8 Tips to Make Dip Nails Last Longer – No More Lifting

Tips to Make Your Dip Nails Last Longer & Prevent Lifting
Tips to Make Your Dip Nails Last Longer & Prevent Lifting

In this article, I am gonna share with you 7 easy tips you can use to make your Dip Powder Nails last longer and prevent them from lifting and coming off prematurely.

How Long Do Dip Powder Nails Last For?

Once you apply and care for them correctly, Dip Powder Nails can last for around 3-4 weeks.

But this will vary based on the brand of Dip Powder that you use and the amount of activity that you do.

You see premium brands tend to last longer. And the more activities that you do with your hands such as gardening and dishwashing will shorten the lifespan of your dip nails.

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Tips to Make Dip Powder Nails Last Longer

  1. Always Prep & Cleans your nails before application
  2. If prone to lifting consider using a dehydrator & primer
  3. Correctly apply your Dip Powder
  4. Allow the activator to dry before applying the top coat
  5. Invest in a good brand of Dip Powder
  6. Use a gel top coat
  7. Wear gloves during activities that can damage your dip nails
  8. Reapply Top Coats to keep the sheen intact and nails protected

1- Prep & Clean Your Nails Properly

The most important thing that you can do to make your dip nails last longer and prevent them from lifting prematurely is to properly prep and clean your nails before applying your dip powder.

To prep your nails for dip powder you need to; tend to your cuticles and file your nails.

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How to Prep & Clean Your Nails for Dip Powder

Now if you don’t tend to your cuticles and properly buff and clean your nails before application it would prevent the dip powder from properly bonding to your nail plate.

So I recommend that you:

  • First, wash your hands and nails with warm water and soap – this helps to soften your cuticles which makes them easier to work with.
  • Next, using a cuticle pusher you can gently push back and align your cuticles.
  • Doing this moves the cuticle off of the nail plate which allows the dip powder to adhere better to your nails.
  • Next, use a nail file to gently file your nails, you need to especially target the back end of the nails – this helps to remove any leftover cuticle skin.
  • Filing also helps to remove the oily layer on your nails and makes the surface of the nails rougher which helps the Dip Powder to adhere better.
  • Then rewash your nails with soap and water and let it dry.
  • Now once the nails are dry you can wipe them with a cotton pad soaked with rubbing alcohol – this cleans off any residue and dirt.
  • Finally, you can proceed to apply the dip powder.
  • You can check out the video below for a more detailed step-by-step guide.

Now I don’t recommend ever cutting your cuticles since this can easily lead to infection.

And when you are buffing your nails for applying dip powder you can use a 180-grit nail file. You can click here to see the price for one on Amazon

Video on How to Prep Your Nails For Dip Powder Application

2- Use a Dehydrator & a Nail Primer

Dehydrators and nail primers are commonly used for acrylic and gel applications. But they can also be used to extend the life span for Dip Powder Nails and significantly reduce the chances of them lifting.

Nail Primers help to roughen up the surface of the nail plate to make the base and the dip powder adhere better to the nails. You see rough surfaces are better for adhesion rather than a smooth surface where it can slide off more easily.

Whilst the Dehydrator removes most of the oil and moisture on your nails allowing the base to bond better with the nail plate.

Dehydrators and nail primers are super easy to use:

  • Once your nails are prepped just apply a coat of the dehydrator
  • Next, apply a coat of the nail primer.
  • And then you can proceed to start the dip powder application.

Modelones has a really good and affordable combo set that includes a nail primer and a nail dehydrator, you can click here to see the price for it on Amazon.

Now some dip powder system comes with a Bonder which acts as a dehydrator. So if your system comes with a bonder you won’t necessarily need to use a dehydrator.

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3- Apply Your Dip Powder Correctly

You need to apply your Dip Powder correctly for them to be durable and long-lasting. To do so you need to follow each step for your dip powder system. And use all of the required coats during the application process. If you skip any of the steps your dip powder nails won’t last very long.

Thankfully most dip powder systems work roughly the same. So I have a great video to help you apply your dip powder, you can check it out below,

Tips when Applying Dip Powder

1- Work on one nail at a time – this allows you to be more in control thus allowing you to be more precise.

2- As soon as you apply the base coat on your nails you need to apply the powder – the base is the glue and if you wait too long it can start to dry out and won’t hold the powder.

3- Once you have applied the powder wait 30 seconds for it to hold before moving on.

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4- Allow the Activator to Dry Before Applying the Top Coat

You need to allow the Dip Activator to set and dry before applying the top coat. If not the dip powder would not cure completely.

I recommend waiting around 20-30 seconds for it to dry. But you can just tap the nails to see if they are solid before applying the top coat.

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5- Invest in a Premium Brand

Not all brands are the same, some brands use really high-quality ingredients to make their dip powder. And these brands tend to be more water-resistant, long-lasting, and durable.

I recommend Kiara Sky, they have really high-quality dip powder that will make amazing durable nails. But they are a premium brand and they tend to be a bit pricey.

They also have a really good starter combo kit that has everything you need to start with dip powder. This kit also comes with a bonder that works like a dehydrator so you won’t need to buy a separate bottle.

You can click here to see the price for the Kiara Sky Dip Powder combo kit on Amazon.

6- Use a Gel Top Coat

If you have a UV or Led Lamp then I highly recommend that you use a good gel top coat over your dip powder instead of just a regular top coat.

I usually use gel top coats instead of dip powder top coats. You see the top coat acts as a seal that protects against water and other chemicals that might permeate the dip powder. The top coat also works as a shield protecting the nails from getting easily scratched and damaged.

And Gel Top Coats are the best top coats this is because they are extremely long-lasting, durable, water-resistant and they look more glossy in comparison to regular top coats.

The only drawback with Gel top coats for Dip Nails is that you will need to file your dip nails before applying it. You can check out the short video below that will show you how to apply the gel top coat to dip powder.

Best Top Coats for Dip Powder Nails Very Durable & Glossy

7- Wear Gloves

Constant exposure to hot water, detergent, and harsh chemicals such as bleach, pesticides, and alcohol can over time cause serious wear and tear to your dip powder nails.

Now the easiest way to avoid this is to wear gloves when you know your nails would be exposed to these kinds of harsh environments.

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8- Reapply The Top Coat

The top coat is the first layer that starts to wear away, which is why I recommend that you reapply a coat of your top coat once a week.

This helps to keep the nails protected and also keeps them looking extra glossy.

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