Benefits of Coconut Oil for Nails & How to Use For Growth

Coconut Oil for Nails & Cuticles: Benefits & How to Use
Coconut Oil for Nails & Cuticles: Benefits & How to Use

Coconut is widely known for its amazing skin and hair benefits. But did you know that you can also use coconut oil on your nails and cuticles?

So in this article, we are going to be discussing the benefits of using coconut oil on nails and how to use it correctly for the best results.

Is Coconut Oil Good for your Nails

Coconut oil once applied correctly and consistently can help to promote thicker, healthier, and stronger nails and cuticles.

This is because coconut oil is a great way to moisturize and nourish your cuticles which will lead to better nail growth.

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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Nails & Cuticles

1- Helps to Heal Damaged & Brittle Nails

Coconut oil helps to repair damaged and weak nails by moisturizing and nourishing the nail matrix which is directly under the cuticles.

All nail growth comes from the nail matrix and the best way to have stronger healthier nails is to keep the nail matrix moisturized and well-nourished.

By consistently applying coconut oil to your cuticles will keep the nail matrix moisturized and nourished which will allow it to produce stronger and healthier nails. Citation.

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2- Makes Your Cuticles Look Nicer

Using coconut oil on your cuticles will keep them moisturized. This prevents them from becoming chronically dry which can lead to hangnails, peeling, and the cuticles becoming darker. Citation.

Coconut oil also has strong healing properties which will help to heal any damaged cuticle skin.

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3- Treat & Prevent Nail & Cuticle Infections

Coconut oil has strong antibacterial and antifungal properties. This means that it can help to both prevent and treat a wide array of nail and cuticle infections.

Best Type of Oil to Use on Cuticles

Can You Use Coconut Oil to treat Nail Fungus

Coconut oil has very strong anti-fungal properties which can help to both treat and prevent nail fungus.

But it is not a medical treatment so for severe infections, it’s recommended that you consult a doctor.

4- Help Manicures Last-Longer

Coconut oil can help your manicures last longer. When consistently applied over acrylic, gel, or polish coconut oil will help to seal in moisture.

This prevents your manicures from getting dry which can lead to chipping and peeling.

How to Use Coconut oil on Your Nails & Cuticles

  • First, wash your hands and nails to remove any dirt.
  • Next, apply a thin layer of coconut oil onto your nails and cuticles
  • Finally, proceed to rub the oil gently into your cuticles and nails.

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Best Coconut Oil For Nail Growth

The best coconut oil to use on your nails and cuticle is virgin cold-pressed coconut oil. This is because it is less processed which means that it retains most of the coconut oils’ natural nutrients

I recommend the Barielle Coconut Cuticle Oil, it is specially formulated to work on your nails and cuticles. Click here to see the current price for a bottle on Amazon.

How long should you leave coconut oil on nails & cuticles

For best results leave the coconut oil on your nails and cuticles for as long as possible. Use very thin layers of coconut oil to prevent the oil from messing up your clothes and other things that you touch.

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Can You Leave Coconut Oil on Your Nails & Cuticles Overnight

One of the best ways to use coconut oil on your nails and cuticles is to leave it on overnight.

I recommend applying the coconut oil onto your nails and cuticles and then wearing a moisturizing glove before going to bed.

The moisturizing glove traps the oil and prevents it from rubbing off. This allows the coconut oil to work more effectively.

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How often should I put Coconut oil on Nails & Cuticles

For best results, you should apply coconut oil to your nails and cuticles at least 3 times a day. Try especially to use it in the mornings after bathing and before bedtime.

Now if your nails are extra damaged I recommend applying coconut oil to your nails every time you wash your hands.

Washing your hands removes your natural body oil which causes your cuticles and nails to become dehydrated.

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Can you leave Coconut Oil on all day

Yes once you are not allergic, you can safely leave coconut oil on your nails all day.

Does Coconut Oil Penetrate Nails

Coconut oil will not penetrate the nails. But it can promote healthier nail growth by moisturizing the cuticles and nail matrix which is responsible for nail growth.

Does coconut oil whiten nails

Coconut oil will not whiten your nails. But over time with consistent use, coconut oil can lead to thicker and stronger nails.