4 Tips on How to Easily Reuse Your Press on Nails

Tips on How to Easily Reuse Your Press on Nails
Tips on How to Easily Reuse Your Press on Nails

Most brands of Press on Nails can easily be reused and yet still look as if they were brand new. But they are certain things that you need to do so that you can properly reuse them

So in this article I am gonna guide you step by step with some tips on how to correctly reuse your press on nails.

1- Remove Your Press on Nail Correctly

The key to reusing your press on nails is that you have to safely remove them from your nails without damaging them.

And to do so you need to avoid using:

  • Any harsh chemicals such as acetone which can dissolve the press on nails
  • And avoid using too much force to pull them off which can cause the press on nails to break.

How to Remove Press on Nails Without Damaging Them

  • Firstly, mix together a small amount of body wash and oil with warm water.
  • Any kind of oil would work such as body oil, cuticle oil, hair oil or even olive oil. And if you donโ€™t have body wash you can also use hand soap as well
  • Next soak your nails completely for around 10-15 minutes inside the mixture.
  • Then slowly try the pry the press on nails off your nails I recommend gently wriggling it side to side.

I found a short video to guide you through, you can check it out below. Now she doesnโ€™t add any oil but I highly recommend using some in the mixture. This is because the oil helps to make the press on nails more flexible which prevents it from breaking easily.

2- Use a Mild Adhesive

A great tip to make the removal process easier is that you can use a weaker glue or adhesive when applying your press on nails.

Nail Tabs are a great option if you are looking to reuse your press on nails. This is because they arenโ€™t as strong and durable as conventional glues which makes removing them very easy. Plus they arenโ€™t as harsh to your natural nails like nail glue.

Now the drawback with using nails tabs is that they wonโ€™t last very long and they are more prone to popping off.

I used them once and from my experience they lasted for a day before starting to lift. I recommend them only if you just plan to wear your press on nails for a short period of time like a day.

But if you want your nails to be able to handle stress and strain you should avoid them and stick to more high quality nail glue like

You can click here to see the price for a packet of nail tabs on Amazon.

3- Invest in Good Quality Press on Nails

High quality premium press on nails tend to be more durable which means that they can still retain their color and appearance for a longer period of time. This allows them to be reused and yet still look brand new.

I highly recommend using Kiss Press on Nails. These press on nails not only look good but they are also very easy to apply and are super durable.

You can click here to see the price for a packet of Kiss Nails on Amazon.

Another good place where you can get a wide variety of high quality press on nails is Etsy. But ensure that you read the reviews of each seller before buying.

4- Remove the Dried Up Glue from the Press on Nails

Now its important that when you remove the press on nails that you take off any glue stuck under the press on nails.

Residual harden glue will make reapplying the press on nails more difficult since it would interfere with the fresh glue from adhering properly.

To remove the glue just use any sharp object and gently scrape the glue off or you can also use tweezers and try to peel it off. And I also recommend wiping away away any spots of glue with some rubbing alcohol. This also helps to disinfect and clean the press on nails to help prevent any nail infections.

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