously before they can be sold to the public.

Additionally, Aimeili is a large company that sells thousands of polishes every day so they have years of experience working with gel polishes.

  1. Hard to Remove

Now because Aimeili Top Coats are so durable they can be a pain to remove.

My advice is that you use an ample amount of acetone which should get the job done.

2- Beetles No Wipe Gel Top Coat

Beetle’s Top Coats are the most Budget-Friendly yet High-Quality No Wipe Gel Top Coats available.

And because of their low cost and high quality, they are one of the most widely sold topcoats.

Now for me, the reason why I ranked them lower than Aimeili even though they cost less and give you almost the same look is that Aimeili is more durable which makes your manicure last longer.

Pros Of Beetles

1- No Sticky Or Wet Layer: Beetle No Wipe Top Coats won’t have any Sticky or Tacky layer after they have done cured.

2- Will Give You That Glossy and Shiny Look: These Top Coats would give you a reasonably good glossy finish.

3- Works With Any Brand Of Gel Polish: Just like Aimeili they can be applied with any gel polish.

4- Not Much Scent: Beetle’s Top Coats have a very low scent, this is where they outdo a lot of other Top Coats.

5- They Come in large Bottles: These polishes come in large 15ml bottles so they will last you much longer.

6- Very Affordable: They cost less than most Top Coats and they come in much larger bottles, so you get a lot more polish for a lower price.

7- Easy to Remove: Beetles are much easier to remove than a lot of top coat and they won’t require too much acetone.

Cons Of Beetles

1- Not as Durable: This is the main drawback for the Beetles Top Coat in comparison to Aimeili, they are not as strong.

They tend to chip, peel and crack faster than Aimeili, but they would last you a fair amount of time if you care for them.

2- Susceptible to Staining: These Top Coats are also more easily stained.

Who Should Get Beetles Top Coat

Beetle Polishes are great if you are:

  1. Not looking to wear your manicures for a long period of time: if you are someone who constantly changes their manicure go with Beetles since they are cheaper and they come off more easily.
  2. Cutting Cost: especially if you are nail technician cutting cost is key staying in business yet at the same time you want your client’s nails to look high quality.

Where to Get Beetles No Wipe Top Coat

You can find Beetles Top Coats on Amazon at bargain prices you can click to see the current price there.

3- OneDor No Wipe Top Coat

OneDor has a really nice no wipe top coat, they look really good giving you that glossy look and they cure very fast without leaving any wet and sticky layer.

But what I really like about them is that they are very health concious and safety focused.

Their no wipe top coats have no acetone, formaldehyde, harmful solvents or any harsh adhesives that might damage your nails.

Additionally, they have a very faint scent similar to regular polish.

OneDor is a pretty big company that specializes in beauty products such as hair extensions and nail polish they are based in New York. Citation.

Who Should OneDor Get

OneDor Top Coats are excellent for individuals who are sensitive to chemicals.

The biggest drawback of OneDor is that they won’t last you too long they have a tendency to peel and crack when they are exposed to a lot of wear and tear.

Where To Get OneDor

Amazon usually has OneDor Top Coat at fair prices you can click here to see it.

4- IBD Intense Seal No Cleanse Gel Top Coat

The IBD No Wipe Top Coats are one of the most long-lasting and durable Top Coats on the market they market themselves as having an Intense seal.

IBD Top Coats also excel at giving your manicure that super glossy sheen.

But in exchange for their durability and glossy look, they are more costly than the average no wipe top coat.

IBD stands for International Beauty Designs and they are a large company that specializes in making nail care products for nail salons, so I won’t be surprised if you never heard of them before unless you are a nail professional. Citation.

Now because their products are geared toward salon use, they tend to be high quality and high priced.

Pros of IBD

1- Very Durable

IBD is by far the most heavy-duty and tough top coat, they rarely peel or crack.

This is because they are a really strong sealant gel polish, which prevents your manicure from peeling and lifting.

IBD Top Coat should give you 3 weeks of wear.

2- Long Lasting Glossy Look

These top coats really give your manicures that super glossy and shiny look plus they feel really smooth.

The sheen from IBD Top Coats last really long, and they won’t fade so easily, so your nails would still look great even after weeks.

3- Won’t Stain Easily

Another great feature is that IBD won’t stain so easily allowing you to deal with harsh chemicals and dyes without having to worry that your nails would get messed up.

4- Anti Yellowing Ability

If you tend to wear your gel polish for a long period you would notice that they have a tendency to get a yellowish tinge after a while, this happens because the polymers in the gel polish are breaking down over time.

Now the great thing about IBD is that they have an anti-yellowing formula so your nails won’t get yellow.

Sadly if you read past reviews of IBD you are gonna see people complaining about their nails getting yellow after about 2 weeks, but IBD developed their new formula to prevent this, so this is no longer an issue for them.

A lot of other Gel Top Coats still have this issue.

Cons Of IBD

1- Expensive

IBD polishes are more expensive than most other budget-friendly no wipe top coats.

And in my experience, these budget-friendly top coats work really well giving you a glossy and strong manicure at a more affordable cost.

2- Takes a While To Cure

The IBD Top Coat is a really thick polish this makes it take longer to cure in comparison to the other thinner top coats.

How long they take really depends on the wattage of your UV lamp.

3- Needs Improvement on their No Wipe Ability

In my opinion, they take too long to cure, this why some people still have that wet layer of polish.

But as long as IBD is cured completely you wouldn’t have that tacky layer and you won’t need to wipe it off.

4- Tough to Remove

Now because these polishes are so strong, they can be a bit hard to remove.

To do so you need to first file off the first layer then apply acetone.

Who Should Get IBD Top Coat

IBD No Wipe Top Coats are ideal for individuals who are very active and would like their manicures to last a long time without being damaged and stained.

People who do a lot of work with their hands like Gardeners and Florists and also women who deal with a lot of dyes think like artists and cooks.

They aren’t ideal if you tend to change your manicure often like once a week.

Where To Get IBD No Cleanse Top Coat

You can get IBD No Wipe Top Coat on Amazon, click here to see the current price of a Combo set with 2 bottles of 14ml polish.

5- Chroma No Wipe Gel Top Coat

Chromagel is a British brand of high-end premium polishes they have been around for a couple of years now but they are mostly found in the UK and in Europe.

I only found out about them through research, but when I tried their no wipe top coat I was blown away by how glossy they made my manicure look.

What they are especially known for is pioneering a novel way to make regular polish into gel polish, by mixing regular polish with their patented Chroma Gel Advance mixture. Citation.

Who Should Get Chroma No Wipe Top Coat

Chroma No Wipe Top Coats give you the most glossy and shiny look out of all the other no wipe top coats that I have tried, making them ideal for doing chrome and mirror nails.

Additionally, they are easy to apply, durable, and they cure really good so you definitely won’t need to wipe off any sticky layer.

The biggest drawback is that they are very expensive costing twice as much as Aimeili Polishes.

So my advice is to only buy them if you can afford it or if you plan to do chrome nails, they are other great and cheaper no wipe top coats.

Where to Get Chroma Gel

Though they mostly target the Europeans, I found them on Amazon, you can click to see the current price there. In my opinion, they are pretty costly in comparison to other no wipe top coats.

6- Kiara Sky No Wipe Top Coat

Kiara Sky No Wipe Top Coat is another great premium top coat.

They are long-lasting and they give your manicures that amazing glossy sheen plus the cure really well without having any sticky residue.

These top coats are made by Kiara Sky Professional Nails Inc which is based in California and their top coats are made right here in the USA. Citation.

Now because they are made in the States, they tend to be very pricey in comparison to other budget-friendly top coats that perform just as good, which is why I rank them so low in this article.

Amazon usually has them in stock you can click here to see the current price.

7- Modelones No Wipe Top Coat

Modelones offer a decent combo set of no wipe top coast which includes a very nice Matte Top Coat.

In case you are wondering what Matte Polish is, its just polish that won’t have that glossy sheen look instead, it would have a purposely dull look.

For me, I usually use Matte polishes for various nail art like creating a contrast of glossy and dull which looks really neat if done right. You can click here to see some amazing matte designs.

I love the shiny tips and matte body design.

Now to do these designs you would need both a matte and glossy no wipe top coat.

Modelones have in my opinion the best combo set, both top coats in the set are durable, and they cure really well without leaving any sticky layer.

Who Should Buy Modelones

These top coats are best suited if:

  • You plan to use a Matte Polish and
  • they also work as a really nice gift set because they have the best packaging that will surely impress whoever you are giving them to.

You can get Modelones on Amazon you can click here to see the current price.

Where Does the Sticky or Tacky Layer From Gel Polish Come From

Most Gel Polish after they have been cured usually leave a wet or sticky layer called the inhibition layer, which needs to be wiped off using a lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

This top sticky layer is formed because this section of gel is exposed to oxygen that then reacts with free radicals in the gel polish which inhibits or stops the gel polish from curing properly thus leaving a wet layer. Citation.

Now just because there is a sticky layer doesn’t necessarily mean that the polish isn’t cured, this is because the top wet layer formed a seal and allowed the main bottom layer to cure because the bottom layer wasn’t exposed to oxygen.

Can you Make any Gel Polish into a No Wipe Polish

Any gel polish can become a no wipe polish if you can cure them in an oxygen-free environment

A pro tip is that after you have applied the gel polish onto your nails you can wrap your nails with plastic and then put it under a UV lamp to cure and it should cure completely.

Of course, this can mess up your manicure because its very tricky to do correctly.

Cons of a No Wipe Top Coat

1- More Pricey

No wipe gel top coats tend to be more expensive than regular top coats.

In my opinion, they are worth a few extra dollars due to the amazing benefits that they have.

2- Longer to Cure

No wipe top coats usually take a bit more time to cure in comparison to normal gel top coats, but once cured they are completely solid and would last you a much longer time.