9 Tips to Make Gel X Nails Last Longer & Prevent Lifting

Tips to Make Gel X Nails Last Longer & Prevent Lifting
Tips to Make Gel X Nails Last Longer & Prevent Lifting

Gel X Nails are one of the best forms of gel nails available, especially for beginners who are now learning to make nail extensions. This is because they are super easy to apply.

But one of the drawbacks I have noticed with Gel X nails is that they can be prone to lifting and even chipping prematurely.

So, that’s why in this article I will share 8 Tips on How to make your Gel X Nails last longer without lifting or chipping prematurely.

How Long Will Gel X Nails Last

You can expect Gel X nails to last for around 4 weeks, once they were applied correctly. They can last much longer if they are not exposed to harsh environments but will still need a fill-in after 3-4 weeks.

But sometimes their lifespan can be less especially if the nails were frequently under a lot of strain and exposed to chemicals like detergents.

If your gel X nails last more than 3-4 weeks you will need a fill, you can click here to learn How to Fill Gel X Nails at Home with a Video Guide

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1- Get the Sizing of your Gel X Nails Right

One of the main mistakes that I see a lot of beginners make when working with Gel X nails is that they aren’t good at getting the sizing right.

You see if you choose nails that are too big then they can overlap at the edges and with your cuticles which can lead to lifting and if they are too small they just won’t look right.

Now from my experience, most gel X kits don’t usually come with your exact fit but if it does then yay congrats. And if it doesn’t then take one that is slightly bigger and then file the edges until they fit you perfectly.

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2- File the inside of your Gel X Nails

When working with Gel X nails I always file the inside of gel nails specifically targeting where they sit on your nails.

You can use either a medium grit nail file or a sanding band if you have a nail drill. This roughens the surface up and allows the gel glue to better grip and hold onto the gel x nails.

If you don’t file them the smooth shiny surface of the gel nails will not bond well with the gel glue thus increasing the chances of them lifting.

I see some brands of gel x nails come pre-filed and already etched but I always take my sanding band to gently file them a bit more.

You can click here for the nail drill that I recommend for beginners on Amazon, it’s affordable, and easy to use yet gets the job done.

Or if you want you can click here to get a 100/180 grit nail file. Use the 180 grit for filing your nails before application.

Video of How to Prevent Gel X Nails from Lifting

I highly recommend checking this video out, it will show you step-by-step how to apply your Gel X nails to prevent lifting.

3- File Your Nails & Push Back Your Cuticles

One of the most important things that you need to do to prevent lifting of your Gel X nails is to ensure that your cuticles and nails were prepped correctly this allows the gel to adhere better to your nails.

  1. Firstly you need to use a cuticle pusher to gently push back your cuticles, if your cuticles are tough you can soak them in some warm soapy water for a few minutes. If you don’t push back your cuticles the gel X nails will rest on your cuticles instead of your nail plate and thus be prone to lifting.
  1. Next, File your nails with a medium grit nail file, a 180 grit will work. This helps to remove any dead cuticle skin on the nails and works to roughen your nails to allow the gel to grip onto the nail plate.
  1. Clean your nails with a cotton pad soaked in either acetone or rubbing alcohol to remove any dust, dirt, or oil.

You can click here to read the benefits of Pushing Back Your Cuticles.

4- Apply a Dehydrator and a Nail Primer

Once your nails and cuticles have been prepped I highly recommend applying a coat of a dehydrator and then a thin coat of nail primer.

For me, both a dehydrator and a primer are essential when working with Gel X nails. Dehydrators work to remove oil and any moisture on your nails both of which will prevent the gel from adhering.

Whilst a Primer works either by etching the nails allowing the gel to grip onto the nail plate better or by working as double-sided tape to help further glue the gel onto the nails.

The primer and dehydrator that I use with Gel X nails is Mia Secrets, you can click here to see them on Amazon.

Also, check out my article on A Homemade DIY Substitute For a Nail Primer & Dehydrator

5- Apply a coat of nail primer under the gel x nails

Before applying the Gel X nails I recommend applying a thin coat of your nail primer under the Gel Nails. I have found that this helps to make the gel bond better to your gel X nails.

You can click here to read my article on What are Nail Primers & Dehydrators- How & When to Apply

6- Apply enough gel adhesive under the Gel X & ensure they are fully cured

Once both your nails and the gel x nails have been prepped you can proceed with the application. Now in this step, you are going to be using the gel to bond the gel x nails with your natural nails.

Some brands call the gel; extender gel or gel glue but they are all the same thing and if you don’t have any a thick builder gel can work too.

  • Firstly you need to apply a thin coat of the gel onto your nails like a base coat and then cure for 30 seconds.
  • Do not wipe away the sticky layer this layer will help to bond everything better
  • Next, apply a thick layer of the gel under the Gel X nails and slide them onto the nails you will see the gel spread out to cover the entire nail.
  • Then Flash cure them for 30 seconds with your small nail lamp.
  • Once all the nails are on, cure all of them for 60 seconds under a large UV nail lamp.

Ensure you apply enough gel to the gel x nails if you apply too little it will leave gaps between the Gel X nails and your natural nails which makes the manicure very weak.

For Gel X application I always say it is best to apply too much gel than too little. The worst thing that happens if you apply too much gel is that it would seep out at the corners which can be cleaned up before curing with a cotton swab soaked with rubbing alcohol.

Also after applying all of the Gel X nails I always cure them again with a larger and more powerful UV nail lamp for 60 seconds. This will ensure they are cured completely. Flash curing does not cure completely.

You can click here to learn more about Gel X Glue or Extender Gel.

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7- File your Gel X nails & Apply Nail Primer before applying gel polish

To ensure that your gel polish or nail polish doesn’t peel or chip from your Gel X nails. I recommend:

  • Filing your Gel X nails with a medium grit nail file to roughen them up and remove the sheen allowing the polish to adhere better.
  • Then clean them by wiping them down with a cotton pad soaked with rubbing alcohol
  • Next, apply a thin coat of nail primer
  • Then Apply your gel polish
  • And finally apply a gel top coat to seal and protect your manicure.

8- Avoid Exposing Your Gel X Manicure to Harsh Environments

One of the easiest things you can do to ensure your Gel X nails last extra long is to care for them. These are the tips that I try to do when wearing Gel X Nails:

  • Always wear gloves when dealing with soap and detergent such as when cleaning or doing the dishes. Detergents, soap, and bleach will wear away at your manicures.
  • Never use your nail extension as a tool such as to open things with or for typing. This will put pressure and strain on them and lead to lifting.
  • Avoid exposing your Gel X manicure to high temperatures. When cooking keep your nails away from flames or steam.
  • Keep your manicure moisturized with an oil or cream this will prevent them from drying out.

9- Invest in Good Quality Gel X Nails

Not all Gel X nails are created equal. Cheap, low-quality nails will not last long and will be prone to chipping.

Apres nails are probably the best quality-wise but will cost you a hand and a leg. But they are the best made with durable and long-lasting materials. You can click here to see the price for a set on Amazon.

Now if you are looking for a more affordable yet good-quality Gel X Kit then consider Modelones. What I love about them is that they come pre-filed and etched which reduces the amount of work that you need to do.

You can click here to see the price for a Modelones Gel X Kit.