How Much is an Acrylic Fill & How Long Does it Take

How Much is an Acrylic Fill & How Long Does it Take
How Much is an Acrylic Fill & How Long Does it Take

Acrylic nails can last for up to 2 months but they will need a fill every 2-3 weeks. A fill also known as a fill-in is where the gaps at the back of the acrylic nails are filled or covered over with acrylic.

Fills are absolutely needed if not your acrylic nails will not only look bad but will also start to come off. You see a fill is not only for aesthetic purposes but also allows your acrylic nails to last longer.

So in this article, we are going to cover: How long an acrylic fill will take and what price you can expect to pay for a fill.

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How Long does an Acrylic Fill Take

An acrylic fill will take anywhere between 25-40 minutes. This will vary based on:

1- Amount of Work Needed

If your acrylic fill is a very straightforward fill meaning just simply covering the gap, filing away any excess length, and applying a simple nail polish your fill will take around 25 minutes.

But this can take significantly longer if:

  • Acrylic nails are in a bad condition meaning some nails are broken meaning more work is needed
  • You want to change the shape of your nails which will require a lot of filing
  • You want nail art or any special designs or accessories.

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2- How Skilled Your Nail Tech Is

Very experienced and skilled nail techs tend to be faster and will do you a fill quicker.

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What’s the Cost for an Acrylic Fill

An acrylic nail fill will cost around $15-$35. The price will vary depending on:

  1. The location and type of salon.
  2. How much designing you want
  3. The condition of your acrylic nail
  4. Type of polish to be applied
  5. The size and shape of your nails

An acrylic nail fill includes covering the gap at the back of the nails, reapplication of color, filing and shaping the nails, and repairing any damages.

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Are Acrylic Nail Fills Cheaper

Nail Fills are cheaper than getting a brand new set of nails. On average an acrylic fill will be 60% of the price for a new set.

So if a new set is $40 a fill-in will be 60% of this which is $24.

This is because a fill requires less work and product compared to a new set. A new set of acrylic nails will cost anywhere between $35-$70.

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Factors that Affect the Price for a Nail Fill

1- The Location of Your Nail Salon

Where you get your fill-in done is the greatest indicator of the price you can expect to pay. In Albany, NY will be around $20 whilst in Miami, Florida might be around $30. This is mainly due to differences in labor costs.

The type of nail salon that you go to will also affect the price for a fill.

  • A high-end spa-like nail salon will be more costly. Anywhere from $25-30.
  • Whilst the more budget-friendly nail salons will be more affordable around $18-20.

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2- Nail Art & Design

When you go for a fill you will also get your nails repolished. Now if you want a simple single color nail polish applied it won’t cost extra.

But if you want any intricate nail art the nail tech will charge extra for this service. How much will depend on the design that you want.

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3- Condition of the Acrylic Nails

One aspect of getting a fill is to do any repairs on the acrylic nails. Now if your acrylic nails are in bad condition meaning parts of it are broken, chipping and lifting.

The nail tech can potentially charge extra for these repairs especially if they have to remove and redo an entire nail.

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4- Type of Nail Polish

If you get a gel polish over your acrylic fill, it will cost more than if you just get regular nail polish. Gel polishes are more expensive but I highly recommend them since it is longer lasting and tend to be of better value.

You can also get dip powder instead of polish over your acrylic nails and this will also be more pricey.

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5- Size & Shape Of Acrylic Nails

Remember a fill isn’t only just covering the gap at the back of the nails. It is also maintaining the size and shape of your acrylic nails. So this means that the size and shape of your acrylic nails can play a role in the pricing.

So your nail technician can charge more to fill acrylic nails that are very long and can even charge less to fill short acrylic overlay nails.

This is because very long acrylic nail extensions tend to require more work and product to repair and maintain.

The shape of your acrylic nails can also play a role with the pricing. Since almond and stiletto shaped acrylic nails will require more work and time to upkeep.

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