Hard Gel vs Gel X – Differences & Which is Better

Hard Gel vs Gel X- Differences & Which is Better
Hard Gel vs Gel X- Differences & Which is Better

Gel X is one of the more recent innovations in the manicure world and I absolutely love them. This is because they are very easy to DIY and are really durable and long-lasting.

But how do Gel X manicures measure up to Hard Gel manicures?

So in this article, I am going to explain the differences and pros and cons of both systems to help you make an informed choice.

Differences Between Hard Gel & Gel X

The 2 main differences between Hard Gel Nails and Gel X nails are:

  1. Gel X Nails are applied onto your nails by using full-covered gelly tips. Whilst Hard Gel Nails need to be built out using a thick gel on top of a nail form or tip.
  1. Gel X nails can be soaked-off meaning they can be removed by using acetone whilst Hard Gel needs to be filed off usually with a nail drill.

Both Hard Gel and Gel X nails are used to make durable and long-lasting nail extensions.

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Hard GelGel X Nails
Safer for NailsHard Gel Nails are harder to remove which increases the chances of your nails getting damagedGel X Nails are easier & safer to remove making them safer for your nails
DurabilityHard Gel Nails are more long-lasting & durableGel X Nails are not as durable as Hard Gel
Ease of Application & RemovalHard Gel Nails require more skill to apply & more work to removeGel X nails are easier to apply & remove

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Which one is better & safer for nails

Once applied and removed correctly, Gel X nails tend to be better and safer for your nails when compared to hard gel manicures. This is because Gel X nails are:

  • Easier to remove meaning it’s less likely to damage your nails during removal which is the most likely time you can damage your nails.
  • And Gel X nails don’t use any nail glue that can potentially damage your nails.

It’s important to note both types of manicures can be completely safe for your nails. I have worked with both Gel X and Hard Gel for years now and they have never caused damage to my nails or my clients.

But Hard Gel manicures are a bit more tricky to work with and remove, so there is a higher chance of them damaging your nails.

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Which One Will Last Longer

Hard Gel tends to be more durable and long-lasting capable of lasting 4-5 weeks without lifting, chipping, or peeling. They are also stain-resistant so manicures made of hard gel won’t get stained by things like; food dyes, fabric dyes, and hair and skin dyes.

Gel X nails are very strong and durable but not as equivalent to hard gel. Gel X nails will last around 4 weeks.

This is why if you are looking for a very strong and durable manicure I would recommend Hard Gel over Gel X.

Now the strength and durability of both Gel X and Hard Gel will vary greatly depending on the brand and how well they are applied. I have seen Hard gel nails that weren’t applied well start to lift within a week.

That’s why it is so important to apply your manicures correctly. You can click here to see how to correctly apply hard gel extensions.

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Which one is Easier to Apply

Gel X nails are much easier to apply and very easy to DIY apply at home. This is because they come premade and just need to be glued onto your nails.

Whilst Hard Gel requires a lot of work to apply the gel and build out the nails. Hard Gel also will require some amount of practice before mastering it. I personally took several weeks of practice and training before truly getting the hang of hard gel application.

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Video of How to Apply Gel X Nails

Video of How to Apply Hard Gel Nails

Which one looks & feels better

Both Hard Gel and Gel X nails at the end after application will look and feel the same.

But how they feel will vary based on the brand used, some brands will give you a more bulky and heavier feel. This is why it’s important to pick high-quality brands.

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Which one is Easier to Remove

Gel X nails are way easier to remove when compared to Hard Gel, especially if you are a beginner with not much experience using a nail drill.

Gel X nails can be removed by either soaking them off with acetone or filed off with a nail drill. I usually file off the top coat and then soak off the rest of the Gel X with acetone.

I have been removing hard gel manicures with my nail drill for many years now so for me removal is super easy, but beginners will struggle to remove them.

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