3 Ways How to Safely Remove Gel X Nails at Home

Ways How to Safely Remove Gel X Nails at Home
Ways How to Safely Remove Gel X Nails at Home

Gel X nails are one of the easiest ways to create really durable nail extensions. But sadly they can be a bit difficult to remove especially if you are not accustomed to removing extensions at home.

Don’t worry I have been using Gel X nails for several years now and I have a lot of experience removing them. So I am gonna walk you through everything you need to know.

There are 3 ways to remove Gel X nails, You can:

  1. Use the Soak-off method (where the Gel X nails are soaked off with acetone)
  2. Fill Off method (You use a nail file preferably an E-file to fill away the gel x nails)
  3. Use Oil, Soap, and Warm Water (Only use this method if your gel x nails are already lifting)

Now if your Gel X nails are in good shape and not lifting even after 3-4 weeks. Then you can do a fill instead of removing them. You can click here to learn How to Fill Gel X nails at Home

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How to Remove Gel X Nails using Acetone without nail drill

This is the method that I use most of the time I basically file off the top layer which is the top coat and the gel polish. And then soak off the Gel X nails using acetone.

What you will need:


  1. Firstly use a nail clipper to reduce the length of the gel x nails.
  2. Next, use a low-grit nail file and file away the top layer of the manicure.
  3. You will need to file until you reach the Gel X nails.
  4. Next, soak your cotton balls in acetone and then place them on top of the nails
  5. Wrap the nails and cotton balls with foil wrap to keep the cotton ball in place.
  6. Let it soak for 20 minutes in the acetone.
  7. Once the nails have soaked use a cuticle pusher to gently push and scrape the gel x nails off of your nails
  8. If the gel is still tough you will need to continue soaking your nails in the acetone.
  9. You can check out the video below for more details.

To make your Gel X nails last longer, check out my 9 Tips to Make Gel X Nails Last Longer & Prevent Lifting

Video How to Remove Gel X Nails without Using a Nail Drill

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2- How to File Off Gel X Nails Without Acetone

Another option to remove Gel X nails is to completely file them off. You can either use an E-File or you can use a manual Hand Nail File.

Using an E-File is not for everyone especially when you are using it to completely remove an extension. This is because you are filing very close to your natural nails and if you are not careful you can damage them

This is why you need to: use a manual hand nail file or you practice using the E-File before trying it on someone else and start off by using a beginner-friendly less powerful drill.

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What you will need:


The best way to teach you how to file off you gel x nails is to show you. I have a great video below to show you the different ways to file off your Gel X nails.

Video of How to Remove Gels Nails Without Acetone

3- Removing Gel X Nails using Oil, Soap & Water without Acetone

If your Gel X nails are old, worn out, and lifting then you can attempt to remove them by soaking them in a mixture of oil, soap, and warm water.

This method is not a guaranteed method I have had limited success with it, sometimes it works smoothly other times I have had to resort to using acetone.

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What you are going to need:

  • Oil (I usually use coconut oil but any oil can work such as olive oil)
  • Warm water (not too hot you don’t want to get burnt)
  • Dish Soap
  • A large bowl (Big enough for your hands to fit in)
  • Cuticle pusher (or something with a flat surface to help lift the nail up)


  • The first thing you need to do is to use a cuticle pusher to gently try to get under the Gel X nails.
  • This will help the liquid to get under the nails
  • Next, mix the oil, and detergent in warm water- try to make it very concentrated.
  • Now let your nails soak in the mixture for 10 minutes.
  • Then use the cuticle pusher to gently get under the Gel X nails again.
  • Now soak your nails again for 10 minutes more.
  • Finally, your Gel X nails should be lifting now you can use your cuticle pusher to gently pop them off.

If this method doesn’t work then it means your nails are not yet worn out to be removed by this and you will need acetone to soak them off.

You can check out the video below to see how it’s done.

Video of How to Remove Gel X nails with Soap and Oil

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