Acrylic Nails- How Long to Wear & When to take a Break

Acrylic Nails- How Long to Wear & When to take a Break
Acrylic Nails- How Long to Wear & When to take a Break

Acrylic nails are extremely durable and long-lasting and if you get a fill-in every 3 weeks, they can last you up to 6-8 weeks.

But should you really have your acrylic nails on for so long and do you really need to give your nails a break from them? Let’s see.

How Long to Wear Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails can be safely worn for 6-8 weeks and then they should be removed. This is what I and most experts recommend.

Even if your acrylic nails are not showing any sign of lifting, chipping, or peeling. You should still remove them after 8 weeks of continuously wearing them and not attempt to do a fill-in and then continue wearing them.

Now some nail techs might tell you otherwise but remember nail salons profit when you consistently pay for acrylic nails. And if everyone took breaks from acrylic nails their business will decrease.

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When to Take a Break From Acrylic Nails

You should take a break from acrylic nails if you have:

  • Worn them for more than 6 weeks
  • Had acrylic manicures applied twice in a row.

Taking a break from acrylic nails allows:

  1. Your nails to heal and grow naturally – since they won’t be constantly filed and have the acrylic weighing on them
  2. You to examine the health of your nails – without any acrylic blocking your view.
  3. Prevent infections and the development of allergic reactions.

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How long to take a Break From Acrylic

You should let your nails rest for 2-3 weeks after removing your acrylic nails.

If you remove your acrylic and your nails are in good health meaning they are strong and have no signs of infection then a 2-week break should suffice.

But if your nails are showing signs of infection and brittleness then don’t apply any acrylic or other nail products until they are completely healed.

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What Happens if You Have Acrylic on too Long without a Break

If you keep on wearing your acrylic nails pass 8 weeks and continue getting fill-ins and without taking a break it can:

1- Make your nails Thinner & Weaker

Your nails can get weaker with constantly being filed and exposed to harsh chemicals like acetone and acid-based primers.

Acetone is very harsh on both your nails and the cuticle skin around them. Constantly using acetone can lead to slower and weaker nail growth.

And too much filing and buffing and using nail primers will leave your nails thin and brittle.

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2- Cause a Nail Infection

Acrylic nails, especially if not applied correctly, can lead to a bacterial or fungal infection.

This happens when:

  • The acrylic nails are lifting and dirt and water get lodged under them which is a perfect breeding ground for microbes.
  • Nail tools were not properly sterilized before using like cuticle pusher or nail file which can spread infections.

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3- Lead to a nail infection not being spotted

Infections are usually spotted when your nails are discolored. And by constantly covering your nails with acrylic you won’t see if your nails are infected.

4- Develop an Allergic Reaction to Acrylic

Even though you might not be allergic to acrylic nails. You can overtime develop either an allergic or irritation contact dermatitis towards acrylic nails.

This usually happens when the acrylic liquid frequently comes into contact with your skin. This can be avoided by taking breaks from acrylic application and by ensuring none of the acrylic products goes onto your skin.

Contact Dermatitis usually happens to nail techs but if you are frequently getting acrylic nails and some of the products goes on your skin it can happen to you as well.

5- Leads to Acrylic Nails Becoming Discolored

If you don’t take a break from acrylic nails and you keep getting fill-ins then the acrylic nails can even develop a yellowish-brown tinge. You can click here to learn more.

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Alternatives to Acrylic Nails

Now even though you might be taking a break from acrylic doesn’t mean your nails still can’t look good.

They are other great nail products that are less harsh on your nails and will allow them to heal. Some of them are:

  1. Press on Nails – can give you lovely nail extensions without having to use any harsh chemicals or products.
  2. Peel-Off Nail Polishes – these are very safe water-based polishes that are perfect to use on your nails when they are recovering. Click here to learn more about them.

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