9 Best Nail Wraps, Stickers & Polish Strips For Easy Nail Art

Best Nail Wraps, Nail Polish Strips and Nail Stickers
Best Nail Wraps, Nail Polish Strips and Nail Stickers

The 9 Best Nail Wraps, Nail Art Stickers, and Polish Strips are:

  1. BornBeauty – (Easiest to apply with the best glitter designs)
  2. Socu Nail Stickers – (Best animal nail art)
  3. TailaiMei Halloween Nail Stickers
  4. Disney Nail Stickers for Kids
  5. Lily & Fox Christmas Nail Stickers & Wraps
  6. Blulu – (Strong plain white nail sticker tips that you can design)
  7. Sally Hansen Nail Wraps
  8. Whaline – (More suitable for kids)
  9. La Demoiselle – (3D Nail Stickers)
  10. Born Pretty – (DIY Nail Paper)
  11. Ruimio – (Great nail stencils)

So in case you are new to nail wraps and polish strips and you wondering what they are:

Nail Wraps are specialized stickers that you apply onto your nails allowing you to quickly and easily have complex nail art and designs. Citation.

They are usually made from; vinyl, solid nail polish, silk, or a combination of these materials. Citation 1 and 2.

1- BornBeauty Nail Wraps and Polish Strips

BornBeauty Nail Wraps and Stickers are super easy to use and more importantly, they offer amazing designs from colorful floral designs to fancy glittery nail art.

These nail wraps are made of real nail polish, the same polish that you would usually get in a bottle.

Pros of BornBeauty Nails

1- Very Easy to Put on

Out of all the Nail Stickers that I have used BornBeauty Wraps are by far the easiest to apply.

They are basically stickers made of nail polish, that you can peel off and then paste on your nails.

No need to use heat, water or any external adhesives.

How to Apply Nail Wraps

Each Nail Wraps will be a bit different but how they are applied is roughly the same.

  • The first thing that you need to do is push back your cuticle
  • Now if you have the time you should buff your nails too this helps make the wraps last longer.
  • Next, proceed to clean your nails.
  • To clean your nails you can either use rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.
  • It’s essential to thoroughly clean your nails before applying the wrap.
  • If you apply the wrap onto a nail with dirt, it would cause the wrap not to adhere well.
  • Once the nails are cleaned and dried you can proceed to apply the nail strips.
  • To do so open up the package and remove the wraps.
  • Then you need to organize each nail strip with their corresponding fingernail size
  • Now once you have them paired off, peel off the plastic on the design side of the wrap and then remove the back cover.
  • Now proceed to position the nail strip over your nail and firmly paste it on.
  • Finally, remove the excess material on the front of the nail using a nail file.
  • You can see how it’s done in the video below

In this video, she uses the Sally Hansen brand which is a really good brand but sadly has been discontinued, the process of application is the same for BornBeauty and most other brands.

2- Made of Real Nail Polish

BornBeauty Wraps are made of standard nail polish in a solid form.

So nothing out of the way is going on your fingernails, just regular polish that you are already accustomed to.

3- Long Lasting

The BornBeauty can last roughly 5-6 days. Which is pretty long in comparison to other Nail Wraps.

This is because BornBeauty nails are made of nail polish, which increases the strip’s longevity.

Now if you put a transparent top coat on them they can last for 2 weeks which is incredible.

4- Water Resistant

One of the main issues with most nail wraps is that they fade or drop off when they come in contact with water.

BornBeauty nail wraps are made of nail polish making them water resistant.

5- Easy to Remove

BornBeauty Nail wraps are pretty easy to remove.

All you need to do is soak your hands in soapy water for a couple of minutes and then use a tweezer to peel off the stickers.

Drawbacks of BornBeauty Nail Polish Strips

1- Needs More Variety

Since BornBeauty is a relatively new player in the market they lack variety in designs.

The good news is that new designs are constantly being released.

2- Has a Nail Polish Scent

Some folks have complained about the high scent that the strips have.

Dont worry the scent is standard and goes away after you wash your hands out.

This smell comes from the fact that the BornBeauty strips are made from real nail polish.

I didn’t even notice because they smell just like normal nail polish.

If anyone from BornBeauty is reading this maybe you guys should consider scenting your nails with nice fragrances or at least making them with no scent if possible.

Another con is if you are looking to avoid nail polish then BornBeauty is not for you, keep reading the next Nail sticker in this article caters for you.

Who Should Try BornBeauty Nail Wraps

BornBeauty Nail Wraps are great:

  • If you want premium-designed nails without going to a salon.
  • BornBeauty wraps have that shiny gloss that nail polish has,
  • this is because they are made of real nail polish
  • Most other nail stickers dont have this.
  • If you are looking to save money, these nail polish strips work off cheaper than going to a salon.
  • If you want your nail design to last long, BornBeauty wraps tend to be tougher and remain in place longer than most brands of nail wraps.

Where To Get BornBeauty Nail Strips

You can check out Amazon which usually has the wraps at great prices and they have a wide range of designs to choose from, gonna leave links below to the ones that I like.

Each sheet has 16 individual nail wraps.

5 Sheets of BornBeauty Glitter Nail Strips.

3 Sheets Shiny BornBeauty Nail Strips

4 Sheet Decorated BornBeauty Nail Wraps.

3 Sheets of Simple BornBeauty Wraps

Now if you are looking for nail stickers to make nail art for kids you can click here to read my recommendation on the best nail stickers for kids.

You can click here to read my recommended nail stickers to make amazing Halloween Nail Art.

And click here to check out my recommended Nail Stickers for Christmas Nail Art.

2- Socu Nail Stickers

Socu Nail Strips have the cutest animal nail art from cute bunnies and puppies that are sure to impress.

They are very popular, easy to apply and can last for 3-4 days without a top coat of nail polish.

Socu nails differ from BornBeauty in that they are not made of nail polish and are more like stickers.

That’s why they can have more intricate designs.

Pros of Socu Nail Wraps

1- Easy to Use – Same Process as BornBeauty Nails.

2- Wide Variety – They have more designs than BornBeauty, this is because they are more like stickers than nail polish strips.

So you can expect a wide variety of intricate designs.

3- They don’t Have Any High Smell – Since they are not made of nail polish Socu nails are scentless.

Cons of Socu Nail Stickers

1- Doesn’t Last too Long– Socu nails are more like stickers so they won’t last too long.

Water and heat tend to damage them after a while.

2- Not Made of Real Nail Polish – If you are accustomed to Nail Polish then these stickers might feel out of place for you.

Who Should Try Socu Stickers

Socu nails are great:

  • If you want a lot of designs, Socu has a wide range of designs.
  • If you suffer from nail polish allergies or just can’t stand nail polish then consider trying Socu Nail stickers.
  • Remember they are not made of nail polish.
  • If you plan to use the design for a short period, remember Socu Nails won’t last long as a premium nail polish wrap

Where to Get Socu Nail Stickers

You can click on the links below to see the price of Socu wraps on Amazon.

6 Sheets of Simple Socu Nail Stickers.

6 Sheets of Socu Animal Design Nail Stickers.

6 Sheets of Full Socu Flamingo Nail Wraps

3- TailaiMei Halloween Nail Stickers

TailaiMei Nail stickers are the brand that I recommend the most for Halloween.

They offer an amazing array of Halloween Nail Art, featuring images of Bats, Witches, Skulls, Ghosts and so much more.

The main reason why I like them is that their nail stickers can vary from really creepy and spooky to actually simple and cute.

Making them great for both kids and adults.

Plus they are self-adhesive making them very easy to use.

  • First, apply a coat of nail polish to your nails,
  • My advice use a color that works with your intended Sticker
  • Once your nail polish is applied allow it to dry.
  • Next, using a tweezer remove the sticker from the package
  • And gently paste it on your nails
  • Finally, try your best to smooth out any wrinkles on the sticker
  • And let dry for one minute and you are good to go.

Where to Buy TailaiMei Nails

These nail stickers are very affordable and Amazon usually has them in stock and at a good price.

They come in packages of 12 sheets with 1500 different nail stickers, which for a few bucks, in my opinion, is a really good value.

You can click here to check the current price of them on Amazon.

4- Disney Nail Stickers for Kids

I found some really nice Disney Nail Art Stickers on Amazon, you can click here to see the price.

These are very similar to MadHolly Self Adhesive Nail Stickers and are applied the same way – Just peel off and paste.

Remember for them to last a long time, apply a top coat.

5- Lily & Fox Christmas Nail Wraps

Lily and Fox Christmas Nail Wraps are a durable and premium brand of full cover nail wraps.

A full cover nail wrap means that the wrap covers the entire nail, instead just being a sticker.

These nail wraps are also self-adhesive meaning that they just need to be pasted onto your nails without the need for heat, water, or glue.

Pros and Cons of Lily and Fox Christmas Nail Wraps

They tend to be very easy to apply and much more durable than other nail stickers but they also cost a lot more than regular nail stickers.

You can click here to see Lily and Fox’s collection of really cute Christmas themed Nail Stickers.

And you can click here to read a step by step guide on how to apply Lily and Fox Nail Wraps.

Nail Beauty Nail Polish Strips

Nail Beauty strips are made of real nail polish and are very similar to BornBeauty Nail Wraps.

I have never tried them before since they are a very new player in the market.

And so far they seem to have great products, with a lot of positive sentiment from their customers.

Nail Beauty wraps are very popular but they are a bit more pricey in comparison to BornBeauty Nails.

Where To Get Nail Beauty Strips

You can click to see the price on Amazon for 8 sheets of Nail Beauty Strips.

Each sheet has 16 individual nail wraps and they come with a nail file.

Wokoto Nail Art Stickers

Another widely used nail sticker brand is Wokoto Nail Strips.

Wokoto offers a wide range of nail designs they are very affordable, they are not made of nail polish and are more akin to nail stickers.

Now since they are not made of nail polish they have no high scent.

Wokoto Nail Stickers should last 3-4 days and they are very similar to Socu Nails.

Where to Get Wokoto Nails

You can click to see the price of 8 Sheets of Wokoto Nail Art Stickers on Amazon.

6- Blulu Nail Stickers Tips

These are plain white nail sticker tips that come with their own adhesives.

Blulu Stickers are made of high-quality Vinyl.

And they allow you to have really professional looking french tips easily without the need for acrylics or gel.

How to Apply

  • First, you need to apply a base polish onto your nails and allow it to dry
  • Next, take off the stickers from the sheet and proceed to paste it on your nails
  • Now apply another coating of nail polish
  • Finally, allow it to dry and then remove the cover on the stickers

They are very affordable and in the long run, they save you both money and time.

Where to get Blulu

Amazon usually has them at good prices you can click to see the price of them.

These Blulu wraps give you a curved smile french tip design.

7- Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips and Wrap

The Sally Hansen Company is one of the companies that pioneered nail polish strips and wraps.

The Hansen brand has been around since 1946 and they played a key role in making nail wraps popular.

Sadly they have discontinued production of their nail wraps.

The reason why we wanted to include their wraps in this article is that:

  • Their nail wraps were pretty good, Sally Hansen doesn’t play around, they are renowned for high-quality products
  • And thankfully there still a lot of nail wraps still being sold on Amazon.

So you can try them out just don’t get too attached and be warned they might be expired.

Also, the patter that you order is not necessarily the pattern you would get.

Sally Hansen wraps were made of real nail polish and they last for 2 weeks.

If you are interested in Sally Hansen Salon Effect you can click to see the price of them on Amazon.

These are leftover stock being sold.

8- Whaline Nail Stickers

Whaline Nail art stickers are very unique in comparison to the other nail stickers featured in this article.

They are not full nail wraps or nail strips instead they are micro decals that you can paste on your nails.

These stickers are not made of nail polish and if applied properly can last for 2-3 days.

How to Apply Whaline

  • Firstly you need to polish your nails with the nail polish of your choice
  • And then let it dry
  • Next, slowly peel off the stickers from the paper and then paste it on your nail
  • It preferable that you use a tweezer to paste the sticker in place this is so that you can get it just right
  • Finally, coat your nail and sticker with a transparent nail polish.

Pros of Whaline Stickers

  • Tons of Patterns Available: from bright flamingos, colorful flowers, to very cute animals. The patterns are endless.
  • Affordable: These are the cheapest nail stickers I could find.
  • Very kids friendly. Your Little girls are gonna enjoy pasting these stickers on their nails.

Cons of Whaline Stickers

  • These Stickers Work Best and last longer on Nail Polish or Acrylics, but they can work on plain nails, they just won’t last that long.
  • Whaline stickers won’t last long sometimes even a couple of hours if you are very active- like doing a lot of dishes, water is their enemy.
  • Won’t cover the entire nails just meant to be used to make patterns.
  • A bit Tedious to Use: in my experience with Whaline Stickers if you want a good fit your gonna need to use a tweezer.

Who Should Get Whaline Nail Stickers

  • Perfect for a single occasion: Think Halloween or Thanksgiving nails, only one occasion since they don’t last long.
  • A very fun activity for kids, imagine a party where they can have a competition to see who can make the nicest nail design.

Where To Get Whaline

Amazon has lots of Whaline Stickers available, you can click on the link below to see some of them.

Whaline Summer Nail Art Stickers.

You can click here for more great Nail Stickers for Kids.

9- La Demoiselle Nail Art 3D Stickers

La Demoiselle Nail stickers are very similar to Whaline Stickers in that they are small decals that are pasted on your nails.

They are applied and used in the same way as Whaline Stickers.

The main difference is that La Demoiselle has an amazing collection of 3 D Stickers that gives you a really neat look.

Pros Of La Demoiselle Nail Art 3D Stickers

  • A lot of Variety: Over 400 designs available.
  • Offers their stickers in 3D Design
  • Great for Young Girls.

Cons of La Demoiselle

  • Won’t Last Longer: 2-3 days max.
  • Preferable that you paste these stickers on acrylic, gel or nails that have nail polish, not on plain nails, on plain nails, they won’t last very long.

Where to Get La Demoiselle

You can click to check them out on Amazon, they have an amazing variety.

10- Born Pretty Nail Paper

Born Pretty Nail Papers are sold in paper rolls with designs on then that you need to cut out and paste on your nails using nail glue.

They are very affordable and would work great as a DIY Project with your girls.

For me, these nails rolls require a lot of work to use, so I won’t recommend it as a fashion item more as a fun project with the girls.

Pros Of Born Pretty Rolls

  • Affordable – One of the cheapest options for nail designs.
  • Ability To Design a lot of nails from one roll of nail paper.

Cons of Born Pretty Rolls

  • You need to buy your own Nail Glue
  • They require a lot of time and patience to put on.

You can click to see the price of Born Pretty rolls on Amazon.

Xichen Nail Foil

Xichen Nail Foils are shiny wraps that you have to paste onto your nails.

These Nail foils are very popular and they give you amazingly colorful and shiny designs.

The only bad aspect is that they dont have their own adhesives, you either need to use gel polish or use nail glue.

To apply these foils you need to:

  • Firstly clean your nails
  • and then apply either a transparent gel polish or special nail glue
  • Next cut a piece of nail foil and past it over your nails firmly
  • Finally, tear off the excess foil and apply a top coat of transparent nail polish.

How long do they last for

These foils are pretty tough and can last a long time, but it depends on the strength of nail glue that you use.

Where to Get Xichen Nail Foils

You can buy Xichen Nail foils on Amazon, click to see the current price.

For a really good nail glue click to see it on Amazon this is the brand that I use.

11- Ruimio Nail Stickers and Stencils

These are simple to use nail stickers, they are very similar to Whaline nail stickers.

The major difference is that they come with stencils that allow you to customize your nails a bit more.

Added to that they very affordable.

Where to Get Ruimio Nails

You can get them on Amazon, click to see the price of Ruimio Nail Stickers.

Why You Should Get Nail Wraps

1- Saves Money

In my opinion, this is the biggest advantage that nails wraps have, their low cost.

Nail wraps are very affordable, a fully designed manicure set using nail wraps can cost you a couple of dollars.

Whilst if you had to get that equivalent design from a salon it can be almost 5 times more or higher depending on where you live.

Remember you have to pay the salon for their labor and equipment.

2- Allows You To Personalize Your Nails for Different Occasions and Outfits

Nail Wraps come in a wide variety of designs; from Christmas designs to Valentine’s day artwork, the designs are almost endless.

Which affords you the ability to quickly and easily design your nails for various occasions or even your different outfits.

Imagine how fast you can switch your nail design for a pink dress at lunch to a dark pants suit for dinner.

3- Gives You Amazing Designs

Nail stickers allow you to have amazingly complex designs easily.

Some of these designs you can’t even get at a salon.

The majority of nail art done in salons is done by freehand and some nail technicians just dont have the skills needed.

Nail Stickers use high-end printers to make their designs. Citation.

4- Saves Time

Imagine how long it would take to freehand complex designs such as flowers and animals on your nails.

Nail stickers allow you to rapidly get complicated designs.

Even if you dont need any fancy designs, some nail wraps like the Blulu allow you to quickly get a french tip without the need for acrylics or gels which usually take a while.

5- Better For Your Nails

Nail wraps in comparison to acrylics and gels are better for your nails overall health since fewer chemicals are used.

The only issue with nail wraps that a lot of people get in trouble with is the removal process.

Some wraps have extra-strong adhesives and if removed incorrectly can damage your nails.

A good example is with Jamberry nails which have the strongest adhesives in the industry and you need to be careful when removing them

So make sure you read the directions on the best method of removal of that specific nail wrap.

6- Avoid Nail Polish

If you are allergic or just dont like nail polish, a great way to still make your nails look amazing is by using nail polish free nail stickers.

If you are trying to avoid nail polish, consider Socu Nail Stickers.

7- Social Media or Instagram Worthy Nails

Nail strips allow you to quickly make your nails Instagram worthy with their fancy designs.

You definitely gonna be impressing your friends with a new design every day.

8- Great Activity to Do With Your Kids.

My little girl absolutely loves designing her nails, she pretends to be like her mom.

And nail stickers give you an easy and safe way for your little one to get in the fun of making their nails look pretty.

Added to that I think its a really good way to awaken their creative side.

I would recommend the Whaline Nail Stickers for kids.

Plus nail wraps are an amazing activity for parties and sleepovers, regardless of age.

My girlfriends enjoy experimenting with various designs and taking photos and then peeling them off to try a new one.

Jamberry Wraps

I really couldn’t do an article on Nail wraps without mentioning Jamberry nails, which at one time was the largest nail wrap maker in the world.

Jamberry wraps arent in my good books, their wraps have a few traits that I dont like.

So they aren’t a wrap that I recommend but since they are so big and well known that I had to include them.

Cons Jamberry Nail Wraps

  • Tedious to Apply- To apply Jamberry wraps you need to use a heat source to activate the wrap’s adhesive
  • no other wrap on this list requires heat, this makes the application tougher and longer.
  • This heat allows the wrap to adhere extremely strong which is double edge sword
  • Because it makes removal of the wrap tougher and can potentially damage your nails if you dont follow the instructions.
  • Jamberry Wraps were more expensive than other similar wraps.

Pros of Jamberry Nails

The Greatest advantage that these wraps have over the other wraps is the fact that they can last much longer than most wraps.

This is because they use a heat-induced adhesive, but as discussed early this can come at a risk.

Currently, The Jamberry Company that makes these wraps are no longer in business. Citation.

There are two reasons why they went out of business:

1- They were a Multilevel marketing company meaning they made more money by recruiting sale representatives.

In my opinion, this business model made them focus on recruitment instead of making good products for their customers and made their products more expensive.

2- Increased Competition As you can see in this article a lot of new companies are offering great nail wraps that are easy to use and at a cheaper price, so Jamberry market share was chipped away.

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