4 Best Nail Stickers & Wraps For Kids – Easy Kids Nail Art

Nail Stickers For Kids
Nail Stickers For Kids

The 4 Best Nail Stickers for Kids are:

  1. MadHolly Nail Stickers (Very easy to apply – Just peel off and paste on your nails)
  2. Disney Nail Stickers (Great Cartoon Nail Art)
  3. KingMas Water Transfer Nail Stickers (Most Affordable)
  4. SoGloss Kids Nail Wraps (Most Durable)

Nail Stickers are basically stickers that are pasted onto nails to make nail art. They are one of the safest and easiest methods to make amazing nail art for kids. Citation.

1- MadHolly Self-Adhesive Nail Stickers

These are simple mini nail decals that can be pasted onto your nails which in my opinion are the best type of nail stickers for kids.

They come in a wide variety of designs, they are super safe and easy to use.

How to Apply MadHolly Nail Stickers.

  • These stickers usually come attached to sheets of paper.
  • So the first thing that you need to do is peel off the sticker from the paper.
  • And then paste the sticker onto the nails, very easy and simple.

Tips When Applying Self Adhesive Nail Stickers

1- It’s much easier and faster if you use a tweezer to peel off the stickers from the sheets and for applying them onto your nails.

2- To make your nail stickers last longer and look more glossy consider applying a transparent top coat over it.

You can use any top coat that you have, but for kids, I would advocate using a water-based top coat. These don’t require harsh chemicals like acetone to be removed, instead, they are peeled off just like nail stickers. Citation.

You can click here to see the price of one on Amazon. The only drawback with these top coats is that they wont last as long as regular top coats.

3- You can apply these stickers either on your bare nails or over nail polish. But I have noticed that they last longer and look better over nail polish.

Pros of MadHolly Nail Stickers

  1. Very Easy to Apply: Certain nail stickers require heat or water to be applied which can tedious but these stickers are self-adhesive so they are much easier to work with.
  2. Wide Range Of Colorful Designs to Choose from: There are tons of brands that offer these types of stickers, with hundreds of different designs available.
  3. Easy to Remove: To remove these stickers all you need is to use a tweezer to peel them off. Now if you use a regular top coat over them you are gonna need to use polish remover to remove the top coat before the stickers can be peeled off.
  4. Affordable: These types of stickers are very budget-friendly and tend to much cheaper than going to a nail salon.
  5. Very Fast: These stickers can be applied very quickly – in a matter of minutes you have colorful and amazing nail art.

Cons of MadHolly Nail Stickers

  1. Not Very Durable – By themselves, these types of stickers would only last a couple of hours. This is because their adhesive is usually very weak. So I would advise that you apply a Top Coat over them to make your design last longer.
  2. Not Very Big – Some of the stickers that come in the package are a bit small. So for individuals with large fingers, they might not show prominently this is because they were made for kids.
  3. Won’t cover the whole nails – these stickers are mini nail sticker decals, not full nail wraps.

If you are interested in full nail wraps you can click here to read my article on the Best Nail Wraps and Polish Strips.

Where To Get Self Adhesive Nail Stickers For Kids

There are two great brands that I recommend Madholly or TailaiMei. Both of these are great and are applied using the same method that I outlined earlier.

You can click on the links below to see the price of each on Amazon.

12 Sheets of TailaiMei Nail Sticker – with cute Hearts, Flowers, and a lot of other designs.

10 Sheets of Madholly Nail Stickers – with Cute Unicorns and other designs

2- Disney Nail Stickers

I found some really nice Disney Nail Art Stickers on Amazon, you can click here to see the price.

These are very similar to MadHolly Self Adhesive Nail Stickers and are applied the same way – Just peel off and paste.

Remember for them to last a long time, apply a top coat.

3- KingMas Water Transfer Nail Stickers

KingMas Water Transfer Nail Stickers are one of the most affordable types of nail stickers available and they tend to have an amazing array of colorful designs from flowers to animals.

And because of their affordability and colorful designs, they are one of the most popular brands of nail stickers for little girls.

How To Apply Water Transfer Nail Stickers

  • The first thing that you need to do is wash and dry your nails completely.
  • Secondly, you are gonna have to cut out the design of your choice from the sheet.
  • For now, you can just cut them out in squares.
  • Then dip your nails into some water to make them wet.
  • Next, remove the plastic film or layer found over the design that you cut out.
  • Then dip the design into some water for around 15-20 seconds.
  • And then using a tweezer peel the sticker from the sheet and paste it onto the nail
  • Finally, smooth out the design as much as possible and then let it dry completely,
  • And if you want the design to last extra long apply a top coat.

I found a short video that should be able to guide you, but the only difference is that she applied the sticker by placing it directly on top of the nails, instead of using a tweezer to remove and apply it.

Both methods can work but for me, her method is a bit faster but at the same time riskier.

Pros of KingMas Water Transfer Nail Stickers

  • Wide Range of Designs to Choose from – a package usually comes with 50 sheets of nail art.
  • Very Affordable: One of the cheapest types of nail stickers on the market
  • No chemicals or adhesives used: Chemicals and Adhesives can potentially damage your nails and I won’t advise using them on kids.

Cons of KingMas Water Transfer Nail Stickers

  • Not very Durable: Without a top coat these nail stickers would last a couple of hours before falling off. With a Top Coat, they can last several days easily.
  • A bit tedious to apply: In my opinion, these types of nail sticker require more time and effort to be applied.

Where to Get KingMas Nail Stickers

You can get a set with 50 sheets of KingMas nail stickers plus it comes with a special tweezer on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price.

I also found some really good Disney water transfer nail stickers on eBay you can click here to see them.

4- SoGloss Heat Activated Kids Nail Wraps

SoGloss is a brand of nail wraps sold on Etsy and they have amazing designs from simple unicorns to cute cats and dogs, that are perfect for kids.

They specialize in Nail Wraps which are a type of nail sticker that can cover your entire nail.

SoGloss Nail Wraps are made of Vinyl and are applied using heat, usually from a Hair Dryer.

This heat application method makes them, in my opinion, tedious to apply but also makes them the most durable type of nail stickers featured in this article.

SoGloss Nail Wraps are sold on Etsy you can click here to check them out.

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