7 Amazing Benefits of Using Cuticle Oil – As Per Science

Benefits of Using Cuticle Oil
Benefits of Using Cuticle Oil

Nail techs and beauty experts the world over understand how essential it is to use cuticle oil consistently. This is why most of them incorporate using cuticle oil in their manicure and their day-to-day routine.

So in this article I am gonna share with you 6 reasons why you need to start using cuticle oil.

1- Promote Faster Growth of Stronger Nail

In my opinion, the main benefit of using cuticle oil is that they make your nails grow faster and make them even stronger. Citation.

You see your nails are produced by a group of skin cells called the nail matrix which is found just underneath the skin at the base of your nails.

Now by applying cuticle oil onto your fingers and cuticles helps to make the skin cells in your nail matrix healthier. They do so by keeping them hydrated, well moisturized, and even helps improve the circulation of blood to these cells allowing them to get more nutrients and oxygen.

And by having stronger and healthier nail matrix would allow them to grow your nails faster and stronger.

Amazingly some cuticle oil contains high amounts of certain vitamins and nutrients that help to nourish your nail matrix which further helps with nail growth.

Now the Cuticle Oil that I recommend the most to use is Jojoba oil which is a carrier oil meaning that it is easily absorbed into your skin.

Jojoba oil also contains an insane amount of essential vitamins and nutrients that help to promote the growth of stronger nails. You can get Jojoba oil in the form of a cuticle oil pen which makes it easier for you to apply when you are on the go

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Or you can click here to learn more about the types and brands of cuticle oil that I recommend.

2- Makes Your Cuticles & Skin Look Healthy

Have you ever seen people who have amazingly well-designed nails but the skin around their nails and their cuticles look discolored, wrinkly, and just worn out? Now the best way to avoid this being you is to consistently use cuticle oil.

You see cuticle oil keeps your cuticles and all of the skin around your nails hydrated, and nourished, and helps to promote blood circulation in that area. This makes your cuticles healthy and prevents them from getting wrinkled and discolored.

Video Showing Why You Need to Use Cuticle Oil

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3- Helps to Heal Your Damaged Cuticle & Skin

Certain types of cuticle oil like jojoba and almond oil are filled with antioxidants that help to promote cellular regeneration.

So if the skin around your nails is damaged and worn out. Either from day-to-day activities such as cleaning and cooking or from using too many harsh chemicals during your manicures you need to start using a good brand of cuticle oil.

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4- Helps to Make Your Manicures Last longer

Consistently using Cuticle Oil will also help to make your gel polish, regular nail polish, and even your acrylic nails last longer.

You see the cuticle oil will help to prevent the gel polish and acrylics from drying out which would lead them more susceptible to chipping and peeling.

This is why a good nail tech will always apply cuticle oil to your nails after a manicure

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5- Prevents Skin, Cuticle & Nail Infections

Cuticle oils such as Jojoba oil have strong antibacterial and antifungal properties which can help to prevent your cuticles and nails from developing bacterial and fungal infections. Citation.

Important Note

Damaged and worn-out cuticles are more prone to developing cuticle and nail infections.

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6- Can Be Used to Soften Cuticles to Push It Back

You see I am not a fan of removing cuticles entirely which can potentially lead to an infection instead I prefer to soften the cuticles and then push and align them.

And cuticle oil paired with soap and water can be used to help to soften your cuticles so that they can be more easily aligned and adjusted without causing you too much pain.

This allows you to make your cuticles look uniform and helps your nail polish to last longer.

Now I have an entire article about managing your cuticles you can click here to read more.

7- Can Help To Protect Your Bare Nails

Cuticle oil can make your nails more flexible by preventing them from getting dry which can prevent them from breaking easily

Also, a thin layer of cuticle oil over your nails can serve as a layer of protection for your nails.

This is because the oil will act as a barrier and prevents your nails from getting easily scratched and exposed to harsh chemicals like detergent.

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