6 Best Quality Halloween Nail Stickers & Wraps 2022

Halloween Nail Stickers & Wraps
Halloween Nail Stickers & Wraps

The 6 Best Nail Stickers and Wraps for Halloween are:

  1. TailaiMei Self Adhesive Halloween Nail Stickers
  2. Whaline Halloween Nail Stickers
  3. Macute Water Transfer Halloween Nail Art Stickers
  4. SW Nails Water Transfer Stickers
  5. Toobit Halloween Nail Art Water Transfer Decal
  6. Halloween Art Nail Foil Transfer Stickers,

Nail Stickers and Wraps allow you easily and quickly have amazingly complex and colorful nail art which makes them perfect to create Halloween Nail Art. Citation.

And in this article I will guide you through the best brands of nail stickers and wraps for Halloween and how to easily apply them.

1- TailaiMei Halloween Nail Stickers

TailaiMei Nail stickers are the brand that I recommend the most for Halloween.

They offer an amazing array of Halloween Nail Art, featuring images of Bats, Witches, Skulls, Ghosts and so much more.

The main reason why I like them is that their nail stickers can vary from really creepy and spooky to actually simple and cute.

Making them great for both kids and adults.

Plus they are self-adhesive making them very easy to use.

  • First, apply a coat of nail polish to your nails,
  • My advice use a color that works with your intended Sticker
  • Once your nail polish is applied allow it to dry.
  • Next, using a tweezer remove the sticker from the package
  • And gently paste it on your nails
  • Finally, try your best to smooth out any wrinkles on the sticker
  • And let dry for one minute and you are good to go.

Important Note

These stickers should last you a whole day, but if you want your sticker to last a lot longer apply a topcoat.

Now because they are self-adhesive, TailaiMei Nail stickers can be applied onto your bare nails, just ensure your nails are properly cleaned before application.

Self-adhesive means they come with their own glue.

Where to Buy TailaiMei Nails

These nail stickers are very affordable and Amazon usually has them in stock and at a good price.

They come in packages of 12 sheets with 1500 different nail stickers, which for a few bucks, in my opinion, is a really good value.

You can click here to check the current price of them on Amazon.

2- Whaline Halloween Nail Stickers

Whaline Halloween Nail Stickers are very similar to TailaiMei.

They are self-adhesive and very easy to apply to your nails.

You can follow the same instructions as TailaMei.

You can click here to see the price of 12 Sheets of Whaline Nail Stickers on Amazon.

3- Macute Halloween Water Transfer Nail Art Stickers

Macute is a brand of water transfer Nail Stickers and they have a great Halloween theme set. Featuring scary monster, skulls, and witches.

Now it’s important to note that these stickers won’t last too long and they tend to take more effort to apply

But if you have a DIY mindset they can be really fun.

Plus since they won’t last too long they are best suited for a one night of a trick or treating or a Halloween Party.

How to Apply These Stickers

  • Now to apply you are gonna first need to remove your stickers from the package and then soak them in some water
  • And then apply them to your nails
  • Next, you need to dry up the excess water on your stickers using a paper towel
  • Finally, blow-dry the stickers to make them firmly stick on.

You can click to see the price of these nail wraps on Amazon.

4- SW Nail Stickers

SW Nail Stickers are water transfer nail stickers like Macute Stickers and they are applied with the same method.

But they are more premium brand thus they cost a bit more. What I love about them is that they help create amazingly realistic nail art.

This realism comes from the use of extra details and deep colors.

You can click here to see some of the SW Halloween themed nail stickers sold on Etsy.

5- TooBit Halloween Nail Water Nail Stickers

TooBit also offers a really good package of water transfer Halloween Stickers.

They come in 48 sheets of various designs from ghosts to bats

You can click to see the variety and price of them on Amazon

6- Halloween Nail Foil Transfer Stickers

These stickers have a wide variety of Halloween patterns but they require a lot of work because you have to manually cut them out.

So for me, they are more of a DIY Project.

Feel free to check them out on Amazon click to see the current price of 10 sheet package.

Now to learn more about Nail Stickers and Nail Wraps you can click to read my Ultimate Guide on this topic.

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