What is Extend Gel /Gel X Glue: How to Use & Alternatives

What is Extend Gel Gel X Glue How to Use & Alternatives
What is Extend Gel Gel X Glue How to Use & Alternatives

Gel X nails are quickly becoming a very popular way to create nail extensions. This is because of how easy and quick they are to apply without requiring so much practice and skill when compared to other types of nail products.

And one of the main reasons why Gel X nails are so easy to apply is because they use Extend Gel also known as Gel X Glue.

That’s why in this article we will explore

  • What is Extend Gel/Gel X Glue
  • How to Use it
  • Best Brands
  • And other alternatives.

What is Extend Gel

Extend Gel also known as Gel X Glue is a thick clear gel that is used to bond the Gel X nails to the natural nails. It is not the typical nail glue used by Press on Nails or nail tips instead it is a gel that needs to be cured with a UV nail lamp to bond the Gel X nails to your nails.

When you cure the Gel X Glue it binds the Gel X nails with your natural nails creating a strong long-lasting airtight bond.

Extend Gel is also applied as a base coat before the Gel X nails are applied. This helps the Gel X nails to adhere better to the nail plate.

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Difference Between Gel X Glue and Nail Glue

Gel X Glue or Extend Gel is not nail glue. I have seen alot of people make this mistake, that’s why I want to explain the differences up front. The Differences are:

  • Conventional nail glue used to glue on Press on Nails or Nail tip are made of cyanoacrylate the same thing used to make super glue.
  • Whilst, Gel X Glue or Extend Gel is basically an extra thick UV-cured base gel coat.
  • This means that after Gel X Glue is placed on the nails they need to be cured to bond the Gel X nails with the natural nails. While regular nail glue dries and works instantly.
  • Nail Glue is easier to apply and can work with any type of fake nails whilst Gel X Glue only works with transparent fake nails.
  • Gel X Glue is way more durable, long-lasting, and less prone to lifting than nail glue.
  • Gel X Glue is safer and less damaging to your natural nails than nail glue.

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Can you use Regular Nail Glue with Gel X Nails

Yes, you can use regular nail glue to glue on your Gel X nails and you won’t need to cure the nails. But regular nail glue will be prone to lifting and not be as durable and long-lasting as Gel X Glue.

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How to Use Extend Gel

  1. First, a coat of the Extend Gel or Gel X Glue is applied to your nails and then cured for 20 seconds.
  2. Next, a coat and a thick bead of the Extend Gel are applied under the Gel X nails.
  3. Then the Gel X nails are gently slid onto your nail plate.
  4. Next, the Gel X nails are flashed cured for around 20 seconds.
  5. Once all of the Gel X nails are applied they are cured again for 60 seconds.

Video Showing How to Use Gel X Glue

Best Brands of Gel X Glue

1- Apres Extend Gel

The Apres Extend Gel is one of the best on the market. They are the ones that actually popularized the concept of UV-cured gel glue for Gel X nails.

In my opinion, their formula is thick and very sticky, unlike a lot of other brands that have a thinner consistency. I have found that a lot of other brands just rebrand their Base Coats as Gel X glue.

Now my main issue with Apres Extend Gel is its price, which is way too expensive. This is why I don’t really use them anymore.

But if you can afford them, then I highly recommend trying them out, Click here to see the Price for Apres Extend Gel on Amazon.

2- Saviland Gel X Glue

After trying Saviland’s Gel X Glue out a few times I think it is perfect if you are looking for a more affordable option that will get the job done.

You can click here to see the price for a bottle on Amazon.

3- UNA GELLA Gel X Glue

I love Una Gella’s new bottle design it allows you to deposit the gel glue as a bead which can be really helpful to gauge how much gel to use and for applying nail accessories, especially for a beginner.

Now the drawback is that since it doesn’t come with a nail brush you can’t really use it as a base coat but instead, you can always just use another gel base coat.

You can click here to see the Una Gella Gel X Glue on Amazon.

Alternatives to Gel X Glue & Extend Gel

If you don’t have Gel X Glue don’t panic you have other options that can work and in some cases work even better.

Also, if you are using these methods I highly recommend applying a gel base coat over your natural nails before using them.

These products are made to work with a Gel Base Coat whilst regular Gel X glue can work both as a gel glue and as a base coat.

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1- Polygel

Polygel has the thick consistency of acrylic but requires curing to harden like gel nails. And because of its thick consistency makes it great to work as gel glue for Gel X nails. I have used Polygel several times with my Gel X nails and each time it has performed perfectly.

Just deposit a bead of the polygel into the Gel x Nails, apply it to your nails, and then cure. Any brand of Polygel can work.

Also, if you are worried about an allergic reaction you can use a Hema Free Polygel to reduce the risks of a reaction. You can click here to see a Polygel with a nice Hema Free Formula.

Also, click here to learn more about Allergic Reactions to Gel X Nails.

2- Rubber Base Gel

Rubber Base Gels are an extra thick type of base coat. They are generally used as a base coat if you have very thin and weak nails. I usually use them as a base coat for gel polish on clients who have very brittle natural nails.

But they can easily be used as alternatives to Extend Gel. What I love about using rubber base gels with Gel X nails is unlike Polygel and Builder gels, Rubber bases can be used both as a glue and as a base coat.

You can click here to learn more about Rubber Base Gels.

3- Builder in a Bottle (Soft Builder Gels)

BIAB stands for Builder in a Bottle. It is a soft builder gel and as the name suggests comes in a regular nail polish bottle instead of a jar like most builder gels.

BIAB has a thick consistency which allows it to work as a great substitute for Extend Gel to bond your Gel X nails to your natural nails.

It is usually used to make gel overlays and to build out short nail extensions. You can click here to learn more about BIAB Gels.

4- Hard Builder Gel

Hard Builder Gel is a thick builder gel that is primarily used to make long nail extensions. It is very durable and long-lasting and can only be removed by being filed away since it is resistant to acetone.

You can easily use Hard Builder Gels as an alternative to extend gel and it might even last longer. But if you do use Hard Builder Gel removal will be tougher since acetone might not be suitable you might need to use an E-file to file it off.

And because of this I usually recommend using soft builder gels with Gel X nails if you don’t have any Gel X Glue.

You can click here to learn more about Hard Builder Gels.

5- Acrylic Mixture

This might be surprising but you can use acrylic mixture instead of Gel X Glue with your Gel X Nails.

The advantage of this is that you won’t need a UV lamp to cure, instead, the acrylic will harden naturally.

  • Just make an acrylic bead with your acrylic liquid and powder.
  • Then apply it under the Gel X nails
  • And then hold it to natural nails for a few seconds
  • As the acrylic hardens it will bond the Gel X nails to your nails.
  • You can see how it’s done in the video below.