5 Best Brands of Dip Powder Kits- Professional Manicures

Best Brands of Dip Powder Kits- Professional Manicures
Best Brands of Dip Powder Kits- Professional Manicures

Dip Powder is one of my favorite types of manicures. This is because of:

  • How easy they are to apply (you can easily DIY them at home without any type of training)
  • And how durable and long-lasting Dip Nails can be (Capable of lasting 4 weeks or longer)

But sadly from my experience, not all brands of dip powder are created equal. With some brands being of a very low quality. Thankfully for you, I have tried a bunch of different dip powder kits so you won’t have to.

These are the 5 best dip powder kits that I have tried and gotten consistently the best manicures.

1- Kiara Sky Dip Powder Kit

Kiara Sky has in my opinion the best quality dip powder. I have used them for many years now and their dipping powder has always given me consistently stunning and durable manicures.

These are my top reasons why I love Kiara Sky’s Dip Powder:

  1. Their colors are all brilliant and importantly won’t fade easily.
  2. Their Dipping Powder is finely milled to give a nice smooth and solid finish. All of their powders will work with other brands of coats like.
  3. Very durable – manicures won’t chip, peel, or lift easily
  4. Long-lasting – From my experience Kiara Sky dip manicures will easily give you 4 weeks of wear time.
  5. Easy to Use – The starter kit comes with directions which is perfect for beginners.
  6. All their liquid coats; from their Base Coat to their Seal Protect are high quality and will work with other brands.

Now my main issue with Kiara Sky’s Dip Powder is that they are much more pricey when compared to other brands. But because of their high quality and consistency, I think they are worth paying more for.

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Where to Get Kiara Sky Dip Powder Kits

You can either get it on their Website or I usually buy it from Amazon. You can click here to check out the price for their complete kit on Amazon.

It comes with 4 colored powder, a clear powder, all the coats needed and a recycling system to help reduce wastage.

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Video of How to Use Kiara Sky Dip Powder Kit

If you are new to Dip Powder You can also check out a video guide below to see how to apply your dip powder and you can also see Kiara Sky’s Dipping Powder kit.

2- Azure Beauty Dip Powder Kit

Azure Beauty is one of the most popular and widely sold Dip Powder kits. This is because they are very affordable whilst at the same time having really good quality.

I have tried Azure Beauty Dip Powder many times and each time I am always impressed with them, especially when considering how affordable they are.

  • Their Dip Powders are good quality with a nice fine size to give you a smooth and solid color
  • Whilst at the same time having a great variety of colors to choose from more variety than almost any other brand.

Now the drawback with Azure Beauty’s Dip Powder is that at least from my experience they are not as long-lasting and durable as Kiara Sky. But I think this is really because of the coats that come with them. When I used Kiara Sky’s Seal Protect with Azure Beauty’s Powder you get nearly the same durability and lifespan.

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Where to Get Azure Beauty Dip Powder Kits

I think Azure Beauty is a great Kit for if you are new dip powder this is because of how affordable they are. You can click here to get their Kit on Amazon. It comes with everything you need to start doing dip nails.

3- NailBoo Dip Powder Kit

I recently tried NailBoo’s Dip Powder and was very impressed by their quality. What I especially loved about NailBoo is that they allow you choose what colors you want in your kit.

Now just like Kiara Sky, Nailboo is a premium brand and their kits tend to be very pricey.

You can click here to check out Nailboo’s Dip Powder kit on their website. It comes with everything needed for a dip manicure and comes with a few extra bonus like a cuticle serum, soaking tray to help with removal, and even a hand and feet moisturizing mask.

But I absolutely love their packaging which is why I think Nailboo’s dip powder kit would make a lovely gift for someone who loves doing their nails.

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4- Aokitec Dip Powder

If you don’t want to buy a whole kit, you definitely should consider Aokitec. They have great Dip Powder with some amazing colors.

And Aokitec sell individual jars of Dip Powder, so no need to buy the whole kit.

My favorite Powder from them is their Glitter ones, you can click here to check out them on Amazon.

5- Saviland Dip Powder Kit

Saviland is another great brand that has some good quality Dip Powder. And just like Azure Beauty they are very affordable.

I especially loved their Kit that has extremely shocking bright colors. The colors truly stand out. You can click here to see the Kit on Amazon.

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