Kiss Press on Nails Review: Are they Good & Will they Last

Kiss Press on Nails Review Are they Good & How Long Will they Last
Kiss Press on Nails Review Are they Good & How Long Will they Last

Kiss Press on Nails are one of the most popular brands of Press on Nails on the market, being used by thousands of women every day.

So in this article, we are gonna review them to see if they are really worth it.

Are Kiss Press on Nails Good

Kiss Press on Nails are good quality and durable Press on Nails. They

  1. Tend to come in nice simple designs
  2. Have a nice glossy sheen.
  3. Are made of very strong ABS plastic and
  4. Covered and protected by an acrylic coat making their designs and polishes long-lasting.

Features of Kiss Press on Nails

1- Kiss Press on Nails tend to fit really well

The sizes that you get from kiss nails tend to give you a good fit.

Most packs contain 30 individual fake nails in 15 different sizes. And because of the wide variety of sizes to choose from. Whilst, most other brands of press-on nail kits usually contain 20 nails with 10 different sizes

2- Great Quality Adhesives that are Safe for Nails

Kiss Nails are well known for their nail glue which once used correctly is safe for your nails and very durable allowing your Press Ons to last a long time. This is why they are one of the most popular nail glue on the market and are commonly used by other companies.

Most of Kiss’s new line of Press on Nails come with a great Built-in Adhesive – which is safer for your nails when compared to using nail glue yet stronger than using nail tabs which most other brands that don’t use nail glue offer.

All you need to do is peel off the plastic at the back of the nails and glue them on your nails. But if you want a longer wear time you can also still use nail glue. Click here to see their nail glue on Amazon.

Now, some Kiss Press on Nails will come with just their nail glue instead of the built-in adhesive so ensure you read the package before buying to know which one you are getting.

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How to Apply Kiss Press on Nails

  • First, you need to prep your nails by pushing back your cuticle
  • And then clean your nails by wiping them with rubbing alcohol.
  • Next, peel off the plastic on the back of the Press on Nails and then paste them onto your nails.
  • But if the Kiss Nails come with nail glue:
  • Just apply a dot of nail glue onto your nails and paste the Press on Nail onto the nail and hold for 10 seconds.

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Video of How to Apply Kiss Press on Nails

Do Kiss Press-on Nails damage nails

Once Kiss Press on Nails are applied and removed correctly they won’t damage your nails in any way.

And if you use the built-in adhesive that some Kiss Nails come with they tend to be safer and less harsh on your nails when compared to other brands of Press on Nails that use nail glue. This is because these Kiss Nails are easier to remove.

I have an entire article where I share 4 tips on how to make Press on Nails safer for your nails, click here to read.

How long does Kiss Press on Nails Last

Kiss Press on Nails if worn with the built-in adhesive might give you 1-2 days of wear. But if you use the nail glue they can potentially last 2-3 weeks of wear.

To learn more about how to prevent your Press on Nails from coming off prematurely and giving you longer wear time click here to read our 9 Tips to Stop Press on Nails from Popping Off

Now, we don’t recommend wearing any brand of press on nails for more than 3 days. This is because water can seep under them and cause an infection to occur.

Instead, if you want to wear them for longer you need to take them off disinfect them, and then reapply them. Click here to read how to reuse press on nails.

Are Kiss Press on Nails Reusable

Kiss Press on Nails can be reused. This is because both the plastic nails and the designs are very strong and durable. This allows them to be removed without getting damaged, allowing them to be easily reused.

To learn how to remove Press on Nails and disinfect them for reuse, click here

Where to Get Kiss Press on Nails

Kiss Press on Nails are widely available. You can get them on Amazon who usually has them at good prices. Click here to check out some of the most popular designs there.

You can also get them at retailers nationwide or on their site too.

How to Remove Kiss Press on Nails

  1. First mix warm water with dish soap and cooking oil
  2. Then soak your kiss press on nails for 10-15 minutes in the mixture
  3. How long you need to soak them will depend on the type of adhesive used and how long you have the nails on.
  4. Next, use some thing with a flat edge like a cuticle pusher, and gently try to lift the Press on Nails off
  5. If they are still stubborn continue soaking the nails until the glue is soft enough to come off.

If you want to read more of how to remove press on nails click here to read 3 Easy Ways to Remove Glue or Press on Nails Without Acetone.