4 Best Portable Manicure Tables 2023 Read This Before Buying

Best Portable Manicure Tables
Best Portable Manicure Tables

Portable Nail Tables are Manicure Tables whose legs can be folded up, making them easier to travel with or stored away.

Now in this article, we are going to share with you the best ones on the market, so that you can get the right one for you.

The 4 Best Portable & Foldable Manicure Nail Tables are:

  1. Leibou Portable Nail Table (And affordable portable manicure table with a Vent & Dust Collector)
  2. Yaheetech – (A simple foldable manicure table)
  3. BYOOTIQUE Folding Manicure Table – (Ideal if you have a lot of nail polish & tools to carry around)
  4. Giantex – (A small nail table)

1. Leibou Portable & Vented Nail Table

The Leibou Foldable Nail Table is hands down the best portable nail table and the one that I currently use.

Strengths of the Leibou Vented Nail Table

1- Comes With a Vent and a Dust Collector

A Vent and Dust Collector capture the mess and odor created by filing nails and handling chemicals such as gels and acrylics.

They are important in that they prevent you and your client from inhaling dust and chemicals.

The Vent is also known as an Extractor Fan.

Most foldable nail tables don’t have vents much less an electrical dust collector, the Leibou has a fully functional vent and dust collector.

How A Vent and Extractor Fan Works

The Vent and Dust Collector is situated under the tabletop. It has a fan that vacuums up the mess and odor made.

The dust is then stored in a dust collector bag, that you can empty after the manicure is finished. If you have never used an extractor fan with your manicures you dont know what you are missing out on.

Benefits of Having a Vent and Dust Collector

  1. The Vent and Extractor Fan reduce the odor and dust of each manicure. -This makes your manicures safer and more hygienic, reducing the chances of you or your client breathing in chemicals and dust.

The Extractor fan really helps if you have dust allergies or Asthma. The fan reduces the amount of dust that you would inhale and thus saves your lungs and throat.

  1. Makes You Look Like a Professional Nail Technician

By having a vent and dust collector your clients would know that you are a serious nail technician with the right tools. Additionally, the vents make cleaning up easier.

2- No Assembly is Required

The Leibou comes fully assembled, all you need is to take it out of the box and you are ready to start doing nails.

Most Manicure tables require some amount of assembling, think IKEA, thankfully the Leibou Mani Table won’t need any of this.

3- Amazing Value

In my opinion, Leibou is the best in terms of value and return for the cash that you pay.

This is because:

  1. The Leibou is designed well and made of high-grade materials allowing it to handle a large amount of weight
  2. Plus Leibou has that awesome Vent and Dust Collector which is well worth a few extra dollars

Always remember you get what you pay for.

4- Easy to Store and Carry Around

The Leibou Portable Mani Table is designed with the ability to fold up so that it can be easy to move around and stored away without taking up too much space.

This was surprising for me, you would expect it to lose its ability to fold up, due to the table having a mini vacuum underneath it.

The Vent and Dust Collector fits snugly with the table even when it’s folded, allowing it to be carried around and stowed away without taking up too much space.

The Leibou is very light, one person can handle one, it weighs around 23 pounds.

Why You Need a Portable Nail Table

  • Having a Portable Nail table is really good since it allows you to travel to reach more clients
  • Plus you can charge a higher rate for these home manicures.

Leibou tables can easily be stored in your car trunk or even in the back seat of your car.

  • Foldable nail tables give you the ability to do manicures at your own home and at the same time allowing you to look professional.
  • if you are tight for space these foldable tables can easily be stored away in your closet or braced on a wall.

The Dimensions of the Leibou are:

  • Length – 35 inches
  • Width/Depth – 16 inches
  • Height – 28 inches

5- Stability and Strength

The frame of the table is made of metal and the flat panel is made of Water Resistant MDF (medium density fiberboard) giving the mani table strength and durability.

The legs, when opened, are very rigid and stable allowing the Leibou to handle a lot of weight.

6- Easy To Move Around

The Leibou has wheels so that it can be rolled around with ease.

The wheels can be easily locked in when needed so as to prevent the table from shifting.

7- Easy to Wash

All the materials that are used to make the Leibou are water-resistant making it very easy to clean.

8- Very Popular

The Leibou Portable Mani table is one of the most widely bought and used Mani tables on the market. So you won’t be the only one using the Leibou.

9- Elegant Design

The Leibou Mani Tables has a really cute floral design, that will surely impress your clients.

Where the Leibou Can Be Improved On

  1. Needs a Longer Cord -The electrical cord is a bit short, I had to buy an extension cord so that the Vent could work.
  2. Requires Electricity Once you plan to use the Vent, you are gonna need to be close to an electrical plug.

Dont worry if you dont plan to use the Vent you won’t need electricity.

Who Should Get the Leibou

The Leibou is great for Anyone Who

  • Plans to Do Manicures at their own home and doesn’t have much space for a big mani desk.
  • Intends to Go to Clients’ Homes and Needs to walk With a Mani table.
  • Suffers from Dust Allergies and Asthma The extractor fan reduces the amount of dust produced.

Where to Buy a Leibou Portable Table.

Amazon usually has a great package for The LeibouMani Tables,

Plus they have them at great prices, you can click to see the price of the Leibou Portable Mani table on Amazon.

2. Yaheetech Foldable Manicure Table

If you are looking for an affordable and simple foldable Nail Table The Yaheetech is definitely worth looking into.

Strengths of The Yaheetech

  1. Simple Design

The Yaheetech is a very simple foldable Nail Table it doesn’t have any fancy electrical components like a Dust Collector.

If you are looking for simplicity then this is the Mani table for you.

Additionally, the Yaheetech has a small drawer where you can store items.

  1. Very Affordable

Now because of its simple design, the Yaheetech comes at a lower cost than the Suncoo nail table.

  1. Easy to Store and Move Around

The Yaheetech just like the Suncoo can be easily folded up allowing it to be moved around or stored away without taking up much space.

It also comes with wheels making easy to push around, the wheels can also be locked so as to ensure stability when needed.

The Yaheetech is a bit bigger than the Leibou.

The Dimensions of the Yaheetech are:

  • Length – 37 inches
  • Width/Depth – 17.3 inches
  • Height – 28 inches

Drawbacks of the Yaheetech

1- Has No Vent and Dust Collector

The Yaheetech doesn’t come with a Vent and Dust Collector, it’s a basic Manicure table.

So you are gonna have to deal with dust and odor from your manicures.

Where to Get the Yaheetech Nail Table

Yaheetech has a very nice package available on Amazon that comes at a great price, you can click to see the price on Amazon.

3. BYOOTIQUE Collapsible & Adjustable Manicure Desk

The BYOOTIQUE table top can be collapsed when it’s not in use and folded into a box for transportation.

The Collapsible top allows the mani table to either save space or make it easier to transport.

It is ideal if you have a lot of nail polish and tools to store or carry around.

Where You Can Get the Byootique

Amazon usually has the BYOOTIQUE in stock, you can click to see its price.

4. Giantex Small Nail table

The Giantex is another small and simple foldable manicure table.

It’s inexpensive and widely used.

Dimensions of the Giantex:

  • Length – 35.4 inches
  • Width/Depth – 15 inches
  • Height – 27 inches

Where to Get Giantex

You can click to see the price of it on Amazon.