Does Polygel Damage Nails- Is it Safe, Pros & Cons

Does Polygel Damage Your Nails- What are the Pros & Cons
Does Polygel Damage Your Nails- What are the Pros & Cons

I have been using Polygel for a few years now and I know that I am not the only one since they are extremely popular. And, this is primarily because of how easy they are to apply at home and their amazing durability.

However, a lot of individuals have a lot of skepticism, especially concerning their effects on their nails.

So that is why in this article, I am going to explore the effects that Polygel will have on your nails and also go through the Pros and Cons to help you decide if Polygel is right for you.

Also, I am gonna share some easy tips that I have discovered over the years to make Polygel and other types of manicures safer for your nails.

Is Polygel Damaging to Your Nails

Polygel once applied and removed correctly will not damage your natural nails. I have been using Polygel for several years now both on myself and my clients and have yet to have any cases where Polygel has been damaging.

But of course, if your Polygel like all types of manicures was applied or removed incorrectly it can have some very bad effects on your nails.

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When Can Polygel Harm Your Natural Nails

1- Bad application

Polygel like all types of manicures can damage your natural nails if they are not applied correctly.

In most cases, this occurs because of over-filing your natural nails or using the wrong grit of nail file when prepping before applying the polygel.

Also, if a strong acid-based primer is used it can damage your natural nails.

You can click here to read my article on The 4 Ways How to Apply Polygel Nails.

2- Not Having Your Polygel Removed Correctly

The most likely way your nails can get damaged from Polygel is during the removal usually when:

  • Accidentally filing your natural nails with the wrong grit or too much
  • You attempt to manually peel or pry the polygel nails off,
  • You soak your manicure too long with acetone.

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Pros of Polygel Nails

  1. Very Easy Way to Create Extensions – Polygel once used with Dual Forms can allow you to easily create nail extensions without having much training and practice. It is easier to apply when compared to Acrylic and Builder Gel. Anyone can use Polygel if they use dual forms.
  1. Extremely Quick to Apply – Polygel from my experience allows you to build extensions much faster when compared to both acrylic and builder gel, but only if you use Dual Forms.
  1. Durable and Long-Lasting – Polygel nails can last 3 weeks and even longer once applied correctly and cared for. However, I have noticed that this varies based on the brand of Polygel used. Click here for my recommended brand of Polygel.
  1. Polygel Nails are very light and feel very natural – In my opinion, Polygel has a more natural and less bulky feel to it when compared to acrylic nails.

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Cons of Polygel Nails

  1. Requires the Use of UV Nail Lamps You will need to use a UV Nail Lamp when applying Polygel nails. Now if you don’t use any protection when using a nail lamp, it can increase the chance of you getting serious skin ailments like skin cancer.

So if you are nervous about UV nail lamps then maybe Polygel is not for you or you can also wear protection, click here to read my tips on How to Protect Your Skin from UV Nail Lamps.

  1. More Expensive at Salons – Polygel nails tend to be more pricey when compared to acrylic and other conventional builder gels. But Polygel kits are super cheap so you can easily DIY your manicure at home with Polygel.

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