Peel Off Nail Polish: Are they good for Nails & Do they Work

Peel Off Nail Polish: Are they good for Nails & Do they Work
Peel Off Nail Polish: Are they good for Nails & Do they Work

Peel Off Nail Polishes allow you to quickly change your polish without having to use any acetone.

And because of this, they are one of my favorite types of nail polish. That’s why in this article I am going to guide you through everything you need to know about Peel Off Nail Polishes.

What Are Peel Off Nail Polishes

Peel Off Nail Polishes are polishes that are removed by simply peeling them off without hurting your nails and without having to use any acetone or a nail file.

What is a Peel Off Base Coat

Peel Off Base Coats are used to make any nail polish into a Peel Off nail polish. You can apply any nail polish on these peel off base coats and then the polish can be removed by being peeled off – no acetone needed.

You can click here to learn more about Peel Off Base Coats and my recommended brand to use.

Do Peel Off Nail Polishes Work

From my experience, the majority of brands of Peel Off Polishes do work as promised in that you can apply them and then easily and safely remove them by peeling them off.

Now the main issue I have with certain brands is that they can peel off prematurely within a day or so. Now for some good quality peel off polishes, click here to read my recommendations.

Are Peel Off Nail Polishes Safe For Your Nails

Peel Off Nail Polishes are extremely safe and healthy for your nails. They are actually better for your nails when compared to regular nail polishes, this is because:

  1. You don’t need to use acetone to remove Peel Off Nail Polishes – acetone drys out your nails and can damage them over time.
  2. Most brands of Peel Off Nail Polishes are water-based and made with non-toxic ingredients making them very safe.

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Benefits of Peel Off Nail Polishes

  1. Healthy and safer for your nails
  2. Tends to have little or no scent
  3. Usually Dries faster
  4. Can easily be removed
  5. Less likely to stain your nails

Cons of Peel Off Nail Polishes

  1. Won’t last very long
  2. Not very durable and can easily be damaged
  3. Limited colors to choose from – but with a peel off base coat any nail polish can become a peel off polish.

How to Apply Peel Off Nail Polishes

Peel off Nail Polishes are applied just like regular nail polishes.

  1. First, remove any existing nail polish or nail product on your nails.
  2. Next, push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher
  3. Then clean your nails with rubbing alcohol.
  4. Finally, apply a thin coat of the peel off nail polish onto your nails
  5. You can apply as many coats of polish as needed.

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How Long Will Peel Off Nail Polishes Last

Peel Off nail polishes will last 3-4 days before starting to fade and come off. Water is the main enemy to peel off polishes since it works to break the polish down.

Peel Off Polishes are not meant to last for a very long time. Instead, they are meant to give you a short-term manicure that is safer and healthier than regular manicures.

How to make Peel Off Nail Polish Last Longer

Yes, you can make peel off nail polishes last longer. To make them last longer you need to:

  1. Avoid exposing your peel off polish to water and detergent – so wear gloves when doing the dishes.
  2. Apply a regular top coat over the peel-off nail polishes – this will greatly extend the life span of your manicures since the top coat will protect the polish.

How to Remove Peel Off Polish

Removing peel off polishes are very easy just wash your nails with soap and warm water and then use your nails to peel off the polish.

But if your peel off polish is giving you a hard time coming off just soak it for a bit in warm water and soap and then use a cuticle pusher to peel if off.


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