Polygel Slip Solution What is it & What Can You Use Instead

Polygel Slip Solution What is it & What Can You Use Instead
Polygel Slip Solution What is it & What Can You Use Instead

Slip Solution is an essential tool when working with Polygel Nails. So in this article, I am gonna explain:

  • What slip solution really is,
  • How to properly use it,
  • And also what you can use instead of it.

What is Slip Solution For PolyGel Nails

Slip Solution is a chemical that is used to make the consistency of your Polygel thinner. So that it can be easier to maneuver and thus applied more smoothly.

You see Polygel directly from the bottle tends to be very thick and sticky making it hard to move around and mould. So to apply your Polygel you need to temporarily thin it out which is the purpose of your slip solution.

Slip Solution does not have any harsh or toxic odour. And it won’t cure or harden the Polygel, only UV light can cure it.

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How to Use Slip Solution on Polygel Nails

Slip solution is applied in tiny amounts using a Polygel brush. To use it you need to:

  • Firstly, add your polygel to the surface that you are working with, which could be your nails, a nail form or a nail tip.
  • Next, apply the solution onto your Polygel Brush by dipping it into the slip solution.
  • And then use the wet polygel brush to mould and work the Polygel.
  • The damp brush will make the polygel nice and smooth allowing you to easily maneuver and mould the Polygel.

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What is Polygel Slip Solution Made of

The main active ingredients in most brands of slip solutions are Isopropyl Alcohol and Isobutyl Acetate. Citation.

But the exact ingredients will vary with each brand.

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What Can You Use Instead of Slip Solution

The main alternatives to slip solution are:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol – Alcohol is the main ingredient in slip solution so you can easily use most forms of alcohol as a substitute.
  2. A Gel Base Coat – is transparent and has a watery consistency which means that it can act as a substitute for your slip solution. You can use it just like you would usually use regular slip solution.
  3. Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover. has a similar chemical makeup like slip solution. But I only recommend using it as a last resort. This is because it might decrease the lifespan of your Polygel nails.

For a chemical to be a good substitute for slip solution it needs to:

  1. Evaporate quickly like alcohol so it won’t affect the polygel’s formula or
  2. Blends perfectly with the Polygels formula like a gel base coat.

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Can You Use Acetone as Slip Solution

Never use acetone as a slip solution this is because it will permanently break down your Polygel instead of just temporarily thinning it out.

Thus making your Polygel Nails look more faded and structurally weaker causing them to be more prone to chipping and lifting.

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Can You Use Hand Sanitizer as Slip Solution

Hand Sanitizers shouldn’t be used as a slip solution. This is because most brands of hand sanitizers usually contain a wide array of additives.

And these additives such as oils and gel can drastically change the chemical composition of your Polygel which might interfere with the curing process.

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Can You Use Water as Slip Solution for Polygel Nails

Water shouldn’t be used with Polygel, this is because it would take too long to evaporate and will interfere with the curing time of your nails.

Recommend Brand of Slip Solution

Now for best results, I recommend using a real slip solution instead of a DIY substitute. Morovan has a great formula that works with most brands of Polygel.

You can click here to see the current price for a bottle of Morovan Slip Solution on Amazon.

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