Best Clear Dip Powders – Benefits & How to Use

Clear Dip Powder - Benefits, How to Use & Best Brands
Clear Dip Powder – Benefits, How to Use & Best Brands

Dip Powder is one of the easiest forms of manicure to DIY at home. This is why it is quickly becoming so popular today.

But what I see is a lot of people don’t use the Clear Dip Powder, which has some amazing benefits and uses.

That’s why in this article I am going share with you the best brands of clear dip powder and highlight how you can use it to protect your natural nails and have longer-lasting manicures.

Best Clear Dip Powder

It’s absolutely essential that you choose a good brand of clear dip powder. Some low-quality brands will give you a cloudy appearance and won’t give you much support and strength.

So these are my top 2 recommended clear dip powders to use.

1- Kiara Sky Clear Dip Powder

Kiara Sky is my favorite brand of dip powder, all of their powders have brilliant colors and they have always given me durable and long-lasting manicures.

And I absolutely love their clear dip powder. This is because their dip powder is finely milled and thus will give you a nice clear and clean look without any cloudiness.

Kiara Sky’s clear dip powder will also work with any brand of dip powder. I have used it many times with different brands they worked and blended amazingly well.

Now Kiara Sky Products are a bit pricey but I think they are worth it due to their performance. You can click here to see the price for a jar of Kiara Sky Clear Dip Powder on Amazon.

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2- Beetles Clear Dip Powder

Now if you are looking for something a bit more affordable I recommend Beetles Clear Dip Powder.

Beetles are a great budget-friendly option, they might not have the same quality as Kiara Sky, but they will work brilliantly and at a much lower cost.

You can click here to see the price for a jar of Beetles Clear Dip Powder on Amazon.

Benefits & Uses of Clear Dip Powder

Clear Dip Powder can be used:

  • By itself on your natural nails as an overlay to make them stronger and help protect them from breaking and getting damaged.
  • As the first layer of a manicure to prevent the natural nails from being stained by the nail product and over-filed during removal.
  • Clear dip powder can be applied over your dip manicure to protect and encapsulate it and help to keep any nail decor in place.

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Common Dip Powder Questions Answered & Mistakes to Avoid

1- Can Be Used By Itself on Natural Nails to Protect & Allow them to Grow

Clear Dip Powder can be used by itself without the colored powder as an overlay to make your natural nails stronger and help protect them from breaking easily and getting damaged.

This allows your natural nails to grow out and also allows you to more easily file and shape them. And because of this dip powder is my favorite form of overlay.

To do this all you need to do is:

  • Clean your nails with rubbing alcohol.
  • Apply the dip base and then dip your nails into the clear powder you can also sprinkle it over as well too.
  • Now let it set for a few seconds and then dust off the excess powder
  • Apply another coat of the base and then apply more of the clear dip powder.
  • You can repeat this step again, I would usually use 3 layers but you can use more if your nails are extra brittle
  • Finally, apply the dip activator and let it dry
  • Now if you want you can buff your nails and then apply a top coat – this is optional but will give your nails added protection and a nicer glossy look.

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Video of How to Apply Clear Dip Powder as an Overlay

2- Applied as a first layer to Protect Nails from Getting Stained & Damaged

I usually apply a layer of clear dip powder before applying my colored dip powder.

  • To apply just prep your nails as you usually would,
  • Then apply the dip base coat and
  • And then dip your nails into the clear dip powder.
  • You can apply 2 layers of the clear powder if you want.
  • Now you can start applying the colored layer.

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The clear dip powder before the colored powder has 2 purposes:

1- Prevents the colored dip powder from staining the natural nails. You see very deep and intensely colored dip powder can potentially stain your natural nails.

And by applying a clear dip powder over your nails before applying the colored dip powder, acts as a buffer layer to prevent the highly pigmented powders from reaching your natural nails.

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2- Protects Your Natural Nails from Getting Damaged During Removal. A clear dip powder applied before the colored powder will help to protect the natural nails from getting filed away.

If you just apply colored dip powder without a clear layer, when filing to remove the manicure you risk filing your natural nails making them thinner and weaker.

Now if you did not apply a clear layer then it’s recommended that you just use acetone to soak off the manicure but this will take much longer.

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Do you have to use clear dip powder first?

It’s highly recommended that you apply a layer of clear or natural dip powder first before applying the colored dip powder. This helps to protect your nails and prevent staining.

But it is not absolutely essential, you can apply dip powder without using the clear powder.

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How many coats of clear dip powder to apply?

For added protection, it’s recommended that you apply at least 2 coats of clear dip powder.

But if your nails are weak and damaged I would recommend that you apply 3 coats or more.

Can you apply a layer of clear dip powder before using gel and acrylic

Yes, you can use clear dip powder before applying your gel or acrylic. The gel and acrylic will still bond to the dip powder.

Now the layer of clear dip powder will help to protect your nails when the acrylic or gel is being filed off.

3- Clear Dip Powder Can Be Used as an Extra Layer to Protect Your Dip Manicure

Another great use for clear dip powder is to add an extra layer over your colored dip powder. This will help protect them from getting damaged and help them to last longer.

Clear dip powder is also used to encapsulate and keep in place things like glitter, and other cute nail decor applied to dip powder.

  • Just apply your dip powder as you normally would and if you are using nail decor apply them too.
  • Then apply a layer of base over them.
  • And then finally dip your nails into the clear dip powder, and let it set and dry.
  • Now wipe them with a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol and let them dry.
  • Finally apply the dip activator and let it dry and then apply your top coat.

To make your dip powder last longer I have a whole article that will guide you through some tips and tricks for longer-lasting dip manicures click here to read.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between clear and natural dip powder

Clear dip powder is meant to be completely transparent and clear. Whilst natural dip powder tends to have a nude look.

Now importantly every brand might have different names for their powders so it’s important that you read their reviews to understand exactly what you are getting.

Is clear dip powder the same as acrylic?

Clear dip powder is made of clear acrylic powder that was milled much finer and smaller than the acrylic powder used to make acrylic nails.

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Can you use Clear Dip Powder with Nail Tips?

Yes, you can apply clear dip powder over nail tips. To do this just apply the nail tips and then apply the clear dip powder over the nail tips.

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