5 in 1 Rapid Nail Growth Serum & Oil


  • Makes Your Nails Harder, Thicker, and More Flexible so They Won’t Break
  • Faster Nail Growth to Quickly Give You Longer Nails
  • No More Dark and Peeling Cuticles
  • More Nutrients mean Longer Nails with Smoother & Lighter Cuticles
  • Perfect Overnight Cuticle & Nail Oil
  • Won’t Leave your Nails & Fingers Feeling Oily or Scented (Fast Absorption)
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A newly formulated Nail Serum that is like liquid protein for your nails. Made of 5 main nutrients to feed your nail matrix so that it can grow longer and stronger nails and at the same time make your cuticles look healthier.

It contains a concentrated amount of Jojoba oil, Keratin, Hyaluronic acid, Niacinamide, Castor oil & Vitamin E oil.

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