7 Best Nail Stampers To Make Stamping Easier 2023

Best Nail Stampers
Best Nail Stampers

The 7 Best Nail Stampers are:

  1. Clear Jelly Stamper – (A high-quality premium clear nail stamper)
  2. MoYou-London Marshmallow Stamper – (The best nail stamper for a beginner.)
  3. Winstonia Stamper (A very affordable marshmallow stamper)
  4. Ejiubas Stamper (A budget-friendly clear stamper)
  5. Konad Stamper (A firm rubber stamper)
  6. Whats Up Magnified Nail Stamper (Ideal for full nail coverage designs)
  7. Born Pretty Stamper (Best looking nail stampers)

Nail Stamping can quickly and easily create amazing and complex nail art but it can be a very technical art.

And I have learned over the years that using high-quality stamping tools and equipment such as using the right nail stamper can significantly make the process easier.

Now in this article, I will guide you through various nail stampers and help you to choose the right one.

7 Tips To Help You Pick the Best Nail Stamper

1- Match Your Stamper with Your Stamping Plates

One of the most important pieces of advice I can give when you are new to nail stamping is that: You should try your best to match the brand of your nail stamper with the brand of stamping plates that you intend to use.

Nail stampers are usually vigorously tested by its maker to work with their own brand of stamping plates.

This doesn’t mean that a stamper can’t work with other brands of plates it just means that they tend to work best with their own plates.

All Stamping Plates aren’t created equal, some are etched well whilst others are too shallow.

2- Consider the Texture of the Stamper

How soft, firm, sticky, or smooth a nail stamper is would decide how well it performs and would also dictate how you use it.

1- Softer stampers are:

  1. Easier to use and
  2. they work with most stamping plates but
  3. can be inconsistent since the stamper material deforms more easily that can cause smooshing which also means that
  4. they produce less clear designs.

2- Firmer stampers:

  1. Require more practice and effort to master.
  2. Produces more consistent and accurate designs since the stamper won’t deform or smoosh too much.
  3. Affords you more control over your nail art.
  4. Firm stampers work best with stamping plates that are well etched.

My advice is that you start with a soft stamper and after you have build up confidence then invest in a slightly firmer stamper to be more accurate.

Currently, I have a wide variety of stampers that I have built up over the years but I tend to prefer stampers that have a balanced texture – which affords me accuracy but doesn’t make me work too hard.

3- Understand Your Personal Preference

Now if you already do stamping one of the best ways to know if a stamper will suit you is to feel the texture of your favorite stamper.

If it’s soft and sticky you should probably stick with that kind of stamper.

4- Examine The Shape Of Your Nails

Soft and Squishy stampers tend to work best for individuals with curved nail beds because these stampers can conform and bend to match the shape of your nails.

Individuals with very flat nail beds can use any type of nail stamper.

5- Stick with Well Known and Reliable Brands

Larger and more reliable companies tend to vet their products vigorously and they use high-quality materials with more advanced manufacturing processes so they make more consistent and better nail stampers.

These companies usually also have good return and refund policies.

6- Stampers tend to be Specialized

It’s important to understand that each stamper has a specialty, meaning each stamper would perform differently for different designs and purposes.

A large stamper tends to be great for nail art that covers your whole nail. Whilst a smaller stamper would be ideal for a single design like a bright red rose on a white background.

7- Different Designs Require Different Types of Stampers

Very intricate designs tend to require a firmer stamper. This is because softer stampers tend to deform more easily.

Intricate designs tend to have a lot of closely aligned prints that can be easily smooshed or smudged if your stamper deforms too much.

Important Note:

Nail stamping is an art and not a science that’s why you will find such as wide varying advice and opinions, even this article has an incredible bias towards my experiences.

But I have tried my best to write this article to benefit both a beginner and a veteran nail stamper.

1- Clear Jelly Stampers

Clear Jelly Stampers are some of the best nail stampers available and are the ones I recommend the most.

These are premium, high-quality nail stampers that allows you to easily and quickly make extremely detailed nail art.

The company that makes these stampers are the inventors and pioneers of fully transparent nail stampers, and they actually hold a patent for this type of stamper. Citation.

Clear Jelly Stamper Inc is based in Canada and all of their stampers are made there.

Pros of Clear Jelly Stampers

1- Easy to Use

Clear Jelly Nail Stampers are one of the easiest transparent stampers to use.

They don’t require much pressure or force, either when picking up the imprint from the plates or when stamping it on your nails.

How to Use Clear Jelly Stampers

A gentle rolling technique is what I and most experts recommend to create a clear and crisp design.

Just note that you might not get it on the first try, every time I use a new stamp it usually takes me a few tries before I master it. So be patient.

You can check out the video below on how to use the Clear Jelly Stamper.

2- Good Stamping Texture

Clear Jelly Stampers have one of the most balanced texture, they are not too soft or too firm.

This balance makes Clear Jelly Stampers both easy to use yet accurate enough to make complex and intricate designs.

You see stampers that are super soft and squishy allow for very easy pickup and stamping. But they are not suited for very intricate designs since they are easily deformed and smooshed which can distort intricate nail art.

Whilst nail stampers that are firm can be more accurate, allowing you to create intricate nail art but they tend to require more technique and practice to use.

Clear Jelly Stampers allow you to have the best of both worlds.

Important Note

Some people prefer firm stampers, some like extremely squishy stamper whilst others like a balance of both – this really comes down to personal preference and which type of stamper you are more accustomed to using.

A good way to know the type of stamper that you have an affinity for is to test your current favorite stamper if it feels squishy then you might like this stamper but if it feels firm then this stamper is probably not for you.

3- Works Well With Most Plates

And because Clear Jelly Stampers are soft and sticky it allows them to work with various brands of plates.

The more soft the stamper is the easier the stamper can get within the grooves and etchings of the plates to pick up the imprint.

4- Allows For Accuracy.

Clear Jelly Stampers are totally clear and transparent stampers they allow you to see and control where the imprint will be stamped.

And since these stampers aren’t too soft like marshmallow stampers they don’t smoosh or deform too much which allows you to create really intricate nail designs.

5- Allows You to Create Layered or Multiple Designs

Now because you can precisely control and see where the imprint will be stamped this allows you to stamp multiple designs onto one of your nails to complement each other, without the fear the designs will overlap and spoil each other.

6- Very Popular

Clear Jelly Stamper was the first fully transparent stamper on the market and is one of the most widely used nail stampers this means that they have a ton of tutorials and guides available online.

7- Well Packaged

Clear Jelly Stampers come in extremely elegant yet simple packaging – and, in my opinion, one of their stamping kits would work great as a gift.

Cons of Clear Jelly Stampers

1- Expensive

Clear Jelly Stampers are a premium brand of stampers that are made in Canada where the cost of labor tends to be higher.

So their products tend to be more expensive than other stampers made abroad.

But in my opinion, they are well worth a few extra bucks to make nail stamping easier and quicker. Using cheaper and subpar stampers can be very frustrating.

2- Not Recommended for a Beginner

If you are now starting nail stamping I won’t recommend that you use the Clear Jelly Stamper or any fully transparent stamper.

You see stampers that are transparent are made only with silicone – which tends to be firmer and thus requires more technique and practice to use.

The next nail stamper featured in this article is probably the best for you. It is the softest nail stamper that I have ever used.

Though I think Clear Jelly Stampers are softer in comparison to most transparent stampers and I consider them very easy to use, but you have to understand that I have years of practice doing stamping so our skill level will be different.

Now if you are a beginner and you still want to use the Clear Jelly Stamper, I would advocate that you watch a few tutorials and do several practice runs before you attempt to stamp on your nails.

3- Not Very Durable

Since these stampers are made of silicone they tend to be very susceptible to scratches and tears. This means you will need to take care of these stampers.

Thankfully these stampers come with caps that allow you to cover the stamper when they are not in use

Added to that Clear Jelly Stampers were purposely made to be extra soft in comparison to other transparent silicone stampers so if you constantly press and stamp them down too hard they can be damaged.

These stampers require gentle movements and if you do this and you take good care of your stampers they will last you a long time. Citation.

These stampers also come with an extra stamping head so if one is damaged it can quickly be replaced.

4- May Need Priming

Like with most stampers I have found that they work best when you prime them before you use them.

Different stampers are primed differently some require buffing like with a nail file and whilst some just need a good washing.

Now for the Clear Jelly Stamper, I recommend washing it with warm water and soap, then allow it to dry completely and finally use a lint roller or scotch tape to remove any particles on the stamper before you use it. Citation.


Avoid using any acetone or nail polish remover to clean or prime the stamper, over time this tends to make the stamper cloudy and distorted.

I usually clean and remove polish from these stamper by using a lint roller but you can use scotch tape as well.

Where to Get Clear Jelly Stampers

They have two main stampers the Big Bling and the Baby Bling.

Both of these stampers come with an extra, back up stamping head. So if the original is damaged you can quickly replace it with the back up one.

1- The Big Bling is a much larger stamp which makes it great for creating designs that cover your whole nail.

Now because of its large size Big Bling stamps also tend to be softer and easier to use, this is due to a larger surface area which makes the stamp more malleable: You can click here to see the price on Amazon

2- The Baby Bling is smaller and is the standard-sized stamp which makes it more suited for dealing with smaller nails and creating smaller designs.

Its smaller size also makes it is easier to handle so you can be more accurate and gives you more control over your stamping: You can click here to see the price on Amazon.

Pro Nail Stamping Tip

Now I have found that in a lot of cases where most people screw up on Stamping is that they use nail polishes that are too thin and are insufficiently pigmented.

My advice is that if you truly want to make nail stamping easier is to also invest in good Stamping Polishes. I have an entire article dedicated to stamping polishes, you can click here to read it.

2- MoYou-London Marshmallow Stamper

MoYou-London Marshmallow Stamper is, in my opinion, one of the easiest nail stampers to use and because of this, they are the stampers that I recommend for beginners.

These are high-quality, opaque marshmallow stampers and they are made by MoYou-London.

MoYou-London is a premium nail stamping brand based in the United Kingdom that specializes mostly in stamping products.

In my opinion, they make some of the best stampers and plates in the industry.

Pros of MoYou-London Marshmallow Stamper

1- Easiest to Use

MoYou-London Marshmallow Stamper is one of the softest and stickiest stampers that I have ever used.

And because of their malleable and squishy texture allow these stampers to easily fit in the grooves of the etchings on the stamping plate.

This makes picking up the imprint much easier which makes the MoYou Marshmallow Stamper ideal to use if you are new to nail stamping.

How to Use the MoYou Marshmallow Nail Stamper

You don’t need any special technique to use these stampers you can either gently press down or use a rolling technique – it’s up to you.

Generally, Marshmallow Stampers require gently movements no need to press down very hard.

You can check out the video below to see how to use it.

2- Works with any Stamping Plates

Marshmallow Stampers like the MoYou-Londons can work with almost any stamping plates.

This is because their soft and sticky texture allows the stamp to go between the grooves and etchings of the plates to pick up the imprint easier even if the grooves are shallow.

3- Can Work With any Nail Shape or Size

Marshmallow Stampers can bend and conform to fit with any size or type of nails.

Firm stampers have a hard time with nails that are very curved and long.

4- Usually Doesn’t Need Priming

These stampers generally don’t need any priming and should work right out of the box.

But what I would recommend is that if they do give you any issues that you wash them with some soap and water.

You should also avoid cleaning these stampers with acetone or nail polish remover instead you should use a lint roller or scotch tape.

Cons of MoYou London Marshmallow Stampers

1-Not Very Accurate

Now because these are opaque stampers you won’t be able to know or control exactly where the imprint will be stamped.

This means that you can’t do layered or multiple stamping on one nail without the risk of the designs overlapping.

2- More Prone to Smudging

Very soft stampers like the MoYou Marshmallow tend to be more prone to smudging especially when making very intricate imprints that have designs that are closely knitted.

This usually happens to people who accustomed to using firmer stampers so they use an excessive amount of force which squishes the stamper up too much.

3- Not Very Durable

Marshmallow stampers are by far the least durable stampers on the market they are easily torn or damaged.

And if you use them often and apply too much force what happens is that over time they will become deformed and lose their ability to return to their original shape.

4- Harder to Clean

These stampers are a bit tougher to clean this is because they tend to be super sticky which is great for an easy pickup but this also makes removing residual polish harder

I usually need to roll this stamper on a lint roller a few times before it is thoroughly clean.

5- The head has a tendency to keep popping out

These stampers are so soft and squishy that sometimes they just come out of their metal holder which can interfere with your stamping

If this happens to you one easy trick to keep the stamper in the holder is to use some super glue to keep them from popping out.

Where to Get MoYou Marshmallow Stampers

You can get these stampers on Amazon, click here to see the current price.

3- Winstonia Marshmallow Stampers

Winstonia Marshmallow stampers are very similar to MoYou-London Marshmallow stampers.

They are both used and designed similarly.

Winstonia Stampers are more widely sold especially in the USA since they are much cheaper than MoYou-London which is a more premium brand based in the UK.

I have used both stampers and they both perform excellent, though I prefer MoYou a bit more because I have used them for a long time now and they have been very consistent.

But if you want to save some money you can click here to check out Winstonia Marshmallow stampers on Amazon.

4- Ejiubas Jelly Clear Nail Stamper

Ejiubas are some of the most popular and widely sold clear jelly stampers.

In my opinion, these stampers aren’t the best clear nail stampers, they are a bit too firm and you need to prime them thoroughly before they can work well.

But the great thing about them is that they are very affordable and I guess this is why they are so popular.

Ejiubas Stampers are very popular on Amazon, you can click to see their current price there.

5- Konad Double Headed Stamper

The Konad brand is one of the first and original companies to help reintroduce and make nail stamping as a popular form of nail art.

They are still in operation and they make stamping plates, stamping polish, and an extremely popular nail stamper.

Most Konad stampers are made of rubber and they are known for being firm and extremely durable I have had mine for almost 6 years now.

Pros of Konad Stampers

  • Durable – Made of tough rubber
  • Affordable
  • Their firm texture prevents smudging

Cons of Konad Stampers

  • Doesn’t pick up imprints from badly etched plates.
  • Most people find firm stampers difficult to use
  • And they usually require a lot of practicing to master.
  • It requires priming to work well.

The Konad stamper is more suited for someone who is more experienced in nail stamping and looking for a very firm and tough stamper.

You can get the Konad Stamper on Amazon click here to see the current price.

6- Whats Up Nail Stampers

Whats Up Nails have some really high-quality stampers but my favorite stamper from them is their Huge Magnified Clear Stamper.

These stampers are totally transparent and they are also shorter than most stampers which allows you to see the imprints more clearly.

To be clear these stampers are not magnifying the image instead since the stampers are shorter you are just seeing the design closer, so thus you get more clarity.

Pros and Cons of Whats Up Nail Stampers

Whats Up Magnified Stampers is one of the largest nail stampers I have ever used, this allows them to excel at designs that cover your entire nails.

They also have a really balanced texture, being not too soft or too firm, which allows them to pick up and stamp imprints easily.

But because of their large size also makes them a bit hard to handle and maneuver which is a pain when you are trying to be accurate and make smaller designs.

Whats Up Nails are also a more premium brand so their stampers tend to be more expensive.

Where to Get Whats Up Nail Stampers

You can get Whats Up Stampers on Amazon you can click to see the current price there.

7- Born Pretty Stampers

Born Pretty has some of the nicest and cutest nail stampers available, from cute bunnies to colorful holographic stampers.

Performance-wise they aren’t the best since they tend to be too firm which makes picking up and stamping designs a bit more challenging.

And they also require a good amount of priming before they can up to standard.

Now, these stampers would still work well once you prime them and they would be amazing either as gifts or to be displayed as a fancy stamping decor either for a nail salon or if you are lucky like me and you have a dedicated nail room.

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