Orly Rubber Base Review – A Strong Rubberized Base Coat

Review of Orly Rubberized Base Coat - One of the Best
Review of Orly Rubberized Base Coat – One of the Best

Orly Rubber Base Coat is one of the best base coats that I have ever used. They are affordable and yet still amazingly effective as a base coat.

They are particularly useful if you have weak and brittle nails or your nail polishes are prone to peeling or chipping.

Pros of Orly Rubber Base Coat

1- Prevents Chipping & Peeling

Orly Rubber Base Coat in my opinion is one of the most effective base coats to use if you want your nail polish to last for a very long time without peeling and chipping so easily.

By using Orly you can extend the life of your manicure by an extra 3-4 days.

You see Orly Rubber is both a nail bonder and rubber base coat in one. And its this combination is what allows Orly to make your manicures amazingly durable.

A rubber base coat contains higher levels of plasticizers in comparison to other base coats. This makes them more flexible which allows the manicure to bend and flex with your natural nails without breaking. Citation.

The biggest drawback for most rubber base coats is that they don’t adhere well to your nails.

Now Orly Rubber Base doesn’t have this issue because it contains ingredients from a nail bonder and leaves a tacky and sticky top layer allowing your nail polish to adhere amazingly well.

So Orly’s Rubber Base Coat has a flexible yet sticky formula that will make your manicures last a longer time.

2- Great for Thin and Brittle Nails

Orly Rubber Base Coat has an extremely thick formula. This thick formula helps it to reinforce your nail naturals giving it some form of protection.

Added to that because of Orly Rubber flexible nature it also makes your nails more flexible meaning that they would bend without breaking so easily.

3- Consistent

Orly Rubber Base Coat works with almost any brand of nail polish. I have used them on several different brands and they have consistently performed well

They are not meant to be used with gel polishes, if you want a rubber base coat to work with gel polishes, you can click here to read my recommendations for a rubber base gel.

4- Affordable

Even though Orly Rubber Base Coat performs so well, in my opinion, it is very budget-friendly in comparison to other base coats

5- Very Popular

Orly Rubber Base Coat is one of the most widely used base coats. They have been around for years now and the formula has remained the same.

This is a testament to how versatile and effective it is as a base coat.

6- Easy to Use

Orly Rubber Base Coat is super easy to use, it doesn’t require any UV or Led lamps to dry.

Instead, it dries naturally within 1-2 minutes, depending on how thick or thin of a coat you apply.

Orly Rubber Base Coat wouldn’t dry completely it will leave a slightly tacky and sticky layer, this layer helps to anchor the nail polish better.

How to Use Orly Rubber Base Coat

  • First, prep your nails by removing any residual nail polish on your nails.
  • Next, apply a coat of Orly Base Coat over your nails, if you have thin nails, you should apply a thick coat for more protection.
  • Then leave the Base Coat to dry, this usually takes between 1-2 minutes.
  • Once your base coat is dried you can apply your nail polish.

Orly Sandwich Technique

Now for a more durable manicure, once your nail polish is dried you should apply a glossy top coat it.

This sandwiches your polish between a rubber sticky base and a durable top coat allowing it to last a much longer time.

Drawbacks Of Orly Rubber Base Coat

1- Not Very Effective at Preventing Staining

Certain nail polishes have a tendency to stain your nail plate this is especially true for dark deep colors like red or black.

And one of the functions of a good base coat is to help prevent your nails from getting stained and Orly Rubber Coat does a poor job at preventing staining.

This is because Orly Rubber Base purposely allows the nail polish to seep into it so the polish can adhere better onto your nails.

Now staining only occurs with certain brands of nail polishes and with certain colors.

There is a common misconception that Orly has an orange color, this is not true. Orly Base Coat is totally transparent and clear.

Only the bottle containing the polish is an orange color. You can see the deep orange color of the bottle in the image below.

2- Contains Formaldehyde Resin

Orly Rubber Base coat contains Tosylamide/Formaldehyde Resin which in large amounts can have adverse health effects.

Formaldehyde is commonly used in nail polishes because when it combines with the nitrocellulose found the in nail polish it forms a tough and shiny film.

When formaldehyde is used in nail polishes it is usually in very small amounts and shouldn’t affect you in any way. Citation.

So Orly Rubber Base Coat is completely safe to use and has passed all necessary safety checks. And it has been used publicly for many years now without any issues.

Where to Get Orly Rubber Base Coat

You can get Orly Rubber Base Coat on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price there.

And you can also get Orly at Walmart.

Bonus Tip

Now if you want another good base coat that doesn’t have any formaldehyde and also works to prevent staining. You can check our Seche Clear Base Coat, you can click here to see the price on Amazon.

The drawback with Seche is that it is not as durable as Orly Rubber Base Coat.