Is Dip Powder Good for Nails- Side Effects, Pros & Cons

Is Dip Powder Good for Nails- Side Effects, Pros & Cons
Is Dip Powder Good for Nails- Side Effects, Pros & Cons

Dip Nails is in my opinion one of the best new nail products available. They are very durable and extremely easy to apply.

But Dip Nails do have a few drawbacks which mean they are not for everyone. So in this article, we are gonna explore:

  • How safe is dip powder for your nails
  • And Possible Side Effects
  • And go through the Pros and Cons of Dip Powder

Is Dip Powder Safe For Nails

Once applied correctly and sanitary procedures are followed Dip Powder is very safe for your nails and won’t damage them. This is because Dip Powder:

  1. Is easier to remove and requires less filing and acetone during removal when compared to gel extension or acrylic nails. You see most of the damage that happens to your nails usually occurs during removal and dip powder is easier to remove when compared to other forms of extensions.
  1. Dip Powder also tends to use less harsh chemicals during application. Unlike acrylic which requires using acid-based primers or in some cases MMA based liquid monomers that can damage your nails.
  1. Dip Powder doesn’t need a UV lamp like gel nails. And too much exposure to UV light can potentially cause skin cancer.

Now dip powder does come with a few risks but these risks usually occur due to improper application such as using the same dipping jar, using bad or cheap products or filing your nails too much.

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Potential Side Effects of Dip Powder

Dip Powder is relatively safe but it can in rare instances lead to:

  • Nails hurting and feeling tender – this usually happens when your natural nails were over filed.
  • Nail Infections – which usually develop after a few days of the application. This can occur if different individuals dip their nails in the same dipping jar which can spread germs. To prevent this I recommend sprinkling the dip powder onto your nails instead of dipping them.

And symptoms of nail infections include discoloration of natural nails, natural nails becoming thicker and starting to flake and peel off, nails feeling very tender and starting to hurt and nails giving off a smelly odor.

  • Contact Dermatitis / Allergic Reaction – this is usually caused by the dip powder base or activator both of which are strong chemicals that can cause a reaction.

Reactions are rare but can occur. Common symptoms of an allergic reaction to dip powder are: Redness, Swelling of fingertips, Rash, Itching, and peeling of the skin.

Also, if you are allergic to super glue then avoid dip powder since the base used contains Cyanoacrylate which is the main ingredient used in super glue.

Pros and Cons of Dip Powder

Pros Cons
Allows for Quick & Amazing manicuresNot great for building Nail Extensions – is an alternative to polish or overlays
Easy to DIY apply at HomeCan Potentially Spread Germs – in salons that don’t take sanitation seriously
Very safe on your nails when compared to acrylic and gel extensionsHarder to remove than regular polish and gel polish
Long-lasting and more durable than regular polish and gel polishAllergic Reactions to Base Can Occur – which is rare
Feels very light and naturalNot Ideal for Nail Art
Odorless applicationLimited Color Options when compared to other types of nail products
You don’t need to use any UV Nail LampsTend to Cost More than other forms of manicures
Pros and Cons of Dip Powder

Advantages of Dip Powder

1- Creates Amazing Manicures

Dip nails create great manicures and even pedicures, that is as good as if not in some cases better than gel polish or acrylic manicures.

The powder used to make dip powder is extra fine and very pigmented. This is what allows them to create vibrant and intense manicures and pedicures.

Now the quality of the dip powder will vary with different brands but good brands like Kiara Sky can create amazingly intense colors.

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2- Quick & Easy to DIY at Home

Dip Powder Nails are very quick and easy to apply, it’s one of the easiest manicures that you can DIY at Home. Dip Powder especially excels at making very strong Overlay nails.

How to Apply Dip Nails

  1. Firstly, prep your nails by pushing back your cuticles and then using a medium grit nail file to buff your nails
  2. Secondly, clean your nails using either rubbing alcohol or acetone.
  3. Once your nails are clean you can apply a dehydrator which is also known as a bonder.
  4. Then apply a layer of the base (which is the glue that holds the dip power to the nails)
  5. Next, dip your nails into the powder and gently tap your nails to remove any excess.
  6. Apply another layer of base and then dip your nails again into the powder -Apply as many layers of powder until you are satisfied
  7. And then apply a layer of dip activator also known as seal protect to cure the powder in place.
  8. Next, buff your nails to make them nice and smooth
  9. Finally, apply a layer of dip activator and then a coat of top coat.

For exact details on how to apply dip powder, you can check out the video below.

Video of How to Apply Dip Powder

Recommended Dip Powder Kit

My favorite brand of dip powder is Kiara Sky. Now they are a bit more pricey but they create amazing manicures and are very durable.

You can click here to see the price for a combo kit on Amazon – that is ideal for beginners.

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3- Safer for Your Nails

Dip Powder Nails tend to be safer and better for nails when compared to other nail products like acrylic and gel nails. This is because dip nails don’t use so many harsh chemicals instead they use a resin to bond the powder to your nails.

Some brands of dip powder even contain minerals and nutrients inside the powder to help nourish the nail plate.

But this doesn’t mean that dip nails can’t harm your nails, if they are removed incorrectly they can potentially damage your nail plate.

Now if you want more options for other safer manicures you can click here to read about the 5 Healthiest & Safest Types of Manicures.

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4- Extremely Durable

Dip Nails can last 3-4 weeks once they have been cared for and applied correctly. They are also super durable and won’t chip or peel easily.

This allows dip powder nails to protect your nail plate, especially if your nails are brittle.

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5- Create Light & Natural Feeling Manicures

Dip Powder manicures are generally lightweight- giving you a natural feel, especially when compared to acrylic nails which tend to be bulkier and heavier.

Now, this all depends on how many layers of powder you apply. But once a high-quality brand is used your dip nails will feel very light and natural.

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6- Odorless

During the application of Dip Nails, no strong scent or odor is produced. Unlike acrylic and regular nail polish which both have strong and potent odors.

This means that it is less likely for you to get nauseous when applying the dip nails.

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7- You Dont Need to Use UV Lamps

Dip Powder doesn’t use UV Lamps during the application process. So if you are trying to avoid exposure to strong Uv radiation then dip powder is a great option for you.

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Cons of Dip Nails

1- Not Designed For Building Nail Extensions

Dip Powder was not designed to be used to make or build nail extensions. Instead, they were made to be applied either to your natural nails or on a nail extension made from gel, acrylic, or a fake nail.

You can click here to learn more about how to make nail extensions using Dip Powder.

2- Can Potentially Spread Germs

You have two main ways you can apply dip powder you can either:

  1. Dip your nails into a container or jar with the dip powder or
  2. Pour the dip powder over your nails.

Now there is a possibility that if you share the same jar of dipping powder with different individuals, meaning everyone dips their nails in the same jar, germs can be spread

So you need to ensure if you get a dip powder manicure done in a salon that they apply the dip powder by pouring the powder onto your nails.

You should only use the dipping method to apply your dip powder at home when you alone are using the dip powder.

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3- Very Hard to Remove

Now because dip nails are very durable they can be extra tough to remove and if the removal is done incorrectly it can damage your natural nails.

4- Allergic Reaction to Base Can Occur

The base coat that holds the dip powder onto your nails is a cyanoacrylate monomer which can cause allergic reactions.

Now if you have extra sensitive skin I recommend testing out the dip powder on one nail and then wait to see if any adverse reaction occurs, before doing a complete set. Citation.

5- Not Ideal for Nail Art

Dip Powder doesn’t allow you to do freehand designs like nail polish. This means they are best at creating solid color manicures.

6- Limited Color Options

Now because Dip Powder is a relatively new nail product – they dont have a wide variety of colors and shades to choose from. But this is quickly changing.

7- Tend to Cost More

Dip Powder Manicures tend to cost more when compared to acrylic nails or gel nails. They cost around $35-65 which is around $10-15 more compared to other similar nail products.

Now the main reason why dip nails cost more is because of availability (Not many salons offer this service) and not because the products are more expensive, you can easily and affordably apply dip nails at home.

You can learn more by checking out my article on How Much Dip Nails Costs & Price to Fill & Remove Them

Are Dip Nails Really Worth It

Now even though dip nails are more expensive compared to other similar forms of nail products they are still worth trying. Dip Nails are durable, can be less harsh on your nails, and create amazing vibrant manicures and pedicures.


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