Pros, Cons & Side Effects of Gel X – Can it Damage Nails

Pros, Cons & Side Effects of Gel X - Can it Damage Nails
Pros, Cons & Side Effects of Gel X – Can it Damage Nails

Gel X nails are a relatively new type of manicure. And I am constantly asked what I think about it. And to be honest I am a huge fan.

This is because Gel X is one of the easiest ways to create durable extensions right from home. But they do have their drawbacks.

That is why in this article I am going to share with you the benefits, drawbacks, and potential side effects of Gel X nails to help you decide if they are right for you.

But first, what are Gel X nails, and can they damage your nails

What are Gel X Nails

Gel X Nails are basically full-cover premade gel nails that are glued onto your nails using a gel that is cured under a UV nail lamp.

They are very similar to Press on Nails except they are made of gel and they don’t use nail glue but instead use UV-cured gel glue to bond to your nails.

Video of Showing what are Gel X Nails

Will Gel X Damage Natural Nails

Once Gel X nails are applied and removed correctly they won’t damage and will have a minimum effect on your natural nails.

Natural nails are usually only damaged from nail products because of improper application or removal of the manicure and Gel X is the same. This is something that I have noticed from my years of experience dealing with different nail products from Gel to Acrylic.

To avoid Gel X or most other types of manicures from damaging your nails ensure that you:

  • Avoid over-filing your nails and using any strong acid primers when prepping the nails for application
  • Correctly remove the Gel X nails without soaking too long in the acetone or accidentally filing the natural nails.

I highly recommend checking out my article on 3 Ways How to Safely Remove Gel X Nails at Home

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Benefits of Gel X Nails

  1. Safer & less damaging to your nails – In my opinion, Gel X nails are safer for your nails when compared to other types of manicures such as acrylic and hard builder gel. This is because they are easier to apply and remove thus reducing the chances of your nails being damaged.
  1. Faster & Easier to Apply – Gel X nails are premade so they require less skill and experience to apply. All you need to do is to glue them on. Which is easier and quicker than having to build them out like acrylic and gel.
  1. Easier to Remove – From my experience most brands of Gel X nails are easily removed especially when compared to hard gel or acrylic. Gel X nails are soft gel meaning they can be removed by either soaking them in acetone or by filing them off using a nail file.
  1. Generally Flexible and won’t break so easily – Gel X nails tend to bend and flex more easily when compared to other nail extensions like acrylic nails. This allows it to handle hard impacts without breaking.
  1. Affordable – If you avoid the very expensive premium brands like Apres, then Gel X nails can be budget-friendly especially when comparing it to getting a gel or acrylic manicure at the salon. Modelones has affordable yet good-quality Gel X nails, click here to see them on Amazon.

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How Does Gel X Nails Feel

I wish I could give you a definite answer and say either Gel X nails have a nice lightweight and natural feeling or state that it’s heavy and bulky.

But honestly after trying a few Brands of Gel X nails out how they feel will depend on the brand that you buy. Apres nails are in my opinion the best with a lightweight and natural feel better than acrylic nails, but they are so expensive.

You can click here to see the price for Apres Gel X nails on Amazon.

Now Modelones also has some decent quality Gel X nails that feel really nice and natural and at a better price, You can click here to see them on Amazon

Cons of Gel X Nails

For me, Gel X nails have 3 main drawbacks:

  1. Exposure to Strong UV Light – Gel X nails will require the use of a nail lamp to cure and harden. And the UV light from nail lamps can potentially affect your skin. But thankfully you can protect your skin by applying sunscreen or wearing manicure gloves.

The strong UV light from nail lamps are no joke some studies have even linked it to higher rates of skin cancer. This is why you need to use protection. You can click here to read my 6 Tips to Protect Your Skin Under a UV Nail Lamp.

  1. Not as Durable and Long-Lasting – Gel X nails are not as strong and long-lasting when compared to acrylic or hard gel extensions. I have noticed that they can be prone to lifting especially if applied incorrectly.

Thankfully you can prevent Gel X nails from lifting, You can click here to read my 9 Tips to Make Gel X Nails Last Longer & Prevent Lifting

  1. Not As Widely Available in Salons – Gel X nails are not so common in nail salons which mostly offer acrylic or conventional nail products. Thankfully Gel X nails are becoming more popular and if your nail salon doesn’t yet offer them you can easily DIY them at home

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Side Effects of Gel X Nails

There are no major side effects from Gel X nails. Any side effects will be the same as you would get from any other type of manicure such as:

  • Natural nails and cuticles may feel sore due to them being filed and pushed back
  • Cuticles and fingertips can temporarily become tender, red, and slightly inflamed this should ease after an hour or 2 after application
  • Allergic reactions are possible like with any type of gel manicure. Reactions can lead to a lot of other symptoms that last a much longer time such as swelling and rashes on your fingers
  • Nail Infections are also possible like with all types of manicures symptoms of nail infection can vary widely but one of the earliest and most common is itchiness.