4 Best UV Shield Manicure Gloves to Protect Your Hands

Best UV Shield Manicure Gloves
Best UV Shield Manicure Gloves

The UV light from nail lamps can potentially cause health concerns which is why you should try to protect your skin when getting a gel manicure.

And manicure gloves are one of the best ways you can do so. That’s why in this article I am going to explain what they are and share with you some 4 of the best brands to get.

What are UV Manicure Gloves

Anti-UV Manicure Gloves are fingerless gloves made and designed with special materials to have a high Ultraviolet Protection Factor or UPF rating.

But since they are fingerless gloves they leave enough of your fingers exposed to allow your nails to be done whilst covering the rest of your hands.

This allows them to protect most of your hands from receiving excessive UV radiation produced from UV or Led manicure lamps. Citation.

Do Anti UV Gel Manicure Gloves Really Work

Good quality Manicure gloves can be very effective to help to protect your hands and fingers from the harmful and strong UV light from nail lamps.

That’s why in this article we are going to be sharing with you the 4 best quality manicure gloves.

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4 Best Manicure Gloves

The best UV shield gel manicure fingerless gloves are:

  1. ManiGlovz (A premium brand of UV-shielded gel manicure gloves)
  2. OC Gloves (Affordable & popular gel manicure gloves)
  3. Palmyth (A very durable UV-shielded fingerless gloves)
  4. YouVeeShield (The best disposable UV-shielded gel manicure gloves)

1- ManiGlovz UV Shielded Manicure Gloves

ManiGlovz is one of the best brands of reusable UV shielded manicure gloves on the market.

They are super comfortable to wear, stain-resistant, and more importantly, they provide one of the highest levels of protection for your skin from harmful UV radiation, produced either from UV or Led Lamps in salons or directly from the sun.

And because of this they are the brand of UV Shield Manicure Gloves that I use and recommend the most.

ManiGlovz is a small independent company that specializes in making UV Shielded Manicure Gloves based in New York and their gloves are made in the USA.

Pros of ManiGlovz

1- Protects Your Hands Completely from UV Radiation

ManiGlovz has a UPF rating of 50+ which is the highest level of protection a piece of fabric can offer you. These gloves will shield your skin from 98% of UV radiation. Citation 1 and Citation 2.

These gloves are made with Compressed Tricot Fabric containing enhanced microfiber Polyester and Lycra that are tightly woven together to prevent UV light from passing through them and reaching your skin.

2- Easy and Comfortable to Wear

ManiGlovz gloves are lightweight and have a super soft and gentle texture making them super comfortable to wear.

You won’t even feel like you are wearing anything this is because they are made of tricot fabric. This allows Maniglovz to be smooth and sturdy on the outside yet soft and textured on the insider giving you comfort and flexibility.

Tricot fabric is typically used to make panties and other undergarments this alone can tell you how light and soft they are. But the tricot fabric that ManiGlovz use is compressed and tightly woven to provide the UV protection and added strength. Citation.

3- Promotes Good Skin Health

ManiGlovz Manicure Gloves are the only brand of UV shielded gloves that contain microencapsulated Aloe Vera in their fabric.

The infused Microencapsulated Aloe Vera has a ton of benefits such as:

  • Keeping your skin hydrated by preventing the loss of moisture.
  • And having strong anti-inflammatory effect along with containing a ton of antioxidants which help to help heal damaged skin cells from prior exposure to UV radiation. Citation.

4- Can Be Reused – Easy to Wash

ManiGlovz gloves are made to be washed and reused – but because of their antibacterial properties, you don’t really need to wash them so often.

This is possible because these gloves don’t use any chemicals such as dyes to make them UV resistant, which can be washed away over time.

Instead, ManiGlovz gloves rely mainly on their tightly weaved together fibers to block out the ultraviolet radiation this allows the gloves to provide UV protection even after they have been washed.

5- Stain and Smell Resistant

Fabric that has microencapsulated Aloe Vera infused into it has been shown to resist and prevent the growth of microbes such as bacteria. Citation.

And because the fabric in ManiGlovz contains microencapsulated Aloe Vera it makes the gloves have strong antibacterial properties that kill bacteria and thus prevent foul odor from forming.

ManiGlovz also has some stain-resistant ability as well this is because of its tightly woven Tricot Polyester based fabric that makes it hydrophobic (water repellent) and grants it some degree of stain-resistance. Citation

As a Nail Technician ManiGlovz stain and smell resistant properties are important to me. Since I tend to wear my manicure gloves constantly when dealing with clients – which can cause my gloves to get sweaty and smelly fast – but with these gloves, this is less of an issue.

6- Comes in Amazing Designs

And a great bonus is that ManiGlovz gloves don’t only have boring plain colors alone instead they have a ton of really cool designs to choose from.

7- Cute Packaging.

Added to having great designs ManiGlovz comes in a really cute package which in my opinion makes them perfect as a gift.

8- One Size Fits Most

ManiGlovz gloves are designed to fit most sizes of hands this is because they can be stretched to accommodate various hand sizes.

9- Will Last You a Long Time

Once you take good care of these gloves – and they don’t get damaged or torn ManiGlovz can last you for years. And because you don’t have to wash them so often they will continue to protect your hands for UV radiation over the life of the gloves.

According to the company, ManiGlovz Gloves are machine washable and won’t shrink or stretch.

But in my opinion, the high amount of stress and force exerted by the washing machine can over time weaken the tightly weaved fibers in the material decreasing the glove’s UV protection ability.

So I usually hand wash mine with regular detergent.

Where to Get ManiGlovz

ManiGlovz gloves are sold in pairs you can get them on Amazon, you can click to see the current price for a pair of their UV shielded gloves.

ManiGlovz also has some designs in brighter colors too, you can click here to see them.

Cons of ManiGlovz

1- Expensive

ManiGlovz gloves tend to be more expensive than other UV shielded manicure gloves this is because:

  • They are made in the USA where the cost of labor is higher.
  • But the main reason why they are so expensive is that the fabric that ManiGlovz use contains Aloe Vera infused into it. And these types of fabric tend to be more expensive but in my opinion, they are worth paying a few extra dollars for.

2- Doesn’t Offer Different Sizes

ManiGlovz doesn’t offer different sizes of gloves to choose from instead they come in one standard size.

Though these gloves will fit comfortably for most people since they are stretchy which allows them to accommodate different hand sizes.

But the main problem is if your fingers are too short which means that the fingers of the gloves might cover your nails which will render them useless for a manicure.

So if you know your fingers are extra short please measure them before buying.

Gonna leave the measurements for the fingers of the gloves below for your reference:

  • Pinky Finger: 30 mm
  • Ring Finger: 50 mm
  • Middle Finger: 55 mm
  • Pointer Finger: 50 mm
  • Thumb: 25 mm

3- Will Gradually Lose UV Protection

All washable and reusable gloves will over time lose some of their UV protection. This is because washing the gloves will gradually weaken the tightly woven fibers and over time this will allow UV radiation to penetrate through them.

So you shouldn’t over wash your UV Shielded gloves. Thankfully ManiGlovz gloves have antibacterial properties which means you won’t have to wash them so often.

2- OC Nail UV Shield Manicure Gloves

OC Manicure gloves are very similar to ManiGlovz, they are a reusable and washable brand of UV shielded gloves. And they will protect your hands from 98% of UV radiation, OC gloves also have a UPF rating of 50+. Citation.

These gloves are very comfortable and are made of a stretchable material comprising of: 82% Nylon 18% Spandex giving them a more stretchable texture than ManiGlovz.

OC Gloves are a cheaper alternative to ManiGlovz this is because the material that they use is more affordable. And because of their lower price, they tend to be more popular as well.

But OC gloves are not antibacterial and stain-resistant like ManiGlovz, so you would have to wash them more often to get rid of sweat and dirt which can cause the gloves to get smelly. And worst yet having to wash the gloves often reduces the UV protection by weakening the tightly woven fibers.

And that’s why in my opinion, OC Gloves aren’t as great as ManiGlovz Aloe Vera Infused antibacterial and stain-resistant gloves. But if you are on a budget they are a great option since OC Gloves will provide the necessary protection against UV radiation from Led or UV lamps.

Where to get OC UV Manicure Gloves

You can get OC Nails UV Shield Glove (Amethyst) Anti UV Glove for Gel Manicures with UV/LED Lamps

OC gloves come in very simple colors and in two different sizes: regular and petite, see below for the measurements.

Regular Size Finger Measurements:

  • Small Finger: 30 mm
  • Index Finger: 50 mm
  • Middle Finger: 55 mm
  • Pointer Finger: 50 mm
  • Thumb: 25 mm

Petite Size Finger Measurements:

  • Small Finger: 25 mm
  • Index Finger: 40 mm
  • Middle Finger: 45 mm
  • Pointer Finger: 45 mm
  • Thumb: 20 mm

3- Palmyth Anti UV Gloves

If you are looking for a super durable and multipurpose UV shielded Gloves, then you should definitely consider Palmyth Gloves.

Palmyth gloves are thicker and heavier than regular manicure gloves. This is because they were made to be Anti UV gloves for outdoor activities like fishing and hiking.

But since they have a UPF 50+ rating which means that will provide almost complete protection for your hands from UV radiation makes them effective with Led or UV Lamps.

Palmyth Gloves are great for individuals who want a multipurpose UV Protection gloves that not only work for manicures but could handle any environment from driving to gardening.

The reason why I selected them over other outdoor UV gloves is that their fingers are longer than other similar gloves and covers around 3/4 of your fingers leaving just your nails exposed.

Added to that Palmyth Gloves are well ventilated and made of partially synthetic leather and silicone allowing you to have a good grip.

But the biggest drawback for me with them is that since these gloves are heavier than other gloves that were made specifically for manicures they tend to be more uncomfortable to wear.

You can click here to check out the price of Palmyth Gloves on Amazon.

4- YouVeeShield Disposable UV Manicure Gloves

YouVeeShield UV Manicure gloves are one of the best disposable UV manicure gloves on the market, they provide the highest degree of protection from UV radiation in the industry. Citation.

These gloves will protect you from 99.8% of UV radiation making them superior to all other UV shielded gloves on the market.

YouVeeShield gloves can provide this level of protection because they are made primarily of titanium dioxide which is the same ingredient used in most sunscreens.

The Titanium dioxide works to completely block out most of the UV radiation thus protecting our hands.

YouVeeShield Gloves are thin, lightweight and they do not cling to your skin like latex gloves, making them comfortable to use.

You can check out the video below to see what these gloves are like.

Who Should Buy YouVeeShield

YouVeeShield Gloves are meant to be disposable gloves and they aren’t mean to be reused.

This makes them more ideal for salons since they are more hygienic than having your clients share a pair of gloves. Even if you wash your gloves after each use I don’t think your clients would find this appealing.

I think having YouVeeShield or any disposable UV protection glove in your salon is a great way to show your clients that you genuinely care about their safety and health. This allows you to build a closer bond and hopefully earn you a loyal client.

And of course, you can use YouVeeShield for personal use but in my opinion, the costs of having to constantly buy them will add up over time. For personal use, I recommend investing in a pair of washable UV protecting manicure gloves.

Where to Get YouVeeShield Gloves

YouVeeShield comes in tubes that can be closed after opening keeping your gloves safe and clean so you dont have to worry about where to store them

Or you can click here to check out their website YouVeeShield.com.

Do You Really Need Anti UV Gloves For Gel Manicures

Getting a Gel manicure is equivalent to having your hands exposed to 30-40 minutes of intense sunlight.

So do you really need anti UV gloves?. To answer your question ask yourself this – if you know you were going outside and you would be exposed to intense sunlight for 30-40 minutes would you wear a hat or put on sunscreen.

If the answer is yes then you should definitely invest in a UV shielded gloves.

And if your answer yes then most experts and dermatologists would agree with you. This is because a lot of studies have shown that intense exposure to UV radiation can cause damage to your skin cells. This can lead to the formation of more wrinkles and sunspots and for some people even increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

Did you know that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in America? And what is even more terrible is that it is on the rise, especially among young women.

Most experts believe this rise is from the use of artificial sources of UV radiation such as tanning beds. Citation.

So my advice is to protect yourself whenever you can. Avoid unnecessary exposure, use sunscreen, avoid tanning salons, and even use UV shielded gloves and clothing when appropriate.

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