4 Best Peel Off Nail Polishes & Base Coats: Water-Based & Safe

4 Best Peel Off Nail Polishes & Base Coats: Water-Based & Safe
4 Best Peel Off Nail Polishes & Base Coats: Water-Based & Safe

Peel Off Nail Polishes are some of the safest types of nail polishes available.

This is because most of them are water-based which means they dont use too many harsh chemicals. And amazingly Peel Off Polishes don’t require acetone to be removed, instead, like the name suggests they can just be peeled off.

Now in this article, I am gonna share with you the Best Brands of Peel Off Nail Polishes and Base Coats.

The 4 Best Peel Off Nail Polishes are:

  1. UNT Peel Off Base Coat – (An easy to use peel off base coat)
  2. BonTime Nail Polish – (Best peel off water-based nail polish)
  3. Abitzon Peel Off Polish – (Has the most variety of colors to choose from)
  4. Townley Disney Polish – (Ideal for kids)

1- UNT Peel Off Base Coat Polish

I have used UNT Peel Off Base Coats for almost 3 years now and in my opinion, they are one of the best.

They are currently the most popular non-toxic healthy water-based nail polish on the market. Water-Based means that they are made primarily of water.

UNT is made by a Taiwanese company that helped to pioneer the concept of peel off nail polishes. Citation 1, & 2.

How Does a Peel Off Base Coat Work

A Peel Off Base Coat allows you to paint your nails with any polish from regular to gel, and at the same time gives you the ability to gently remove that polish without using any chemicals.

The Base Coat forms a removable membrane to separate your nails from the polish which allows them to be peeled away.

If you want to learn more about Peel Off Nail Polishes – click here to read my article on what is a Peel Off nail polish and how to use them.

How to Apply and Remove UNT Peel Off Clear Base Coat

UNT Clear Base Coat can be applied just like any other base coat. The only difference is that it dries super fast, within 3 minutes.

Removal is also very easier:

  • I advocate first applying some cuticle oil or regular baby oil around your nail polish.
  • Next, use a cuticle wood stick to nudge at the edges of the polish to lift it up.
  • Finally, once the hardened polish is raised you can peel them off.

You can see how to apply and remove UNT in the short video below.

Where to Buy UNT Peel Off Base Coat

Amazon usually has UNT Peel Off Base Coats in stock, you can click to see the current price.

Pros of UNT Peel Off Base Coat

1- It Makes Removing Your Nail Polish Very Easy

UNT’s greatest strength is that it makes removing your nail polishes easier and safer than using a nail polish remover which is made of harsh chemicals such as acetone.

Now by using a Water Base Polish like UNT, to remove your polish, you would just need to peel it off.

2- Turns any Nail Polish into a Peel Off Polish

The other amazing thing about UNT Base Coat is that by using it you can turn all your polishes both regular and gel into peelable nail polishes.

So you can continue using the brands and colors that you are accustomed to whilst at the same time protecting your nails.

3- Easy to Apply & Fast Drying

UNT is really easy to apply it’s not too thick and it’s not too thin to be runny so it applies smoothly.

Another bonus with UNT is that it also dries really fast usually within 3 minutes.

The reason why UNT is so good is because of its patented water-based mixture, making it far superior to other glue-based peel off polishes which are a pain in the butt to apply and remove.

4- Makes it Easier to Change Your Nails to Suit an Outfit

Now because UNT Base coat allows you to quickly remove your nail polish it makes it easier to switch your nails to suit an outfit or an occasion.

5- Protects Your Nails

UNT creates a non-toxic water membrane to separate your nails from your polish.

This prevents your polishes from harming your natural nails. Citation.

6- Made With Non-Toxic Ingredients

The active ingredients in UNT Peel Off Base Coat are Water, Alcohol Denat, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol. These are safe ingredients that are found in things like soaps. Citation.

Cons Of UNT Peel Off Base Coat

1- Not as long-lasting as a Regular Base Coat

UNT won’t last as long as a regular base coat, this is because it is a water-based polish that isn’t as tough as a gel or a regular base polish.

Once UNT is used your manicures should last you around 4 days maybe longer depending on your day-to-day activities.

So it’s a trade-off UNT base coat makes your polish easy to remove but you lose its longevity.

2- More Expensive

UNT is a more premium base coat and because of this it’s slightly more expensive than most polishes but in my opinion it’s worth the few extra dollars.

2- BonTime Peel Off Nail Polish

Bontime Polishes are non-toxic water-based peel off polishes.

I have used them a couple of times and I report that even though they are a water-based polish they still look amazing.

For me, they look as good if not better than most regular polishes and because of this, they are currently the most popular peel off polishes.

Pros Of Bontime Polishes

1- Looks Really Good

Bontime Peel Off Polishes look amazing, they look just like regular polishes. The colors are bright and the polishes have a smooth look.

No one will be able to tell the difference.

2- Easy to Remove and Apply

Bontime polishes are applied just like how you would apply your regular polish.

Now just one difference Bontime nail polishes will dry within 90 seconds, so you are gonna save a ton of time doing your nails.

Now Removing Bontime polishes are super easy, you just need to soak your polish in some warm water for 1 minute and then gently peel off the polish, like how you would remove a sticker.

3- Allows You to Easily Switch the color of your Nail Polish.

Now because these polishes are so easy and fast to apply and remove you can easily switch your nails to suit your outfit or the occasion.

So you can wear a light pink polish for your lunch date and a dark red to go out at night, without doing much work.

4- Almost No Smell

Most nail polishes have a high scent, which can be terrible if you are sensitive to strong odors.

On the plus side, Bontime Polishes doesn’t have any of the strong chemical scents that are usually associated with regular polishes, so you can breathe easily.

5- Safer Alternative

Bontime Polishes are made of non-toxic water-based ingredients making it much safer and healthier than regular nail polishes.

Regular nail polishes are filled with a wide range of harsh chemicals which over time can weaken your nails. Citation.

Water-based polishes like Bontime won’t have these negative effects.

6- Won’t Make Permanent Stains

Regular nail polishes leave tough stains on fabrics like your clothes or carpet and they require harsh chemicals to be cleaned out which can damage the said carpet or clothes.

Now if by accident, you let a water-based polish like Bontime spill on your clothes or carpets, to remove it all you need to do is apply some warm water.

Cons of Bontime Polishes

1- Need More Color Choices

Even though they have amazing polishes they need to work on having more color choices.

The next polish in this article even though they are not my favorite has more variety in colors to choose from.

2- Not Very Durable

Water-based polishes such as Bontime won’t last very long. They trade off longevity for:

  • The ability to be easily applied and removed
  • And being more healthy and safe to use

Bontime Polishes should last you 2-3 days but this depends on the amount of activity.

Water is the enemy of these nail polishes. If you do the dishes they will fall apart faster, so my advice wear gloves when doing the dishes.

Where To Buy Bontime Nail Polish

I usually buy Bontime on Amazon which has a great package – with 5 amazing colors and a nice Clear Coat, which can be used either as a top or base coat.

You can click to see the price for The Bontime Combo on Amazon.

3- Abitzon Water-Based Peel Off Nail Polish

Abitzon polishes are non-toxic water-based peel off polishes and they are very similar to Bontime polishes but they are considerably cheaper.

These polishes can be applied just like regular polishes except they dry really fast within 2 minutes.

And to take them off just soak them in warm water for a minute and then peel them off.

Pros Of Abitzon

Now the great thing about Abitzon and where they surpass Bontime is that they have more variety of colors to choose from.

They are sold in combo sets which include 10 different colors, gonna leave links below, you can click to see the prices on Amazon.

Darker Shades with 2 Glitter Colors

Light Colors includes 2 light Glitter Shades

Cons Of Abitzon

The major drawback for me with Abitzon is that the quality of their polishes isn’t as good as Bontime.

Their polishes tend to be a bit more runny and watery and you need to apply three coats to get good results.

But on the plus side, Abitzon tends to be cheaper and once you apply the three coats your nails will look good.

4- Townley Disney Kids Peel Off Nail Polish

Townley nontoxic water-based polishes are specially made for kids.

They are very similar to the other water-based polishes featured in this article

Townley polishes come in nicely designed bottles featuring Disney princesses that will surely impress your little girl.

Pros Of Townley

  1. Won’t Require Any Nail Polish Remover – To remove all you need is to soak your nails in warm water and peel off the polish.
  2. Very Affordable– This Polish is very budget-friendly making it a great choice for your kids.
  3. Wide Range Of Colors– Townley comes in a combo set that includes 18 small bottles of different colors of nail polishes
  4. Won’t Leave Tough Stains on Fabrics– These polish come off pretty easily with warm water.
  5. Perfect As a Gift – Now because of how nicely packaged the Townley Combo set comes, it would make an ideal gift for a little girl.
  6. Great For a Kids Party– would make a great activity at a kids’ party, imagine allowing your little girls to paint their nails and compete to see who can make the best designs.

Cons Of Townley

1- Poor Quality

My main problem with Townley polish is that the polishes won’t last very long – they start to peel off within hours.

Remember these polishes aren’t meant for adults they were designed to be like a toy for kids.

2 – Not a Fan of the Scent

Townley polishes are bubble gum scented which is fine for most people but I would prefer if they were scentless.

They included the scent to make it more appealing to kids.

Where You Can Buy Townley Peel Off Polish For Kids

You can get these polishes on Amazon which usually has them at great prices, you can click to see the current price of Townley Polishes.