5 Best Nail Stamping Plates & Kits For Amazing Nail Art 2022

Best Nail Stamping Plates and Kits
Best Nail Stamping Plates and Kits

Best Stamping Plates and Kits are:

  1. Clear Jelly Stamper (High-quality premium stamping plates and kits.)
  2. Ejiubas (A budget-friendly brand of stamping plates)
  3. Twinkled T Stamping Plates
  4. Maniology Stamping Plates
  5. MoYou-London (Best UK based brand of nail stamping Plates)

Tips when Choosing Nail Stamping Plates & Kits

1- Look for Well Etched Plates

Firstly you need to understand that not all stamping plates are created equal.

Some plates are engraved or etched too shallow which means that not enough polish can get between the grooves and instead run off the plates. This makes:

  1. Picking up the Design Very Difficult.
  2. And even if you do eventually get it to stick onto your stamper, the design usually comes out very light. This because the grooves couldn’t hold enough polish to give you a bright print.

Now on the other end of the spectrum – if a plate is etched too deep this can lead to excess polish left pooled up in the grooves. This makes:

  • The stamping plate harder to clean.
  • And causes the design to smudge more easily.

I rarely find plates that are etched too deep this is because it is more time and energy-consuming to do, instead the biggest issue with stamping plates is that they tend to be etched too shallow.

Now if you do have a plate that is etched very shallow, they can still work but you are probably gonna need a good stamping polish and a top-notch nail stamper.

The best stamping plates are etched not too shallow and yet not too deep, making them easy to use and very consistent.

2- Know the Size of your Nails

Another important tip is to check to ensure that the size of the designs on the plates can fit with the size of your nails.

This is more important to know for plates that feature single designs such as a single flower or a single heart. That can sometimes be too small or too big for your nails.

With some plates, this is less of an issue since they have large full coverage designs that can go on any size of nail since they are meant to cover the entire nail.

1- Clear Jelly Nail Stamping Plates

Clear Jelly Stamper is a Canadian Based Nail Art company that in my opinion makes some of the best stamping products.

I absolutely love their clear nail stamper and their stamping plates are usually amazingly creative and more importantly very well engraved.

Most of their products are made using high-quality materials and heavily tested and vetted right in Canada so you know you are gonna get amazing plates and stampers.

Pros of Clear Jelly Stampers Plates

1- Consistent & Easy to Use

Their plates are some of the best engraved stamping plates I have ever used which makes them very easy to work with and allows them to make consistently good nail art.

2- Works with any Nail Stamper

Now because Clear Jelly Stamping Plates are etched really well they can work with almost any brand or type of nail stamper. But I highly recommend their own Clear Jelly Nail Stamper.

Clear Jelly Stamper inc actually pioneered the concept of a totally transparent nail stamper and they hold a patent for it. I have an entire article where I go through the pros and cons of this stamper, you can click here to read it.

3- Creative Designs

Clear Jelly Stamper has a wide array of amazing designs gonna leave some links below:

Christian designed plates that are great for making church themed nail art.

Cute Fruit Themed Nail Stamping Plates

Floral Themed Stamping Plates

Elegant Christmas Stamping Plates

Plus I love how their website has their plates in color and gives you a measurement to compare the size of each design, so you know what size you are getting.

You can see how one of their plates look like in the image below and notice the measurement in the top left hand corner to give you a point of reference to the size of the designs.


Cons of Clear Jelly Stamper

The main drawback with Clear Jelly Stamping Plates is that they tend to be expensive in comparison to other budget stamping plates but what I usually do is try to buy them when they are on sale.

I suspect the reason why they tend to be more pricey, is that most of their products are made in Canada where the cost of labor is much higher.

How To Do Stamping with the Clear Jelly Plates

I found a really nice video that will guide you on how to use it.

Where to Get Clear Jelly Nail Stamping Kit

Clear Jelly Stamper has a really nice Stamping Kit that comes with:

  • A high-quality Clear Stamper,
  • 3 Stamping polish,
  • A special cleaning pad for the Stamper
  • A Scraper and
  • One of their Small stamping plates

This stamping kit has everything that you need to get started in nail stamping.

But most importantly these are some of the best stamping gear you can get, so I am pretty sure they will make your first stamping experience go smoothly.

When I first experimented in stamping I had a tough start, I ended up having to buff my cheap rubber stamper and even had to thicken my polish to actually get any results.

Hopefully, this kit can make your first stamping experience go smoother than mine, you can click here to see the price of the Clear Jelly Stamping Kit on Amazon.

By the way, I really love Clear Jelly packaging they really go the extra mile. And, in my opinion, because of the nice packaging, these stamping kits would work as really great as a cute gift.

2- Ejiubas Stamping Plates

Ejiubas is a good budget-friendly brand of nail stamping plates.

They are very affordable and have a wide array of designs and themes to choose from which has made them very popular.

Their stamping plates are usually etched double-sided meaning that they have designs on both sides of the plates which allows for a lot more designs per plate.

Ejiubas stamping plates are reasonably well-etched but not as good as premium brands of stamping plates. So I would advise that you use a stamping polish when working with them for the best results.

Where to Get Ejiubas Stamping Plates

Amazon usually has them in stock at really good prices, gonna leave some links below.

They have a very affordable stamping kit that comes with a clear stamper, a scraper, and 3 double-sided stamping plates, you can click here to see the current price.

Plus they have a really nice and affordable Halloween and Christmas Themed Combo Stamping Plates, you can click to see the price on Amazon.

3- Maniology Stamping Plates

Maniology formerly known as Bundle Monster is one of the big brands in the Stamping World. They are well known for high quality yet affordable stamping polish, plates, and stampers.

They have some really good stamping plates, you can click to see a Maniology stamping kit on Amazon which includes 5 different stamping plates.

4- Twinkled T Stamping Plates

Twinkled T is a small independent nail art company based in California, they are operated by two sisters who are really dedicated to making good products.

Their stamping plates are well etched and are easy to use but they seriously need more designs.

You can click to see some of their stainless steel stamping plates on Amazon.

Or you can click here to buy a nice combo set directly from their website.

Twinkled T has some of the best stamping polishes on the market, I have an entire article on them, you can click here to read it.

5- MoYou-London Nail Stamping Plates

MoYou London is one of the best UK Based Nail Stamping company.

They are totally specialized in Nail Stamping Products so you can expect really good quality, well-etched stamping plates, and a ton of unique designs and themes.

MoYou-London’s biggest drawback is that they are extremely pricey, you can click to see the price of their Floral Themed Stamping Plates on Amazon.

Important Notes on Stamping Plates

1- Always Remove the Covering from the Plates

All stamping plates will come with a plastic wrap that covers the etching side of the plates. This plastic wrap is to protect the plates from being damaged and scratched during shipping.

Now always remember to remove the plastic wrap before stamping. I usually use a tweezer to peel them off so as to protect my nails and make removing it easier.

These plastic wraps use to be transparent but are now mostly blue in color. I guess the color change was done to remind first-time stampers to remove the wrap before stamping.

2- Store Properly

You should store your plates in such a way that they don’t rub or touch each other this is to avoid them scratching each other and thus distorting the etches since the edges of stamping plates can be very sharp.

3- Careful with the Edges of the Plates

Some stamping plates can have very sharp edges to the extent where they can actually cut you. So be careful when handling them, especially when removing the plastic covering.

I have been cut a few times already whilst removing the plastic that’s another reason why I use a sturdy tweezer instead of my fingers to peel off the plastic.

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