6 Best Brands of Polygel Nail Kits – That are Easy To Use

Best Brands of Polygel Nail Kits – That are Easy To Use
Best Brands of Polygel Nail Kits – That are Easy To Use

Polygel Nails are quickly gaining popularity and becoming commonly used both in salons and homes. And this rapid growth is because they are simply amazing.

You see Polygel Nails feel lighter, more natural and they are easier to work with. Yet they have the strength and durability of acrylic nails.

Now of course the quality will vary with each brand of Polygel. This is why in this article I am gonna share with you 6 of the best high-quality brands of Polygel Nail Kit.

The Best Polygel Nail Kits are:

  1. Morovan Poly Gel Nail Kit (Ideal kit for beginners)
  2. Astound PolyGel Nails (A high-quality premium brand)
  3. Saviland PolyGel Kit (Has a wide variety of colors to choose from)
  4. Gelish PolyGel Professional Nail
  5. Makartt Pink Poly Nail Gel Kit (Comes with lovely shades of pink)
  6. Vrenmol Glitter PolyGel Kit (Ideal for creating glitter & holographic nails)

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1- Morovan PolyGel Nail Kit

Morovan has some of the best high-quality yet affordable Polygels on the market. This is why Morovan is one of the most widely used brands of Polygel. Citation.

And Morvan has a great Polygel kit that comes with everything that you need if you are a beginner to Polygel.

Pros of Morovan Polygel Kits

1- Comprehensive Kit

Morovan Polygel Kit has everything that you need to start doing Polygel Nails.

Their kit includes:

  • 8 Different Colors of Polygel – 6 standard colors & 2 color-changing ones
  • A 48 Watt Led UV Lamp – which is very powerful and will cure your Polygel nails rapidly.
  • A Slip Solution – Slip solutions are used to make the polygel smoother when needed so it can be easier to maneuver.
  • A Polygel Gel Brush – to maneuver the Polygel around.
  • Plastic Forms/ Poppits – to make nail extensions
  • Nail Prep & Dehydrator – Are applied to your nails before you apply your base coat, they are used to prevent lifting.
  • Base Coat and Top Coat – to make your nails last longer and look more glossy.
  • Nail Tools such as a wide variety of nail files, a cuticle pusher, a nail clipper, etc

Now you need to be careful when buying a Polygel Kit. You see they are a lot of other brands of kits available but a lot of them are either lacking essential tools or have low-quality items.

Some of these kits come with a low-wattage Led UV Lamp or they don’t include nail forms or a slip solution which can make applying your Polygel Nails tedious, especially for a beginner.

2- Durable

Morovan Polygel Nails are extremely durable and can last for around 3 to 4 weeks. And they can handle pressure and strain without breaking or lifting.

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3- Affordable

There are other cheaper brands but I think Morovan gives you good quality at a decent price.

4- Works with Other Brands of Polygel

The items and tools that come in the Morovan Kit such as the UV Led Lamp, slip solution, primer, dehydrator, and top and base coat can work with other brands of polygel.

5- Easy to Apply

Morovan Polygel mixture is a nice smooth formula that is not too thick or too thin allowing you to easily apply it to the nail forms or directly onto your nails

How to Apply Polygel Nails

There are different methods you can use to apply Polygel nails. Such as:

  • Using Plastic Forms also known as poppits – which is by far the fastest and easiest method.
  • Using paper forms – which requires more skill and time but allows you to sculpt your nails to look exactly how you want them to look
  • Using Nail Tips – This requires using nail glue.
  • Applying the Polygel directly to your nails like a nail polish – this by itself won’t create a nail extension.

I got a great video below that will show you how to use polygels to make nail extensions by either using plastic forms or paper forms.

Or you can click here to read more in depth and learn about the 4 ways you can apply Polygel Nails.

Cons of Morovan Polygel Kits

The biggest drawback these kits have is that they don’t come with a large variety of colors to choose from.

Now you can buy other colors of Polygel from different brands which will work perfectly fine with the Morovan Kit. Or you can also apply a gel nail polish over the extension which will allow you to have an endless variety of colors to choose from.

Where to Get Morovan Polygel Kits

You can get the Morovan Polygel Kit on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for one there.

2- Astound Polygel Nails

Astoundhas one of the best high-quality Polygel Nails on the market. Their polygel has an amazingly durable formula that is super easy to work with especially when making nail extension using a paper form. Citation.

They are currently the brand that I use for myself and for my clients.

Pros of Astound Polygel Nail Kits

  1. Great Formula – Has a great consistency which allows you to easily and quickly make nail extensions.
  2. Extremely durable – won’t break or lift so easily.
  3. Can work with any brand of polygel.
  4. Good Variety of Colors to Choose from

Cons of Astound Polygel Nail Kits

  1. More Pricey – their Polygel is a bit more expensive
  2. Kits dont come with everything needed for a beginner – You would need to buy a UV Led Lamp separately.

Where to Get Astound Polygel Nail Kits

You can click here to see the current price on Amazon for the Astound Polygel Nail Kits.

And if you need a UV Led Lamp you can click here to see the one that I recommend on Amazon.

3- Saviland PolyGel Nail Kit

Saviland has a great affordable Polygel kit that comes with a wide variety of colors. They have 3 different kits and each comes with 12 different colors.

Now, these kits just come with only the Polygel, so you will need to buy the other tools and utensils needed to work with polygel, such as; the slip solution, UV Led lamp, and the polygel brush.

What I recommend is that you invest in a comprehensive kit like the Morovan Kit and then later on you can buy a kit like the Saviland, which has a bunch of different colors.

Where to Get Saviland Polygel Kit

You can get the Saviland Polygel Kit on Amazon, you can click here to see the price for one of their kits there.

4- Gelish Polygel Nail Kits

Gelish is the company the invented the concept of polygel. And is the brand that is used by most nail techs to make nail extensions. Citation.

This is because their Polygel makes the most long-lasting and durable nail extension. Their extension usually lasts for more than a month and because of this they usually require maintenance in the form of a fill-in. This is because your nails grow out and leaves the cuticle bare.

Currently, they don’t offer Polygel Nails with color for retail. But they offer their clear Polygel which can be used to make nail extensions and then you can add nail art or just apply gel nail polishes.

Gelish Polygel Kits are also really expensive which is why I dont really use them. Unless I have a client who needs something extra durable.

Where to get Gelish Polygel Kits

You can get Gelish Polygel Kits on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for a kit there.

5- Makartt Pink PolyGel Nail Kit

Makartt is a very popular brand that sells good quality and affordable Polygel.

Now what I really like is their Pink Polygel Collection. That has some really cute shades of pink. You can see it in image below.

Where to Get Makartt Pink Polygel Nail Kit

You can click here to see the current price for Makartt Pink Polygel Nail Kit on Amazon.

6- Vrenmol Glitter PolyGel Kit

Vrenmol has a really nice Glitter Polygel Kit that is ideal for making holographic and glitter nail art. You can see it in the image below.

Where to Get Vrenmol Glitter Polygel Nail Kit

You can click here to see the current price for their Glitter Polygel Nail Kit on Amazon.

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