When to Remove Acrylic Nails & When to Get it Filled

When to Remove Acrylic Nails & When to Get a Fill-in
When to Remove Acrylic Nails & When to Get a Fill-in

Acrylic nails are extremely durable and long-lasting. But you can’t wear them forever you will need to remove them after a while.

So in this article, we are going to guide you on when its best to get them removed and when to get them filled in.

When to get Acrylic Nails Filled

Acrylic Nails will need a fill-in every 2-3 weeks. How long exactly will depend on how fast your natural nails grow.

Now one of the best things about acrylic nails is that you don’t necessarily need to remove them when your nails grow out or when you want to change the color or design.

Instead, you can just maintain them by removing the excess length and doing a fill-in whenever your natural nails grow out

And if you want a change in the color or design of the acrylic nails you can also ask your nail tech to just do a color change by removing the old color and then applying the new design or color.

What is a Fill-In

A fill-in is the application of acrylic at the back of the nails done to cover the gap caused by natural nail growth.

So before completely removing acrylic nails ask your nail tech to file away excess length and to do a fill-in, rather than having to remove everything and do a whole new manicure.

You might be able to get 2 or 3 fill-ins before needing to completely remove your acrylic nails.

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Bonus Tip

If you just need a fill-in instead of complete removal, you also DIY Fill-in at Home.

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When to Remove Acrylic Nails

Once maintained well and with regular fill-ins, Acrylic nails won’t need to be completely removed for at least 6-8 weeks.

Now this will vary greatly, sometimes your acrylic nails will need to be removed earlier based on the condition that they are in.

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Signs to look for When You Might Need to Remove Acrylic Nails

1- Lifting

If your acrylic nails are lifting a lot at the edges that may be an indicator that you will need to have them completely removed.

Though a good nail tech can actually work to salvage acrylic nails that are lifting by using some acrylic mixture or glue to keep them in place. But this can only work with minor lifting and is usually just a temporary fix.

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2- Chipping or Breaking

If your acrylic nails have several major breakages they may need to be removed.

This is usually a sign that the acrylic nails are worn away and very brittle.

2- Nails Become Painful

Acrylic nails will be a bit sore after application this is completely normal you can click here to learn why.

But if you have had your acrylic nails for a while and they start to hurt, this could be because of infection.

Meaning you will need to remove the acrylic nails so that you can treat the infection.

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3- Nails Develop Any Itching

If your nails develop a strong persistent itch it may be a sign of an infection or even an allergic reaction.

This means that you will need to remove the acrylic to treat the infection.

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4- Natural Nails Need Healing

Most experts recommend giving your natural nails a break from nail products such as acrylic. This will reduce any stress or strain on them and allow them to get healthier and stronger.

It’s recommended that you let them have a break from any nail product every 2 months or so and let them stay natural for around 2 to 3 weeks before applying any other nail product on.

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5- Acrylic Nails Become Discolored

If your acrylic nails change colors, especially turning brown or yellow, it’s probably time to change them.

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