7 Tips to Quickly Heal Damaged Nails After Acrylic Or Gel

Tips to Quickly Heal Damaged Nails After Acrylic Or Gel
Tips to Quickly Heal Damaged Nails After Acrylic Or Gel

Both Gel and Acrylic extensions can damage your natural nails, leaving them tattered and brittle. This usually happens if your nails were already weak or the extensions were either applied or removed incorrectly.

Thankfully your nails will heal, though this usually takes some time. But they are some simple things you can do to speed up the recovery time.

That’s why in this article I am gonna share with you 7 easy tips to quickly heal your nails that are damaged and worn out.

1 – Keep Your Cuticles & Nails Moisturized

All nail growth comes from the nail matrix. And thus keeping your nail matrix healthy and well moisturized is vital to allow your damaged nails to regrow and recover.

The nail matrix is found right under the cuticle area – so the best way to hydrate and nourish the matrix is to moisturize your cuticles.

How to Moisturize Your Cuticles

To moisturize your cuticles I recommend rubbing a carrier oil that is extra absorbent onto your cuticles and then apply a layer of moisturizing cream to seal the oil in.

I recommend moisturizing your cuticles at least 3 times a day, but if your nails are in really bad condition your should moisturize them every time you wash your hands.

For moisturizing your cuticles I highly recommend Jojoba oil because it is easily absorbed into your cuticles unlike other types of oil which just sit on the surface of your skin.

To truly help your nails and cuticles heal you need to use a good cuticle oil and serum, not just plain oil. This is why we developed the 5 in 1 Cuticle Serum and Nail Oil. It contains a concentrated amount of Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Keratin, Castor oil and Hyaluronic acid

All of which is rapidly absorbed into your cuticles to help repair your nail matrix to make them create stronger and longer nails. You can click here to get a bottle on Amazon.

2- Give Your Nails a Break

Once you notice your nails are in bad condition – you need to give them a break from harsh nail products such as acrylic, gel, polygel, dip powder, or even gel polishes.

You see all of these products require the use of harsh chemicals such as nail primers or acetone which can further damage your nails.

If your nails are damaged you should avoid getting any nail product for at least 3 to 4 weeks. This allows them to heal. You can click here to learn more about taking a break from acrylic nails.

Instead, if you really want your nails to look good yet not damage them further then I recommend getting a non-toxic peel-off nail polish. These polishes are water-based and require no acetone to be removed. You can click here to learn more about peel-off nail polishes.

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Video of How to Help Heal Nails Damaged From Acrylic & Gel

how to heal damaged nails

3- Protect Your Nails

There are many things that can damage your nails or even slow down their growth.

1 -Avoid having your nails and cuticles exposed to too many harsh chemicals such as alcohol and detergents like bleach. If you do need to handle strong chemicals, I recommend wearing gloves – like when doing the dishes.

2- Avoid activities that put a lot of strain on your nails such as gardening – physical stress on already weak and brittle nails can cause further damage.

3- Avoid washing your hands too much – soap has a tendency to dry out your skin. Now if you have to wash your hands often I recommend applying some cuticle oil to moisturize back your cuticles

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4- Keep Your Nails Short & Round

If your nails are very brittle and thin, you need to trim them often (once a week) to keep them short. You see if you allow your weak and thin nails to grow out they will be more prone to breaking and splitting.

Instead, keep them short until they become thicker and stronger then you can allow them to naturally grow out.

Also, I recommend that you file or trim your nails round without having any sharp edges or points.

Nails that have any edges or points are more likely to snag or hook on something and because your nails are weak this can cause them to break easily.

If your nails have a lot of ridges in them consider using a nail ridge filler, click here to learn more

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5- Use Supplements

The main vitamins and nutrients needed for nail growth are biotin, keratin, collagen, iron, vitamin C, zinc, and magnesium. Citation.

All of these vitamins can be acquired from your diet but it’s highly recommended that you use a good nail supplement especially if you have damaged nails.

Biotin – has been shown in several studies to help nails that are brittle heal at a faster rate. Citation.

Biotin is a B complex vitamin that promotes healthy cell development and the breakdown of protein into amino acids needed for nail growth. Citation.

Keratin – is the protein that your nails are made out of – which is why it is important that your body has a healthy amount to promote nail growth. Citation.

Collagen – is one of the most important proteins and it has also been shown to help improve nail growth. Citation.

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Recommended Supplements

If you are suffering from any chronic illness, are pregnant, or taking other meds then I highly recommend checking with your doctor before taking any type of supplement.

Now if you are healthy with no issues then I recommend Olly Hair, Skin, and Nail Supplement. It is jam-packed with everything you need to help heal and grow strong healthy nails.

You can click here to see the price for a bottle of Olly on Amazon.

6- Properly Care For Your Cuticles

Avoid cutting your cuticles which can damage them and thus leaving your nail matrix open and unprotected which can lead to an infection.

Instead, it’s recommended that you push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher – this neatens your cuticles whilst keeping them intact.

You can click here to learn how to safely and correctly push back your cuticles.

Or you can click here to read more about the benefits of pushing back your cuticles.

7- Stay Hydrated and Consume a Balanced Diet

Keeping hydrated and eating a well-balanced diet filled with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins is essential to help your nails grow faster and stronger. This is especially important if your nails are damaged.

It has been shown in many studies that a poor diet can stunt nail growth and lead to weak and brittle nails.

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How to Soothe Sore Nails After Acrylics Removed

If your nails are hurting after getting your acrylic or gel removed, you can soak them for 10-15 minutes in warm soapy water mixed with Epsom Salt.

How Long Does it take Nails to Heal After Acrylics or Gel

The time needed for your nails to heal will depend on how damaged your nails are.

If your nails are extremely damaged it can take 3-4 months for them to fully heal. But if your nails are just very dehydrated and worn out it can take 2-3 weeks for them to recover. Citation.

The recovery time will also depend on how well you care for your nails and the environment to which they are exposed.

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