5 Best Quality Christmas Nail Stickers & Wraps 2022

Best Christmas Nail Stickers & Wraps
Best Christmas Nail Stickers & Wraps

The 5 Best Christmas Nail Stickers are:

  1. TailaiMei Christmas Nail Stickers (Very easy to apply)
  2. Lily and Fox Winter Nail Wraps (A premium & durable brand)
  3. Nail Angel Christmas Wraps (Very affordable)
  4. Nailpixie Water Transfer Nail Stickers
  5. Moon Sugar Nail Decals (Great Grinch Nail Stickers)

Using Nail Stickers and Nail Wraps are a simple and easy way to create stunningly complex and colorful Christmas nail art without you having to go to a nail salon.

And in this article, I will guide you through the best brands of nail stickers and wraps and how to use and apply each of them.

1- TailaiMei Christmas Nail Stickers

TailaiMei has some really cute Christmas nail stickers. They have a wide range of colorful and festive designs such as Santas, Snowmen, Raindeers, Christmas Trees and so much more.

These are not full nail wraps instead they are small self-adhesive nail stickers that are super easy to apply.

How to Apply TailaiMei Christmas Nail Stickers

  • Firstly ensure that your nails are completely clean and dry, you can wash it with simple soap and water.
  • If your nails are dirty it prevents the stickers from adhering to your nails properly.
  • Once your nails are clean and dry, peel off the sticker from the sheet of paper.
  • And finally, paste it onto your nails.

These stickers can be applied either over your bare nails or over nail polish. In my opinion, they last longer and look nicer over nail polish.


If you want your nails stickers to look more glossy and last longer you should apply a transparent top coat over it.

A Top Coat adds a protective sheen over your nail stickers. If you don’t already have one I recommend, OPI High Gloss Top Coat you can click here to see the price on Amazon.

Pros TailaiMei Christmas Nail Stickers

  1. Affordable – These stickers are very budget-friendly
  2. Wide Range Of Designs
  3. Easy to Apply
  4. Very Easy to Remove – All you need to do is peel off the sticker, but if you use a top coat you will need to use some polish remover to remove the top coat before peeling off the sticker.

Cons of TailaiMei Christmas Nail Stickers

  1. Not Very Durable – When applied without a top coat these nail stickers would last you a day or so. This is because the adhesive that they use isn’t very strong and is susceptible to being washed away with water, the Top Coat prevents this from happening.
  2. Won’t Cover the Entire Nail – These are not full nail wraps they are mini nail decals. The next brand of stickers in this article are full nail wraps so keep on reading.

Where to get TailaiMei Christmas Nail Stickers

You can click here to check out 48 sheets of TailaiMei Nail Stickers on Amazon.

2- Lily & Fox Christmas Nail Wraps

Lily and Fox Christmas Nail Wraps are a durable and premium brand of full cover nail wraps.

A full cover nail wrap means that the wrap covers the entire nail, instead just being a sticker.

These nail wraps are also self-adhesive meaning that they just need to be pasted onto your nails without the need for heat, water, or glue.

Pros and Cons of Lily and Fox Christmas Nail Wraps

They tend to be very easy to apply and much more durable than other nail stickers but they also cost a lot more than regular nail stickers.

You can click here to see Lily and Fox’s collection of really cute Christmas themed Nail Stickers.

And you can click here to read a step by step guide on how to apply Lily and Fox Nail Wraps.

3- Nail Angel Christmas Nail Wraps

Nail Angel Wraps are full cover self-adhesive nail wraps and are very similar to Lily and Fox.

They also have a nice combo set of festive and elegant Winter themed nail wraps. And the great thing is that they are cheaper than Lily and Fox.

But in my opinion, they are also not as durable, so I would advocate that you use a top coat over them to make them last longer.

Where to Get Nail Angel Christmas Wraps.

You can click here to see the price on Amazon for a 12 set of Nail Wraps. Each set contains 14 nail wraps which means you get 168 wraps.

4- Nailpixie Water Transfer Nail Stickers

Nailpixie is a brand of nail stickers sold on Etsy and they have a wide variety of elegant and creative Christmas Nail stickers.

These are water transfer nail stickers mean that you need to use water to apply it to your nails.

Nial Pixie nail wraps are all handcrafted.

How to Apply Nailpixie

  • Firstly, cut out the design from the sheet of paper.
  • You can cut them out in squares or any shape that is convenient for the design
  • Secondly, soak the cut out in some water for 20 seconds.
  • Next, use a tweezer to remove the design from the paper or you can also slide it off the paper onto your nails.
  • Then apply the design onto your nails and use a paper towel to soak up the water
  • Finally, let your nails dry thoroughly.

Water transfer nail stickers aren’t very durable so you are gonna need to apply a top coat over the design.

In my opinion, they are a bit more tedious to apply in comparison to self-adhesive nail stickers but they have amazing designs and they tend to be more affordable.

You can click here to check some of Nailpixie Christmas Nail Stickers on Etsy.

5- MoonSugar Grinch Nail Stickers

These are also water transfer nail stickers meaning that you need to use water to make it adhere to your nails.

They are applied just like Nailpixie Nails Stickers.

You can click here to see the price of a sheet of Grinch Themed Nail Stickers on Amazon.

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