Nail Forms Vs Tips – Which One is Really Better & Stronger

Nail Forms Vs Nail Tips - Which One is Really Better & Stronger
Nail Forms Vs Nail Tips – Which One is Really Better & Stronger

Nail forms and nail tips are two of the most popular ways to make nail extensions. Nail extension just refers to making your nails longer using artificial means like acrylic or gel.

Now both tips and forms come with their own pros and cons. That’s why in this article I am gonna be comparing both of these methods, so you can decide which one is right for you.

What are Nail Tips

Nail tips are premade fake nails made of plastic that are glued onto your nails. The nail extension product such as gel or acrylic is then applied on top of the nail tips.

There are two main kinds of nail tips:

  1. Full Coverage – meaning they cover the entire nail plate – very similar to press on nails.
  2. Partial Coverage Tips – these are just glued onto the tip or edge of your nails.

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What are Nail Forms

Nail Forms are made of either paper or foil and are applied under the tip of your nails. They are used to make a temporary base for nail extension product to sit on until the product hardens or cures.

Nail forms are removed after the nail product has solidified and can stand on its own without the need for support.

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Nail Tips Vs Nail Form

Which is Stronger – Nail Forms or Nail Tips

Nail extensions made using Nail Forms tend to adhere better to your natural nails. This makes the extension made using nail forms more durable and allows them to last longer than those made using nail tips.

You see nail tips tend to rely on nail glue to adhere to your nail plate. And the performance of the nail glue depends on the brand and how well it is applied.

Whilst with nail extensions that are made using nail forms the product is directly gripping to the nail plate allowing them to last longer.

Bonus Tip

Nail extensions that were made using full coverage nail tips are easier to remove. You can click here to learn how to remove acrylic nails without acetone.

Which is Easier for Beginners – Nail Forms or Tips

Nail tips tend to be easier for beginners to use. You see the nail tips are easier for beginners because:

  1. Give you a premade sturdy base for the nail product
  2. Easier to apply and use
  3. Tips act as an easy guide during the application process.

Whilst nail forms tend to be a bit more difficult for beginners:

  1. Applying and using forms require more practice especially fitting them on. And this can be discouraging at the beginning.
  2. Nail Forms require you to be more gentle since they tend to come off easily.

Now what most nail techs do is that they start out using Nail Tips which allows you to build confidence and get better at handling either the gel, acrylic, or polygel.

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Video Comparing How to Use Nail Forms Vs Tips

Which Looks Better – Nail Forms or Nail Tips

Nail forms tend to give you a more natural and thin look when compared to nail tips. This is because extensions that were built using forms won’t have the extra layer of plastic such as those made using nail tips.

Nail Tips, on the other hand, tend to give your a bulkier and thicker look.

Nail Forms also allow you to more easily customize the shape and the degree of curvature that you want your extensions to be.

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Which is Faster to Use – Nail Tips vs Nail Forms

Once you have mastered nail forms they are faster to use when compared to nail tips. You see nail tips tend to take longer to apply because they have more steps such as;

  1. Sizing – You have to match each size of the nail tip to suit each one of your nails. Nail forms are one size fits all meaning they work with any size of the nail – no sizing is needed.
  2. Nail tips require more filing – you need to file the sides of the tip to make them fit and you need to buff the top of the tips to give them a more seamless look.

These two extra steps take a lot more time which is why forms are faster.

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Which is Safer for Your Nails – Nail Forms or Tips

Both forms and tips will have an effect on your natural nails. But nail tips tend to have more issues.

This is because nail tips usually require nail glue which can cause an allergic reaction. You see nail glue is made of cyanoacrylate which individuals are prone to becoming sensitive to which can lead to a lot of skin issues. Citation.

Nail tips are more likely to cause an infection this is because when nail glue is used it leaves gaps it is not a solid seal. And gaps allow moisture to seep in, which promotes bacterial and fungal infections.

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Which Works With Any Type Of Nail – Nail Tip Or Forms

Nail forms are amazingly flexible since you can use them to build nail extensions to suit any shape of nail. They are also Ideal if the surface of your nail plate is uneven.

Nail tips on the other hand would require a lot of filing and buffing to fit your nails exactly.

Nail Tips Vs Nail Forms Which is more Affordable

Nail extensions made of either tips or forms will carry the same price. But nil tips tend to be more costly for nail techs. This is because the nail tech needs to use the plastic tips which cost more than forms.

Additionally, nail techs would need to keep a wide variety of shapes and sized of nail tips to prevent having to do too much filing.

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