Polygel Base Coat- Is it Needed, Type to Use & Best Brands

Polygel Base Coat- Is it Needed, Type to Use & Best Brands
Polygel Base Coat- Is it Needed, Type to Use & Best Brands

Polygel is one of the easiest types of manicures you can apply at home. They allow you to easily create unique and durable nail extensions or overlays.

But to apply Polygel you will need to use a Gel Base Coat, so in this article, we will discuss the:

  • Importance & benefits of gel base coat with Polygel
  • Type of Base Coat you should use with Polygel
  • Whether you can substitute a gel base coat with Polygel
  • Best Brands of Base Coat to use with Polygel.

Is a Base Coat Needed With Polygel

A gel base coat is very important and necessary when applying Polygel Nails. This is because Polygel by itself won’t bond and adhere well to your natural nails.

A gel base coat works like double-sided tape meaning it bonds firmly with your natural nails and creates a nice sticky layer for your polygel to hold onto.

And because of this if you don’t use a gel base coat with your Polygel, they are likely to lift and won’t last very long.

The Benefits of using a Gel Base Coat with Polygel are:

  1. Prevents lifting and allows your Polygel nails to last longer.
  2. Prevent natural nails from getting stained – very pigmented polygel can stain your nails and a gel base coat will help to prevent this.
  3. Fills ridges and allows your polygel to be applied smoothly.

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Type of Base Coat to Use With Polygel

The only type of base coat that you can use with Polygel is a Gel Base Coat. You cannot use a regular base coat that is used with nail polish when working with Polygel.

Gel base coats are made to allow gel nail products like polygel, gel polish, or builder gel to adhere to. Their sticky layer is what allows the gel nail product like Polygel to hold onto.

Also, to make your Polygel last longer check out my article 7 Tips to Make Polygel Nails Last Longer Without Lifting

How to Apply Gel Base Coat with Polygel

  • Before applying the gel base coat, you need to prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles.
  • Then file your nails with a medium grit nail file to remove the sheen from them.
  • Next, clean your nails with a cotton pad soaked in rubbing alcohol or acetone.
  • Then if you want you can apply a coat of dehydrator and then a coat of nail primer, click here to learn more.
  • Finally, apply your gel base coat and cure it under a UV-Led Lamp for 15-20 seconds.
  • Now you can begin to apply your Polygel.

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Is the Base Coat Supposed to be Sticky After Curing

After curing your gel base coat will be sticky, this is normal. The stickiness allows the Polygel to adhere better to your nails.

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Can You Substitute the Base Coat with Polygel?

There isn’t an effective substitute for a gel base coat when working with Polygel. Gel Base Coats are specially made to act as a glue to tightly hold gel nail products like polygel onto your natural nails.

If you substitute a gel base coat with a regular base coat or even a gel polish, it would decrease the lifespan of your Polygel and make them more prone to lifting.

Now if you don’t have a gel base coat what you can do is prep your nails properly to make your Polygel last longer I recommend:

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Can you put Polygel directly on nails without a Base Coat?

Yes, you can apply Polygel directly onto your nails without first applying a gel base coat. But the Polygel will not be so durable and will be prone to lifting and have a limited lifespan.

I have tried using Polygel without a base coat and I can report that without it, the Polygel showed signs of lifting after 1 week. And usually, Polygel can last 3 weeks and even longer.

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Can you use any gel base coat for Polygel?

You can use any brand or type of gel base coat when working with Polygel. Though I usually stick with reputable and good-quality brands of gel base coats.

In my experience, a good brand of gel base coat will help your Polygel last longer and even protect your nails from getting stained.

Best Gel Base Coat to Use With Polygel

The 3 best Gel Base Coat for Polygel are:

  1. Gelish Foundation Base Coat – Premium and high-quality brand
  2. Mondelones Gel Base- A budget-friendly yet great gel base coat.
  3. In.Hype Rubber Base Gel Coat – Makes your Polygel nails more flexible

1- Gelish Foundation Gel Base Coat

Gelish is one of the best brands in the gel nail industry with years of experience. They actually helped pioneer Polygel Nails. Citation.

Now Gelish’s gel base coat will work with any brand of Polygel and is especially good. They allow your Polygel to last longer by creating a nice sticky layer for them to bond to.

They are also easy to apply and you can cure them within 20-30 seconds depending on the wattage of your nail lamp.

Gelish is a premium product so they are a bit pricey which is why I don’t use them on clients only on myself.

If you can afford it, I highly recommend using them, click here to see the price for Gelish Base Coat on Amazon.

2- Mondelones Gel Base Coat

If you are looking for a budget-friendly gel base coat that will work great with any brands of Polygel, then I recommend Mondelones.

Mondelones also sells their own kit of Polygel products so they are very experienced working with Polygel.

You can click here to see the price for their very affordable Gel Base Coat on Amazon.

Or click here to see Mondelones Polygel Nail Kit which includes a Gel Base Coat.

3- In.Hype Rubber Base Gel Coat

If your hands are very active and under a lot of strain, then I recommend getting a Rubber Base Gel for your Polygel.

A rubber base gel gives your Polygel more flexibility and won’t keep it totally rigid which can make it prone to breaking.

Now, one of the best Rubber Base Gel that will work with Polygel is In.Hype Rubber Base, click here to see the price for a bottle on Amazon.

You can click here to learn more about Rubber Base Gels and how they work.

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